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Chapter 617

In reality, Chiffony’s attacks were not that strong . However, that depends on who she’s striking . Players like Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu who had not acquired their Inheritance could not cope with the boss’ attack even when they have increased their maximum HP with their battle mount .

The skill {Blazing Radiant Light} could deal 40,000 Holy damage to all players every 2 seconds over a wide area . The damage dealt was rapid and strong, perhaps only a healer with a suitable Inheritance and equipped with an array of strong equipment could heal . As of now, the world greatest healer would not even cope with the powerful damage .

Thankfully, the party consisted of many players with Inheritance Transformation skill that had increased their maximum HP by a large jump . Even players like Hundred Shots and Galileo who had only obtained a B class Inheritance had reached a maximum HP of over 2,500,000 HP . The HP boost provided by their mounts was only under 100,000 HP, as good as adding salt to the sea . Additionally, Transformed players had also gained a chance to nullify magic attacks! S class Inheritance player such as Zhang Yang had 40% chance of negating magic attacks, hence, increasing their survivability and providing breathing space for Han Ying Xue and other healers to buffer their heals .

Everyone attacked and did what they could until their HP was drained down to a dangerous level . When their HP had dropped down, they would only need to escape the boss range distance, allowing more than 10 healers in the party to heal them without taking further damage . At most, they would only need 20 seconds to heal over 2 million HP, allowing them to return to the battle just as quickly .

Even though Zhang Yang had come up with a good strategy, Chiffony was not as easy as she seemed to be . On average, the boss would heal over 500,000 HP every second . The number was so high that most players would just give up trying to kill it . Additionally, with the skill {Blazing Radiant Light}, no players besides Inheritance holders could properly deal damage!

The battle itself was extremely draggy . If the combined DPS of the party was any lower than 500,000 damage, the boss would not die . With the skill - {Blazing Radiant Light} alone, she could play a slow game of chess with the players and still win in the end in a battle of attrition .

While others were struggling with their DPS, Wei Yan Er was able to deal powerful blast of attacks, thanks to her passive skills . She was almost as strong as Zhang Yang!

An S class Inheritance and A class Inheritance only had a 5% difference in their attack boosts . However, that was only one skill . Their Transformation skills, however, differed by 500% and 400%! There would be a 25% attack difference between the two class . However, Wei Yan Er was able to compensate that difference of strength with the skill - {Enemy of the Light} which had granted her an additional 50% attack against Holy attribute enemies, allowing her to deal devastating damage to that particular enemy .

Han Ying Xue’s skill, the {Angel’s Compassion} was brought to light . Since the skill heals player’s HP by percentages, Zhang Yang HP was healed by a massive 85,000 HP . That was 1% of his total HP, which had exceeded 8,500,000!

Sadly, as the skill {Blazing Radiant Light} was an AoE skill, unless everyone runs out of the attack range, the skill’s protection would be drained away quickly . At most, the shield that is cast on them would only last 3 attacks, healing players by 6% HP before it is destroyed .

As such, with all the problems around, the HP of Chiffony was dropping extremely slowly . There were no perfect strategies for fighting Chiffony besides having higher DPS than the boss’ healing rate . In fact, that was the only way to defeat the boss .

After struggling for 1 hour, the boss was left with only 33% HP . Sadly, the second {Glare of the Death God} had failed .

Zhang Yang was greatly disgruntled . However, since they had already dealt 57% HP worth of damage in one hour, Zhang Yang would not have to cast a third {Glare of the Death God} .

"Hmph . Perhaps, this could be the easiest boss we have ever encountered!" said Hundred Shots .

"Hey . We do have many Inheritance players here!" said Lost Dreams .

Normal players disadvantage was their low HP limit . If they were to fight the boss, they might have to run in and out of the attack range to heal themselves repeatedly until the boss is killed . If they were unluckily enough to be killed, they could just get their souls back to the body, temporarily letting other teammates cover their mistake . Any method they use to fight the boss would be time-consuming .

On the other hand, while players with Inheritance Transformation skill had greater HP limits, the time taken to heal that player would be extremely long! However, the time they could last in a fight was far longer than normal players since Inheritance players had many other passives to support them in battle . Hence, the time wasted for normal players was 3 to 4 times more than players with Inheritances .

Additionally, players with Inheritance Transformation skill could deal much higher damage that they alone could compensate for 4 to 5 normal players . A player with Inheritance Transformation skills fighting a special boss such as Chiffony could provide as much as 15 to 20 times the normal attack .

Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots, and Wei Yan Er possessed special equipment and skills that had provided them with attacks that could surpass normal player by 5 to 6 times . Putting everything into account, each of them could replace 100 normal players!

All and all, even with the lack of members of their party, they still have the capabilities to fight an Ethereal tier boss . If any of them, especially Wei Yan Er was absent from the party, Zhang Yang might have to rely on numbers alone to keep on dying and reviving to fight the boss .

