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Published at 19th of March 2018 06:54:06 PM

Chapter 697

The most important thing about Andros's Shadow Clone was not its Attack power . It was not his Defence that allowed him to tank against the boss . It was his {Purify} that could nullify the annoying effect of {Mind Control} of Pauillac that mattered the most!

However, the system deemed that the monster horde would be more annoying than the{Mind Control} by the boss . Hence, the system provided players with a huge advantage at the start of the boss battle . Andros's Shadow Clone was meant to be there to wipe out the entire horde of Elite Tier monsters . Truth to be told, normal players would definitely find it more difficult to deal with so many Elite Tier monsters at the same time . If these monsters got the chance to swarm up on normal players, they would be as good as dead . They might even get wiped out in an instant --- not every player had an Inheritance Transformation Skill, after all .

Of course, if the number of players joining into this boss battle increased to a certain extent, they might stand a chance to push the monster horde back with numbers and slay them all . That is also one of the most used tactics in challenging a super boss in an Open World Map . The more, the merrier!

The moment when Andros's Shadow Clone dies, Zhang Yang became the one who took over the job of tanking against the boss, of course . The moment he took over the responsibility, the boss came up with a {Shadow Blast} as a greeting and stunned everyone for 5 seconds, closely followed by a series of {Shadow Arrows}!

Those who were stunned would receive an additional 50% damage from each {Shadow Arrow}! Zhang Yang did not intend to use his {Warrior's Will} to break free from the Stun Effect on him . After activating his {Charge Up Strike}, he activated his {God of War Devastation} and caused more than 2,000,000 damage to the boss! It was a massive blow to the boss!

Even though the rest of his party members also had Skills that could break themselves free of the 'Stun Effect', none of them actually attempted to use those Skills at all . They waited out for the 5-second Stun Effect to fade . Unfortunately, now that they have lost Andros's {Purify} to counter the {Mind Control} of the boss, everyone would have to make use of their own ways of surviving . Their best way to counter Pauillac's {Mind Control} was to use their Status Restriction Skills that they could spare . Therefore, they had to be extra cautious in using their Status Restriction Skills .

As expected, in less than a couple of seconds, the boss shot out a dark light right from the tip of his finger at Han Ying Xue . That dark light had turned Han Ying Xue against her own party members, and she began to heal the boss up! Unfortunately for that, Priests did not have any Status Restriction Skills on them . All they could do was to activate the 'Invincibility Effect' of their accessories to break themselves free of the boss' {Mind Control} .

However, accessories had a cooldown period of 10 minutes . If the boss decides to pick Han Ying Xue as his next victim again, that would be the end for the party .

Now that everyone had activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills, their Maximum HP had been boosted up so much that their amount of HPs looked unrealistically high! Even if their Healers are controlled for a period of time, they would still be able to survive for quite a while . The boss would not be able to cause any fatal blows to any one of them within such a brief moment .

Hundred Shots had finally decided to show off a little bit . He commanded his Red Dragon Pet to activate its Transformation Skill . The dragon instantly became hundreds of meters long! The dragon scales that spread over its entire body was astonishingly beautiful! The Red Dragon did not only look good on the outside, its power level was beyond imagination! Blasts of {Dragon Breaths} were flung at the boss repeatedly, ignoring any Defence, Magic Defence, and even the level of the boss! That Chaos Damage that could ignore basically anything was extremely terrifying!

Hundred Shots used to be the last one on the list of DPS ranking . Now that he had help from his Red Dragon pet, his DPS shot up to another whole new level and he became one of the top DPS players in the party now . Currently, he was ranked 3, which was just below Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu .

"Wah! Uncle Hundred Shots! How can you do this!" Wei Yan Er cried in tears . Well, this little brat has always been very competitive . Knowing that she had been beaten up by someone else and her name became number fourth on the ranking list, of course, she would not be happy about it .

Hundred Shots smiled in joy . Of course he would not argue with a little girl in the middle of a battle .

"Noob tank! I want a Phoenix pet! I want a Red Dragon pet as well! Wah!" Wei Yan Er began to act in a spoiled manner like a little b*tch .

"You're strong enough! It's true, you know! You don't even need a Red Dragon or a Phoenix at all! You have your huge *ss battle axe to conquer the world!" Zhang Yang attempted to trick this little brat to calm her non-existent tits .



Wei Yan Er was tricked into smiling again . She became happy again .

