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Chapter 705

Chapter 705: Dominance

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There is a saying in olden China warfare, that one should not use dirty tricks to win a war . But that was in the olden days, and the future is now!

Zhang Yang smirked evilly and turned around to attack Wind Chime .


Another sword miss!

Huh? Aik?

It was not just Wind Chime . He was about to lose his mind when Zhang Yang changed his target abruptly . In fact, Ink Wave, Longrich, and Scholar Musou was stunned, What was happening? Could {Charge Up Strike} be used without a cooldown? Could the effect of {Charge Up Strike} be stacked? Or was it something else…?

Longrich widened his eyes as he realized the truth, they had been duped . It was not a skill, but a simple basic attack that was meant to miss! When Longrich realized that, it was too late for him . He had wasted a precious skill!

Right then, Zhang Yang was already in Wind Chime's face . For him, it was an incredibly difficult decision on whether to use his long cooldown skill to protect himself . It would be a trick again! He only had a C class Inheritance then, he would only have 700,000 HP after Transforming . If Zhang Yang's attack is the real deal, Wind Chime would be killed if he does not use his protective skill! But what if, Zhang Yang was faking it?

Safety first . Might as well use it since there were four of them there . As long as none of them die in battle, they could slowly grind away Zhang Yang's HP!

After debating with himself for a second, Wind Chime activated {Blur} . Wind Chime's {Blur} was at Level 10, granting him the ability to dodge an attack at a 95% rate . If he were to still take an attack instance during the skill active duration, it would be black luck for him to step out of the house .  


The Phoenix closed in and spew a long trail of fire at Wind Chime's direction . As the flame engulfed the enemy, the word "Missed!" popped out . It was as expected . Even though the Phoenix was dealing Fire damage, its attack was still a physical attack, hence, it would be affected by {Blur} . However, Felice was still in her Dragonhawk form, her attacks would be of a true Spellcaster . With a quick blast of flame, her attacks had landed on Wind Chime's character and dealt 80,323 Fire damage . Sadly, even though the attack had landed, Felice was not in her Transformation state; the damage she could deal was only but an ant's bite .

Still, Wind Chime's HP was left with only over 700,000 HP . If Felice attacks continuously, she could kill Win Chime in less than 10 hits! Wind Chime's HP recovery skill would require EP . The more EP he holds, the better he could heal when he activates the skill . At that moment, due to the skill - {Blur's} activation, Wind Chime had gained a momentary short duration where he could put the matter of life and death aside whilst he attacks Zhang Yang .

Ink Wave and Wind Chime had moved in at the same time . To make sure that they would not take the attack from the Phoenix together, Ink Wave had moved towards Zhang Yang's left side and was slower than Wind Chime, and arrived by half a second later . He was a Guardian, hence, his attack was naturally low . Vy activating his Transformation skill, he had gained a massive 300% boost in attack power, his DPS was still as weak as a C class Inheritance player .

However, as a tank, his duty lay at protecting instead of attacking . He was supposed to be taking hits instead of his party members . When both Ink Wave and Wind Chime were attacked earlier, he was a little unnerved and was unable to perform as well .  Right then, he could and was ready to unleash an array of protective skills .

Since Zhang Yang was able to move freely due to the [Mobility Potion], Ink Wave did not waste any of his EP to restrain him . Instead, he chased after him and attacked with him normal attacks to built up more EP and Rage .

Zhang Yang had forced his opponents to waste one accessory skill and one Thief powerful skill in exchange for a bluff! Even so, he was unable to attack anyone at the moment . Right then, Ink Wave was still attacking Zhang Yang, hence, instead of chasing anyone else, he turned around to attack Ink Wave instead .

Shush! BANG!

Zhang Yang's sword was parried away by Ink Wave's shield, even though Zhang Yang's movement was fast . Still, Zhang Yang Strength attribute point was so much higher than his simple sword attack had sent him staggering back . As a result, Ink Wave was unable to use {Shield Bash,} for he had been pushed out of its range .

Zhang Yang smirked . Unlike the typical Japanese anime, attacking does not require one to shout out their own skill names . Even though Zhang Yang had only used a normal attack, the opponent does not know that . He had made the opponent waste a {Block}! However, it would be a waste if Zhang Yang remains passive, since {Block} had only over 6 seconds of cooldown .

Phoenix had only 2 seconds of attack interval rate . It then flapped its massive fiery wings and spewed out a long trail of fire and dealt 168,933 damage to Ink Wave . Compared to Ink Wave's long 8,000,000 maximum HP, the Phoenix's attack was not at all strong . Even though he was left with only 5,000,000 HP, it was a tall mountain to bring down .

There were four of them, excluding their battle companions and battle mounts, for they were too weak to even considered to be an adversary . Their attacks were too weak and their grades were too low . Dealing damage to Zhang Yang was a problem . It all came down to the players themselves . Both Scholar Musou and Longrich were A class Inheritance players with basic attacks reaching as high as 200,000 damage . Ink Wave and Wind Chime were weaker by a certain degree but their basic attacks could still deal more than 120,000 damage . One wave of attack could deal roughly 500,000 damage to Zhang Yang, which was extremely problematic for him .

After calculating all the possibilities, Zhang Yang had determined his next target . He had decided to first terminate Ink Wave before anyone else . Ink Wave may be a tank class player with superior defensive and weak offense, and he would be extremely hard to kill . However, it was a necessary effort that he must put out . A Guardian is meant to protect the teammates and could dish out a large number of skills to control the opponent . Zhang Yang would know that best, because he was a Guardian! For two lifetimes!