With all the annoying troubles of the boss, Zhang Yang particularly loved this boss fight . The reason was that Chiffony had few skills to attack her enemies with . Close to 99% of the time, Chiffony was only healing herself! The other 1% of the time was her casting {Blazing Radiant Light} . Basically, as a tank, Zhang Yang had no other duty other than to make sure that the aggro was firmly locked on him . He had no need of babysitting the entire party!

28% . . . 17% . . . 9% . . .

Half an hour later, the boss’ HP had dropped below 10% . With skills that required specific HP %, the entire party had gained a boost in attack and was able to drain the boss HP down to the last 1% . However, something happened . When Zhang Yang had struck a {Killing Cleave}, dealing more than 260,000 damage, the boss had only taken 234,983 damage and was left with only 1 HP . A shield had formed around the boss and negated all other damage that the party had landed .



Chiffony’s character sudden caught fire . In pain, she screamed at the top of her lungs . A large tornado formed around her which soared to the sky which pushed away most of the cloud . The sky was completely illuminated by the lack of shade .

"Mortal . I hear thy call and thou prayer shall be answered . The gods shall grant thou wish and cleanse the world of all impurities!" A husky voice echoed from the high heavens . A bright column of light blasted down the sky and onto Chiffony . The boss’ almost emptied HP gauge was being healed .

2% . . . 4% . . . . 10%!

Luckily, the healing had stopped exactly at 10% which was as high as 50,000,000 HP .

Slowly, the fire extinguished from Chiffony’s body and she opened her eyes . She was different . Her eyes were no longer focused on anyone .

[Possessed Chiffony . Blood Angel’s Requiem] (Mythical, Unidentified Being)

Level: 150

HP: 50,000,000 / 500,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Ranged Attack: 75,409 – 85,409


[Cleansing]: Strikes a target with godly power, kills a target after 60 seconds . Range: 100 meters .

Note: The gods have answered Chiffony’s prayers and have granted her the ability to cleanse everything in the world!

"Repent mortal, in the face of a god . " Chiffony voice was greatly distorted as if someone had badly auto-tuned her voice . She pointed her index finger at Zhang Yang and blasted a red light which seeped into his body instantly . A debuff icon {Spirit Cleansing} appeared on Zhang Yang’s character and a 60 second countdown started ticking .

"CRAP! Kill the boss! FAST!" Zhang Yang screamed at the top of his lungs . The boss was "behaving" back then but now, she had decided that she had enough . No matter what you do to stop the skill, death would be certain in 60 seconds! There’s no room for any negotiations!

"You…You…and You . You shall be cleansed . " With unfocused eyes, the possessed Chiffony raised her hands and points her index finger to her targets . In just a few seconds, flashes of red light blast off and seeped into her targets .  

60 seconds…deal 50,000,000 damage…That was asking the entire party’s DPS to be at least 830,000! It was an impossible feat, because the real DPS that Zhang Yang and the party could deal was only over 600,000!

There was one opening . That was the current boss had no attacking skills at all! With no reason to run around anymore, all the party member could focus on doing one thing only . Attack .

Before the boss was possessed, Zhang Yang had missed out many chances to deal his skills . Right now, after Zhang Yang had recollected his thoughts, he consumed a bottle of [Power Potion], activated {Shadow Clone} and attack the boss!

Likewise, others had done the same and cast all their skill to maximize their attack . Han Ying Xue had even stopped healing and joined in the attacking fest . Zhang Yang’s HP right then was at 100% . Taking a few magic staff thwacks was not a problem, since he would die anyway after 60 seconds . There was no need to heal anymore!

9% . . . 8% . . . 7% . . .

The boss’ HP starts to drop rapidly, however, time was running out as well . Not long after, Zhang Yang was the first to be "cleansed" .

"ARGH!" Zhang Yang grunted with pain .

However, with a quick flash of light around Zhang Yang’s body, he miraculously came back to life . Han Ying Xue had cast {Rise Anew} before Zhang Yang had perished .




Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, and Lost Dream fell . The skill {Cleanse} was just too OP and unreasonable . No matter how high your HP was, death was certain after 60 seconds . There’s literally nothing you can do to stop death from knocking on your door .

Luckily, besides Zhang Yang, everyone else who had died come back to life again with the help of the [Zombie Potion]! However, even though the Inheritance Transformation duration had not ended before they died, death for a player would purge all active buffs and debuffs on them . Although the Inheritance Transformation was not considered a buff, it was a change of their original status . Similar to a full reset, after death, the effect will be gone . Hence, when the player comes back from death, they were reverted to their original statuses and attacked normally . As a conclusion, the overall DPS of the party dropped drastically .

The boss still had 2% HP left, while the [Zombie Potion] effect would only last for 30 seconds!

