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Mommy Villainess - Chapter 64

Published at 22nd of November 2020 07:52:30 AM

Chapter 64: 64
TILLY felt exhausted after smiling for the emperor for more than twenty minutes . Thank goodness Emperor Aku let her use one of the parlors in his palace . Now she had the room all to herself . The royal maids also served tea for her a while ago .

[Tea is life here . ]

Well, she needed refreshment again even though she just had tea with the emperor . Using her brain to come up with careful but witty retorts was very tiring . But at least, she picked up pieces of important information from their conversation .

First, the emperor also knew that she was a Fire Mage . He was probably aware of her heart, too . She wasn't really surprised because he was Princess Nia's twin brother and fiancé . Plus, he was the emperor . He couldn't be clueless of his surroundings .

[But the last thing he said is the most worrisome of all . ]

His Majesty purposely told her that he was looking forward to meeting her son as a warning .

[He wants my son and that's the only reason why he's keeping me alive . ]

That also meant that the emperor would kill her as soon as she gave birth to Winter .

[Scary . ]


Tilly was startled when Kiho entered the parlor room . She blinked in surprise because she didn't hear him knock . "Oh . "

"I've knocked several times, Tilly," Kiho said while walking towards her . "I got worried when you didn't answer so I went ahead and opened the door . I apologize for startling you . "

"It's okay, hon," she said, then she tapped the space next to hers . "Come here . "

He nodded, then he sat beside her . "The emperor's maid told me you were waiting here . Are you okay?" He touched her forehead with the back of his hand . "You look pale . "

"I'm just tired . "

"May I know what you talked about with the emperor?" he asked politely . "His Majesty didn't tease you, did he?"

[No, he just threatened my life . ]

"His Majesty just wished me a safe pregnancy," she said . "He said he'll look after me in place of Her Royal Highness . "

His face softened up . "Oh . That's nice of His Majesty . "

It kind of hurt her to be reminded that Kiho trusted Emperor Aku . Well, she was confident that he would still choose her over His Majesty . But she knew that his choice would hurt him . After all, Kiho had a good relationship with the emperor .

"Do you want to rest here more or do you want to go home now?" her husband asked worriedly . "You look really tired, honey . "

"I want to go home," she said . "Aren't you coming home with me?"

He shook his head . "Unfortunately, I still have a meeting with His Majesty . Today, he will officially assign Blake as the temporary captain of Black Serpent Knights . I also have to file my leave of absence, as well as the memo about Blake's new position . "

She pouted . "You sound busy . "

"Sorry, honey," he said apologetically, then he kissed her on the forehead . "I'll try to go home as early as I can . "

"Kiho, can we go on a date tonight?" she asked him . "I don't care how late it is . I want us to go to a place where there would only be the two of us . Do you know a place like that?"

He nodded . "I'll ask my men to clean it up for us . "

She shook her head . "Please don't . I don't want anyone else to know where we'll be meeting up tonight . "

"You look serious, Tilly," he said worriedly . "What's wrong?"

"We have something serious to talk about later, Kiho," she said . "Please don't ask what it's about . You'll find out later . "

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Kiho looked at her long and hard before he nodded . "Alright . I'll pick you up at later . But please, rest as soon as you get home . " He placed a hand on her tummy . "You and our Baby Winter need a lot of rest, as per the doctor's advice . "

"Okay," Tilly said, then she hugged him . "Please come home as soon as possible, Kiho . "


"IS IT really wise to give Lady Prescott a hint that you already know who she really is, Your Majesty?"

"Of course," Aku answered Captain Sherwood's question . Right now, they were in his office while waiting for Kiho and Vice Captain Blake . He knew that they had time to talk right now because Kiho said he'd walk Lady Prescott to the carriage first . "If Lady Prescott knows that her life is in danger, then she'd definitely ask for her fellow Fire Mages to protect her . "

"Do you think that the hiding Fire Mages have already made contact with Lady Prescott, Your Majesty?" Captain Sherwood asked . "Do you think Duke Prescott and the vassal families under them are hiding his daughter's real identity?"

"Duke Prescott doesn't know that his wife was a Fire Mage . He's not aware of Lady Prescott's real identity as well," he said . "I attended Lady Marianne Prescott's funeral many years ago . I can tell when a person is lying to my face . And the last time I saw Duke Prescott, his eyes are still clueless . And if he knows the truth, I should have felt remorse from him no matter how much he hides it . "

"Does it mean someone else helped Lady Prescott awaken?"