"You imbecilic humans, elves, orcs, or whatever you are! It's your turn to die!" The eyes of the boss began to flash with murderous intent . He continued to make the {Shadow Arrows} by running his two hands through the air . Then he threw quite a number of {Shadow Arrows} towards Zhang Yang! Each attack dealt approximately 200,000 damage to him . That amount of damage was rather deadly .

However, Zhang Yang had activated his God of War Transformation . He now had over a 40% rate of resisting a Spell-type attack . Furthermore, he had also taken quite an amount of Damage Absorption on his own . Averagely, he only received 80,000 damage from each of the {Shadow Arrows} . With the currently amount of HP he had, it was just a piece of cake for him to take the damage head-on .

Without his Transformation Skill, Zhang Yang would have to fear Spell attacks the most . However, after he activates his Transformation Skill, he would have over 60% Damage Immunity . That had instantly made him a nemesis to Spell-type players and monsters!

It has been awhile since the boss last activated his {Mind Control} . Since he could not take down Zhang Yang and his party by merely shooting his {Shadow Arrows}, he decided to activate his {Mind Control} once again . This Skill of his had a 1 minute cooldown period . However, this Skill would pick a different person every time it is activated . That 1-minute gap had given Zhang Yang and his party members enough time to get ready for it . They would be ready to counter that Skill with their own methods by the end of the 1-minute gap . On the contrary, the boss' {Shadow Blast} - which could stun anyone within its effective range was much more annoying than {Mind Control}!

Because boss could recover its HP bar with his Skill, the party had to constantly deal damage to the boss . It would be healing approximately 3,000,000 HP for free if they ever left the boss alone for 5 seconds! That would definitely increase the time required to kill the boss .

However, the boss was activating his Skills in a fixed pattern . At first, everyone did not realize it because Pauillac seemed to act randomly, at first . Well, Zhang Yang and his party members had a lot of experience in taking down bosses all over the place in the game . As the battle continued on, all they needed to do was to pay more attention to the behavior of the boss and made some deductions to check their suspicions out . After confirming of their suspicions, they could clearly see how the boss would behave and his pattern of attacks, of course . For instance, they found out that the boss would only use {Mind Control} once every 1 minute . Meanwhile, the boss would only use {Shadow Blast} once every 30 seconds!

Therefore, as long as they could time it right and gulp down their [Mobility Potions] at the right moment, they would only have to suffer the impact of {Shadow Blast} once every minute . By succeeding in doing so, they should be able to increase their efficiency in dealing damage to the boss .

Even though Zhang Yang no longer had the ability to 'cheat' by recalling back his past life, his other party members had been training and experiencing for over two years . They had encountered countless powerful monsters and bosses over the time . So they had formed a great understanding of each other . They also understood the art of battle in this game to a certain extent . They had no fear of new challenges now!

Upon solving the problems that were brought in by {Shadow Blast} and {Mind Control}, everyone would only need to mindlessly attack the boss whenever they can . After one hour of mindless slashing and chopping with their weapons, the boss's HP bar had dropped to 20% . As the boss began to activate his Skills more frequently than he did before, the battle became harder and harder to handle . However, the boss was quite an unlucky bastard . He kept picking Wei Yan Er as his target, for some reason .

The little brat had already upgraded her {Warrior's Will} up to level 10 earlier on . She could activate her {Warrior's Will} to break herself free from the {Mind Control} every minute . Furthermore, she also had two pieces of accessories that could grant her the 'Invincibility Effect' . Hence, Wei Yan Er was the one person who would be least afraid of becoming the target of Pauillac's {Mind Control} .

With the addition of the Red Dragon pet, the firepower of the party had increased to another whole new level . After tightening their teeth and held on for another few minutes, Zhang Yang sent out his {Glare of the Death God} to try out their luck . The Skill was not resisted! It was like putting icing on a cake! With that Skill's special effect kicking in real hard, the boss finally met his end!

After screaming a few 'All Hail the Demonic Army!' and 'The Demonic Army is invincible!', the boss collapsed onto the ground and dropped a lot of loot .

"Wahahaha! Stinky boss! Who told you to keep picking on me! Now, it's already too late for you to know that you've been wrong all the time!" Wei Yan Er put her hands on her waist as she was scolding the boss . She looked so cocky as if she had just taken down the boss all by herself .

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"Tsk! Little Yan Er, you've been called on the point! Come, whistle a song for me!"

The wretched fatty was instantly beaten up by the ladies without mercy at all . Well, even though the little brat was basically a little b*tch to begin with, but she was very close to everyone else! Everyone treated her like their own little sister . So, no one would let that wretched fatty get away from ridiculing that little brat with his foul mouth! They beat him up for good and his face was turned into the face of a pig .