With Transformation skills active, it was an easy task to deal enough damage to kill the boss in 30 seconds . However, with the sudden change of events, it had become an extremely difficult feat!

"You can do it, boss!"

"Fight harder!"

Everyone cheered with powerful vigor . Time waits for no men . Be it the boss or Zhang Yang’s party, either one had to win .






More players fell to the skill’s instant death effect . They quickly released their soul and ran as fast as they could from the nearby graveyard . If they are quick enough, they could still rejoin the fight as long as someone is still in the battle!

All healers, including Han Ying Xue, had died . Even though Zhang Yang still had over 210,000 HP, he could not endure the constant attack of the boss! He would be killed even before the second {Cleanse} strikes him!


Zhang Yang was killed! However, he rose back up instantly! At the very last minute, he had swiftly consumed a bottle of [Zombie Potion]!



Zhang Yang had only 3 seconds left to attack, and the boss still has over 480,000 HP left . The players that were running back to their body in their soul form were only halfway through the map . Zhang Yang was panicking . The face of failure drew closer as each microsecond passed . Could it be, that they were destined to lose this match!?

When Zhang Yang was almost giving up, he felt a hot, gushing sensation growing in his right hand .

This is…{Rising Dragon Strike}!


Invigorated . Zhang Yang slammed his sword into the boss’ shoulder .



After the dragon crashed onto the boss, she still had over 98,000 HP left!

Zhang Yang sucked in a deep breath quickly and struck {Killing Cleave} .


"Argh! Mortals… . You have defiled even the gods! We shall return! We shall cleanse the world!" With a golden radiant, Chiffony’s character glowed brightly and released a bright pillar of light into the sky . After the light pillar faded and the "unidentified being" that was possessing Chiffony had returned to whence they came from, Chiffony closed her eyes and fell to the ground .

Zhang Yang’s [Zombie Potion] effect had ended at the same time . He too, fell to the ground . Instead of reviving, he waited at the spot, for Han Ying Xue was already on her way back to the battlefield .

Zhang Yang snickered . "Who said that this was the easiest boss fight?"

Everyone guffawed . It was their victory and they were extremely glad that they could kill the boss . Who could have expected the boss to power up and gain such a "broken" skill? However, they would not have faced such a problem if they had more players in their "kill squad" .  They could let one batch attack, and if the first batch of players dies, the second batch would fill in their spot and hold the boss back until the first batch of player returns . Like an endless cycle, the loop will continue until the boss dies, since the boss did not have any recovery skills . It was a good strategy but it was not recommended since their individual skill will be neglected .

Still, even though the strategy was good, who could guarantee that the boss would not evolve into something greater?

Han Ying Xue returned to the battlefield and revived Zhang Yang . They chatted and laughed as they healed themselves with snacks and items . Naturally, the little Wei Yan Er was the first on scene to pick the loots .

Chiffony had dropped a total of five equipment, a skill book, and a Skill Point Crystal . Although it was not much, it was still a good haul!

Two of the five equipment were Ethereal tier and three others were Mythical tier . Unlike the Mythical tier, the Ethereal tier equipment gave off a glowing and swirly light . One of them was a long, golden silk robe . The other was a Heavy Armor, golden metallic chest plate .

"Which one do you wanna see first?" Wei Yan Er snickered .

"Erhm…the dress . " Zhang Yang said casually .

[Radiant Priestess Robe] (Ethereal, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +64

Vitality: +4668

Intelligence: +1586

Spirit: +680

Equip: Increases maximum MP by 3,100 .

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 5 . 6%

Equip: Absorbs 679 damage upon attack .


Level Requirement: 150

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels .

Note: Only the purest of hearts could garb the Holy Robe .

Since the number of players that had participated in this boss fight was far larger than before, Zhang Yang could not rely on rolling dices to distribute the loot . Hence, based on the usual dungeon distribution method, they would rely on using the guild contribution points to "buy" the loot . However, that was just for show, who else could pit their guild contribution points against Han Ying Xue, Daffodil Daydream, and Fantasy Sweetheart?

Han Ying Xue had promised Daffodil Daydream and Fantasy Sweetheart that she would let them have the next equipment . Hence, she did not participate in the draw . Her own equipment, the [Queen's Attire] was a Level 130 Mythical tier equipment . Even though the tier was lower than the [Radiant Priestess Robe], she chose to keep the equipment since it had the word "Queen" on it .

The powerful robe ended up in Daffodil Daydream’s hands . By Level 130, she would equip the robe and gain a large boost in power .

After the [Radiant Priestess Robe] was given away, Wei Yan Er posted the next item .

[Cuirass of the Knight’s Glory] (Ethereal, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +3209

Vitality: +1672

Dexterity: +612

Equip: Increases 9,990 maximum HP .

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 5 . 6% .

Equip: Absorbs 679 damage upon attack .


Level Requirement: 150

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels .