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Monster Pet Evolution - Chapter 356

Published at 30th of May 2019 12:45:04 AM

Chapter 356: 356

In a blink of an eye, the day of the promised fight had come .

Gao Peng had agreed with Qian Wuliang's suggestion of choosing a place for the fight's location . He understood that the purpose of Qian's choice was simply to choose a location conducive to his familiar beasts .

Crocodiles were naturally good at fighting in shallow-water environments such as shoals, marshes, or deep-sea rivers .

Although crocodiles were amphibious monsters, land alone wouldn't allow them to unleash their full potential .

However, the red-crowned crane itself lived in areas which would be like a crocodile's habitat, including swamps, shoals, and other environments . More importantly, Flamy would be able to fly, and therefore, it wouldn't suffer from being restrained because it could just fly away if it felt like it was getting beat up .

Unexpectedly, Qian Wuliang chose a swampy land with abundant water and grass, as well as a large number of shallow shoals .

There were plenty of people watching the fight at the venue . Most of them were representatives of the four big families and notaries of the alliance government who had been invited .

Gao Peng had been reluctant to publicize this matter . The Qian family had also intended to restrain the influence, so their interests coincided .

Therefore, it would be impossible for the majority of people to know about it .  Only some people came to watch the fight . This battle was deemed a private one .

On the other side of the swamp laid a huge creature almost the same size as the Primitive Jade Armored Crocodile . However, its appearance was quite different from it .

The King of the Red-Eyed Crocodile in the Greenwood Swamp was longer in size, and the crevices on its back were covered with green moss . The tough skin of its back was dark green, while the color of its limbs gradually became pale . Its toes were snow white in color, and the scales on the top were thick and hard .

There were red shadows surrounding its eyes which made the Greenwood Swamp Red-Eyed Crocodile King's eyes look full of bloody cruelty .

Of course, its eyes were as cold as two sharp knives that had been inserted into Flamy's heart .

Flamy's emotions became extremely unstable from the first second it saw the crocodile .

Goldie looked worriedly at Flamy . "Do you need my help to beat it up?"

"No . I'll do it myself!" Flamy's tone was full of hatred .

The Red-Eyed Crocodile King looked at Flamy doubtfully, because the crane gave him a strange feeling as if he had seen it somewhere before, but he was sure that he had never seen the one-legged crane before . . .

Suddenly, the Red-Eyed Crocodile King thought of something . Its eyelids lowered slightly as the eyes narrowed into slits .

Qian Wuliang looked at Gao Peng in his neat and tidy outfit, and then said loudly to Gao Peng, "This will be the first time we meet each other . "

"It's our first meeting . " Gao Peng nodded .

"Actually, I think this battle can be avoided," said Qian Wuliang sincerely .

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"It's not up to me . " Gao Peng shook his head . "It's up to my familiar," said Gao Peng while pointing to Flamy .

"But you're the monster trainer, and the monster trainer is in charge of taking care of its familiars . . . " Qian Wuliang, who was in a disadvantaged position with the Red-Eyed Crocodile couldn't manage to say anything more convincing .

"But I still hope we can set aside our hatred . " Even now, Qian Wuliang was unwilling to raise any conflict with Gao Peng .

"Its parents were killed, and you demanded with great righteousness that it set aside its hatred and forgive its enemies . " Gao Peng lost his laughter . "You can probably do that, but it can't . "

Qian Wuliang stopped talking . He murmured in his heart, I can't do that .

Gao Peng touched Flamy's soft feathers and said, "I won't intervene in this battle . It's their own issue . "

Qian Wuliang was stunned upon hearing this .

The four big families and the alliance government were stunned .

Wasn't it the time for the Skeletal Tyrant to show up?

Gao Peng's most famous familiar was the Skeletal Tyrant . In addition, it was thanks to the Skeletal Tyrant's help that he was allowed to successfully acquire the nickname of the "Natural Disaster of the Undead . "

This made everyone think that Gao Peng would definitely summon his strongest familiar since after all, it was a one-on-one competition .

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Qian Wuliang was the most surprised of them all . If his assumption was correct, Flamy was the young crane that had been taken away . Although there were some minor changes in its appearance, he could still roughly identify two or three similarities to it .

But the question was, this crane was only a year old . Had he just gone crazy?

"Hoot!" A crane snapped through the sky .

Fiery flames gushed in all directions, and violent flames devoured everything in the area . Water plants were instantly covered in flames and burned into ash in the blink of an eye .

Even the surface of the water was ignited by the flame . The string of fire started to burn around the swamp, and the twisted fire made crackling noises .

The red Lord-tier aura was blooming under Flamy's feet . Fine lines were clearly distributed on the aura . The aura shone into everyone's eyes .

"A Lord . . . Lord-tier familiar!" someone screamed before shutting his mouth .

Lord-tier familiars were rare, but they weren't worth the surprise . This was mainly because they hadn't realized that Gao Peng had a Lord-tier familiar besides the Skeletal Tyrant and the duck .

This is his third Lord-tier familiar!

"This . . . this…" Someone's face showed envy and jealousy .

Jealousy had separated him from the rest .

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Qian Wuliang didn't realize that the crane had turned into a Lord-tier familiar . He had predicted that, at most, it would be a top leader . However, he found that things were out of his control . His heart couldn't help but to start beating faster . He then turned around and looked at the Red-Eyed Crocodile King .

The King Crocodile seemed to find something interesting . It stood up, opened its mouth, and stepped into the water with one foot, then it started to splash the water and slipped on the ground as if it was on a surfboard, heading towards Flamy . At the same time, the water surrounding them rose from the swamp and landed around the King Crocodile's body, turning into a high-speed rotating water shield to protect its skin .

Boom! Without any extra motivation, the King Crocodile charged directly to the front and swept out with its giant tail . The strong, giant tail created a huge force, causing trees to be pulled out of the ground without any resistance . Soil was flying, and water splashed in waves . Its strong forelimbs were like two fixed rods firmly grasping the earth underneath its feet . With such inertia, its giant tail pulled its body back and swept out!

Just as it was pulling its giant tail back, the King Crocodile raised its head and opened its mouth, sucking towards Flamy, who was flying above it .

The giant dark mouth was like a black hole . The violent suction force pulled everything downward crazily . The surrounding air was also pulled towards its throat, causing Flamy's ascent to slow down rapidly!

The giant tail slammed straight toward Flamy, just like a perfect home run .

A massive flame rotated and condensed at high speed right in front of Flamy . The next moment, it burst out .


The flames of the explosion hit the incoming giant tail . The collision between the two sides caused a bright red light and a violent flame to erupt .

With this backlash, Flamy retreated to avoid the approaching tail, moving his wings in mid-air to fly higher and keep a safe distance of over 300 feet from the King Crocodile .

"What an incredible combo . " Even Gao Peng, his opponent, marveled at the King Crocodile's brutal combo .

If Flamy had responded even a second slower, the battle would have ended then and there .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!