"Uh-huh," he said . "Lady Prescott knows who she is . I felt that when we were talking a while ago . " He smiled when he remembered their conversation . "I should have known that Lady Prescott was special when Nia suggested that I choose her as Kiho's partner . Unfortunately, my beloved had tricked me into believing that she just wanted her friend to rise up in the society . "

"It's not that Her Royal Highness has tricked you, Your Majesty," the captain said . "You know that she has a hidden agenda but you just chose to turn a blind eye . "

He laughed at how true that was . "I let Nia do all the things she did behind my back because I wanted her to think that she has freedom . If I breathed against the back of her neck every minute of her life, she would have felt suffocated . That's why I chose not to look at the things she wanted to hide from me, such as the owner of the heart that she wanted . I also pretended that I didn���t know she was killing off Fire Mages just to keep her by my side . "

"Her Royal Highness believed that she had fooled you, Your Majesty . "

"That's what makes her cute," he said with a smile . "But since she failed to do what she wanted to achieve, then I shall continue it in her stead as her twin brother and lover . "

"I'm surprised that you managed to control your anger, Your Majesty," Captain Sherwood said in amusement . "I thought you were going to kill Lady Prescott after I told you that she has the heart of the Supreme . "

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And that meant only Lady Prescott could have ordered the replica to burn Nia alive .

"At first, I was really mad and I even swore to kill whoever it was that caused Nia to end up that in that terrible state," he admitted . "But after a few days of watching Nia unconscious, I felt glad that she fell into a coma . I don't care even if her physical beauty doesn't recover 100% . What's important to me is that she's alive…" He smirked before he continued . "And that she could no longer run away from me . Not in that horrible state . "

"You're crazy, Your Majesty," the captain said with a smirk . "No wonder Her Royal Highness is desperate to get away from you . "

He just laughed it off . "I can't kill Lady Prescott anyway . Not yet, at least . I still need her to give birth to her son . "

"Will you really let the boy live despite the prophecy, Your Majesty?"

"Of course," he said . "I need the Kiho and his child to get what I want in the future . "

"Speaking of Captain Kiho, do you think he's not aware of Lady Prescott's identity?"

"He is not aware," he said confidently . "For now . "

"What if Lady Prescott confesses her identity to Captain Kiho?"

"I'm betting one hundred percent that Kiho will choose Lady Prescott over me," he said with a laugh . "Kiho and I are the same . We will abandon everything for our lover . "

The captain's forehead knotted in confusion . "Wouldn't that be a problem, Your Majesty?"

"I will turn a blind eye to Kiho's betrayal for a year," he said firmly . "I will leave their family alone until Lady Prescott gives birth to her son . "

"But why wait for a year, Your Majesty?"

"Because I'm sure that in a year, Lady Prescott is going to prepare for a war against me . That means she'd secretly meet up with her allies," he explained . "All I need to do is wait for the perfect timing and catch them all together . If I ask my people to follow her, then she'd be very careful . But if I leave her alone, then she'd let down her guard . It will be easier to catch her and the other Fire Mages that way . "

"Oh, that makes sense," Captain Sherwood agreed . "But what about Kiho? I'm sure he won't leave Lady Prescott and their child . "

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"Kiho's son can stay with us despite his Fire Mage blood because the child is one of the keys I need . But Lady Prescott is replaceable . We can throw her away after she gives birth to the child," Aku explained . "And most of all, I have a way to make Kiho return to my side . "


[THE WAR begins now . ]

Tilly was thinking deeply while she was alone inside the carriage . She asked Damian to sit beside the coachman because she needed to think .

[The emperor clearly gave me an ultimatum . ]

In a year, Emperor Aku would take her child away from her .

She was pretty sure that the emperor would leave her alone to make her lower her guard . He definitely wanted her to ask help from her allies so that he could catch her all together . But that also meant that the emperor wasn't aware yet of whom his real enemies were .

[I have to be careful to protect the Denvers as well . ]

Then, there was the thing about the High Priest, too . During the three days that she would serve his temple, she had to find the truth about the prophecy .

[I need to know why His Majesty needs my son . ]

But above anything else, she had to let Kiho know about her real identity first . She needed all the ally that she could get . And of course, she wanted her greatest support to be her husband .

[Kiho, you're going to choose me and Winter… right?]


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