"Little Yang, come be a pig with me!" The wretched fatty was talking with his tears and mucus overflowing his face . His voice was muffled .

"Open up the loot! Check the dead body of the boss!" Before Zhang Yang could open his mouth to talk, he received 'warnings' from the ladies . He was clever enough not to open his mouth because he knew . If he ever opens his mouth to support that wretched fatty, he would become the next target they were going to beat up for good .

"Oh! Nice! Woohoo!" Wei Yan Er scuttled over to the loots with her eyes so wide that they were glowing!

After picking the loot and reorganizing them a little, the little brat laid out the valuable loots that the boss dropped right in front of everyone . The valuable equipment were two Holy Tier equipment: The first one was a pair of aquamarine colored heavy armor boosts . The second piece was a white hat that was very tall and pointy . Whoever who wears it will look like a white gargoyle .

Other than the equipment, there was also one Skill Book, one Skill Point Crystal and eight pieces of Level 6 Gemstones .

Because the party had 'established' a rule previously, the Skill Point Crystal was the first thing to be given out among the loots . Sun Xin Yu was the one who acquired it . Then everyone turned their attention towards the two pieces of Holy Tier equipment --- as usual, Zhang Yang would use his [Identifying Scrolls] to identify the equipment first .

"Haih… that Souron dropped three pieces of Holy Tier equipment… you stinky piece of rubbish only dropped two pieces, even though you have a much higher level than Souron? Pui!" Wei Yan Er kicked the dead body of the boss and shrugged in frustration . She seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with what she found .

"Alright . That's because Souron was the first Holy Tier boss to be killed . So it makes sense that we would get an extra piece of equipment from that boss . Normally, a powerful boss dropping two top Tier equipment is the standard issue in this game, you know?" Zhang Yang explained . "So, hustle up! Or else we're going to open up the body of the boss for you!"

"Stinky noob tank! You always scare me with that! Pui!" Wei Yan Er began to humph like a little b*tch again… However, she still snatched the pair of boots up and posted the attributes of it onto the party channel .

[Real Demonic Battle Boots] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +640

Vitality: +7,935

Strength: +1,957

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Agility: +826

{Level 6 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 15,870 points .

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing efficiency by 10% .

Equip: Absorbs 1,697 Damage when being hit .

Require Level: 170

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels .

"Hahaha! Don't I have a pair of lucky hands?" Wei Yan Er put up the boots and rubbed on it . However, she did not act cute, trying to claim the boots this time . Instead, she passed it over to Zhang Yang and said, "Noob tank, you're still wearing Mythical Tier boots right? What a disgrace! Take this! Just take it!"

Although Endless Starlight was 'craving' for it, both of them, Wei Yan Er and himself of course, were wearing Ethereal Tier boots at the moment . Their equipment were much more powerful than Zhang Yang's . Of course he was not so thick-faced that he would take off his boots and give them to Zhang Yang in order to get the new one! So, he only sat quietly at the side as he drooled .

Zhang Yang accepted the equipment like a boss . Without counting in his accessories, he still had 3 pieces of Mythical Tier equipment on him . Well, he was a little 'outdated' because of that .

After wearing the boots, his Maximum HP had reached 870,000 HP! Even without activating his God Of War Transformation, he was nearly breaking through the HP cap of 1 million HP!

"When did Yan Er become so mature?"

"Hehe, I did accidentally scratch your car… hehehe…"

"WHAT ---" Zhang Yang almost jumped off the roof . "You little brat! No wonder you're so obedient today! So you've done something wrong, as usual! I'm going to smack your butt until flowers bloom on them!"

Everyone laughed out loud . This little brat would always find way to get herself into trouble . It would be extremely rare to see her stay obedient for a while .

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After that, Wei Yan Er pushed out another hat made of cloth .

[Marro's Sorcerer Hat] (Holy, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +128

Vitality: +15 . 870

Intelligence: +3,915

Spirit: +1,652

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 7,830 points .

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing efficiency by 10% .

Equip: Absorbs 1,697 Damage when being hit .

Require Level: 170

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels .

Note: Marro is an extremely powerful human mage . There is a town named after his own name .

Well, everyone dared not sing the praises of an understatement for condemning the design of this hat . However, it was fortunate that players could choose whether to show the appearance of their hats and capes in the game . If worse comes to worst, whoever who gets the hat could just hide its appearance . However, who would want to pass the chance of getting this equipment after seeing the attributes that this hat could provide?

In terms of Vitality alone, a player could get an additional 160,000 HP just by wearing this hat!