{Charge Up Strike}!

Zhang Yang's attack hit the air and Ink Wave knows that Zhang Yang was aiming him . He felt confident of his HP and could take the hit . Who knows, Zhang Yang might even fake it again!

{God of War Heavy Axe}!


Ink Wave was obviously wrong about Zhang Yang's massive power output . However, he was lucky that he had over 5,000,000 HP to begin with . He would still have 4,000,000 HP left if Zhang Yang were to attack with the Phoenix earlier . He was not going down just yet! 

Ink Wave could not be more than happy when Zhang Yang had chosen him to be a target instead of the others . Zhang Yang might have a better set of equipment, an array of skills, yet he had chosen to fight the tank! Could he be as dumb as a boss?!

What a hoot! An undeserved reputation!

Ink Wave activated {Shield Wall} and kited Zhang Yang, Felice, and the Phoenix away from his teammates . By the time {Shield Wall} ends, he would have already accumulated enough EP to use his HP recovery skill . He could activate {Last Vigor} to increase 30% HP and restore almost close to 3,000,000 HP!

As time passed on, Ink Wave was brought to believe that Zhang Yang could be defeated by the four of them!


{Glare of the Death God}!

Zhang Yang had finally unleashed his ultimate skill and cast a cloud of shadowy cloud over Ink Wave's character .

Zhang Yang rarely uses this skill in public . He had never used it once in the Individual Ranking Competition either . Hence, even when the shadowy cloud formed a grinning skull, Ink Wave had not taken it seriously then, for he had thought that {Shield Wall} was strong enough to hold the attack at bay .

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"KILL!" Zhang Yang roared .

With Zhang Yang taking the lead, the Phoenix and Felice zoomed in to attack as fast and as frequently as they could . {Glare of the Death God} works differently when used on bosses, compared to players and monsters . Unlike boss fights, the trigger rate will only deal 1% of the total HP of the boss . While used on players, the skill will directly drain away 99 . 99% of the HP, leaving the player with only 1HP left .

As such, the poor Guardian was so unlucky, that after just four attack counts, the skull grinned and bit down on his character, leaving him with only 1 HP .

Felice's fiery attacks landed and could only deal over 4,000 damage to Ink Wave, for the {Shield Wall} was still active . Still, even though her attack was reduced from 80,000 to 4,000, it was more than enough to end ink Wave's life!

Ink Wave died without using his HP recovery skill!

All three remaining players were baffled . What just happened? Ink Wave still had over 4 million HP and he had {Shield Wall} protecting him! How could he be instantly killed with just a fire attack?

At then, Zhang Yang's [Mobility Potion] ended and the glowing effect beneath his feet faded .

In just 10 seconds, Zhang Yang had already killed a player, and a tank at that too! How would normal people react to that!?

Zhang Yang turned to the rest of the Eternal Flame member and smiled innocently . "It's 3v3 now!"

Scholar Musou and the rest were left bewildered . What a powerful and bold statement! They had 4 of them in the beginning, and was reduced to 3 in just 10 seconds! 

"It's fine! 3 of us will be enough!" They could lose the fight, but not lose any more members . Three of them roared and charged altogether at Zhang Yang .

Zhang Yang dismounted and activated his {Shadow Clone} skill . Instantly, the field had 7 Zhang Yangs laughing maniacally .

Which one was the real Zhang Yang?!

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The opponent was left dumbfounded again . It would be impossible to find out the real one with just AoE skills . Zhang Yang had over 950,000 HP and would have only around 800,000 HP at that moment . It was not a number that could be killed with a few hits!

If they were to fight one by one, all of them would totalled up their HP to a staggering 5,000,000 HP! Furthermore, even if he is left with 1 HP, he could easily mount on the Pheonix again and gain a huge HP boost! The main problem was Zhang Yang's impregnable defense! To actually deal 1,000,000 damage on him, would mean dealing 2,000,000 damage to other normal players!

How do they solve the problem with the clones?

After a split second, Scholar Musou roared . "Retreat!"

He knew that the clones had a time limit . In the most recent Territorial war for Souron's Castle, he saw the recordings of Zhang Yang's fight . Professional analysis had deconstructed Zhang Yang's technique and skills in order to search his strengths and weaknesses, providing vital information for others to use against him .

The one method they had found to be useful to counter the shadow clone was to create enough distance amongst themselves . Drag the time long enough and the clones will disappear after two minutes .

It was a good call . Out of the two hour Inheritance Transformation duration, two minutes of running around was nothing but a walk in the park .

All three of them started to split up and run in different directions . Both Scholar Musou and Longrich had flight capabilities . Since they were not allowed to fly in the map, gliding in the air for a few seconds was still allowed .

After running for a bit, they had realized that Zhang Yang had not even activated his Transformation skill! What a disgrace! Two A class Inheritance players, and a C class Inheritance player have been sent off running by a normal player!

It was dominance! The level of power where one could inflict fear in another's soul!

Zhang Yang kept his cool and proceeded to chase after the three of them . However, instead of overextending himself, he "glided" towards the closest one, which was Wind Chime . The player had used {Blur} not too long ago and if he is allowed to run away, he could easily regain {Blur} after 5 minutes . It would be a waste to let that happen, since it would be harder to trick him into using the skill again .

"Crap!" Wind Chime cried, and quickly jumped off his mount and used {Vanish}!