Monster Pet Evolution - Chapter 716

Published at 30th of November 2019 12:20:16 AM

Chapter 716

“Hey, you’re not the guys with the green blood, right?” the King of Robotics suddenly said .

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Gao Peng stopped and frowned . “What’s the matter?”

“I just recalled that thousands, or maybe tens of thousands of years ago, there was a major war that some red-blooded guys lost . A group of green-blooded guys was left behind,” the King of Robotics said . “What I meant was, if you want to improve your strength quickly, I know a place . ”

“Why are you helping me?” Gao Peng was on high alert . Typically, these high and mighty gods wouldn’t interfere in such matters .

“Because the place where I can recover quickly is the same place where you can improve your strength quickly . ”

Gao Peng reluctantly believed it, as it was a fair answer . “Where is that place?”

“Outside the World Circle, at the World Vortex Battlefield . ”

“You don’t want to go to the battlefield!” Fatty Big Sea said to Gao Peng through their contract . “It’s very dangerous . It’s the god’s arena . It’s like a meat grinder!”

The King of Robotics seems to have noticed something . It looked at Fatty Big Sea and said with a smile, “Our World Vortex Battlefield in Jiutian Shidi is different from the sea-facing one . The sea-facing vortex battlefield was dealing with war and uses low-level monsters as cannon fodder, whereas the vortex battlefield in Jiutian Shidi is to cultivate true soldiers . ”

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Fatty Big Sea stared with an angry look, as though it had been accused of adultery . “What’s the difference?! The battlefields of the World Vortex Battlefield would still send cannon fodder to fight the invaders of the Abyss World, so it’s the same . ”

“It’s true for the sea-facing one . In the initial stages of Jiutian Shidi, we used to be like that . However, thirty thousand years ago, the Aurogon Ancestor evolved the Sun and Moon, by dividing the vortex battlefield into two realms: Yin and Yang . The Yang realm was the main battlefield—the God-level battlefield—and the Yin realm was the sub-battlefield . Anyone above a God-tier cannot affect the sub-battlefield, but with your strength, you should be able to gain a lot of benefits in the Yin Field .

“There are some metals that are very useful to me in the field of Jiewo,” said the King of Robotics philosophically . “These ores can be found in both the Yin and Yang realms . ”

“Then tell me how to get there,” Gao Peng requested .

“Gods have the ability to lead someone to the World Vortex Battlefield . It’s in the world ring, but I can’t take you right now,” the King of Robotics said helplessly .

It’s not that Gao Peng couldn’t be brought there; it was that it didn’t dare bring Gao Peng there . Its condition didn’t allow it!

Gao Peng expressed his understanding . To reach its level, it had to have many enemies, and those friends from before could take advantage of it . No wonder it was being so careful .

“Let’s go back first, then try to find a way to go to the world ring . ” Gao Peng nodded .

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“In addition to gods leading you, there are several ways to enter the World Vortex Battlefield that will still get you there . ” The King of Robotics told Gao Peng these methods in detail .

“These monsters are all your subordinates . There are too many of them . It’d be inconvenient to take them away . It’s too far . ” Gao Peng pointed to the many mechanical monsters activated in the city .

“They aren’t my subordinates; they’re just dead things that were activated by my mechanical field . If they leave my field, they’ll revert to cold dead things again . ” After he spoke, the King of Robotics lifted its right hand . Its palm drew out strong white light, and the field in the air was retracted .

Bam, bam, bam . All the mechanical creatures in the city fell to the ground and lost their life .

“You’re too tall . ” Gao Peng looked at the King of Robotics once more . Being over three hundred feet tall, even hiding from the dark would be difficult .

The King of Robotics fell silent . It took a step forward, and its body shrank, eventually by a million times . Its height was reduced from 300 feet to three feet .

Flowing Light had a different glow in its eyes . It took two steps to the left, twisted its butt, and touched the King of Robotics .

The King of Robotics was confused, saying in a mechanical voice, “Is there something wrong?”

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“It’s nothing . I just think you’re handsome . ” Flowing Light wore a smile that couldn’t be suppressed, but it felt that it wasn’t appropriate, so it raised its two claws to cover its mouth, then turned its back and walked off with raised shoulders .

They went back to the original route . After some time, they finally returned to the tribe . When Gao Peng returned to the tribe, a monster trainer on a red-tailed familiar jumped off the back of the monster . “King, Elder Zhou Tieshan and the rest are back, and they brought some guests . ”

Gao Peng called for Zhou Tieshan .

After a while, Zhou Tieshan ran in from afar . Gao Peng felt that this Saint-level monster trainer in his prime had great potential to be groomed, but he wasn’t ambitious, more a martial art fanatic . After Gao Peng showed his ability to cultivate a familiar, Zhou Tieshan willingly surrendered to him .

It was different from the older people . The old had richer experiences and were naturally more polished . While he could use these polished people, he couldn’t groom them into a person and cultivate them into a close friend .

“How are the discussions about the alliance going?” asked Gao Peng .

“Very smoothly, since they agreed to cooperate with us and have sent all the first monster trainers . ” Zhou Tieshan was very excited . After all, he had contributed to this event . Moreover, the king had promised that if he completed the task perfectly, he would improve the quality of his familiars .

“Mmm . ” Gao Peng indicated that he was aware .

“Then… King, are you going to see them?”

Gao Peng thought for a moment, then thought it would be better to go and meet them personally . It would also make them feel better . “Make arrangements for me to see them tomorrow . ”

After all, they had traveled so far to a strange place . The key agreement between Gao Peng and the tribes was that they secretly “smuggled” monster trainers to the Li Tribe, because the entire Jiutian Shidi knew that there was a group of red-blooded people living in the Li Tribe and living in the remote southern wasteland .

As long as the Li Tribe didn’t show any strength that could threaten them, express their ambition, and were content farming in the Southern Desert, there shouldn’t be any Mutated Tribesmen bothered enough to fight against them .

But if there was a new group of people emerging from a different place, there would be a different reaction . The former represented control, while the latter represented unknown threats . However, as long as the people on the other side of Earth Star could quietly come to the Li Tribe through another channel, they could legally become immigrants .

Gao Peng had promised not to annex their tribe when they came and allowed them to establish their original tribes near the Li Tribe, but they would band together in the face of danger .

Among them was the Huaxia Tribe . Gao Peng was going to let the Li Tribe’s people secretly look after the Chinese tribes . Because Gao Peng had initiated the alliance and was the king of the Li Tribe, the cooperating Huaxia Tribe could also receive certain benefits .

“Come with me . ” After dealing with the matters there, Gao Peng looked at Zhou Tieshan, took his cloak from the coat hanger, and draped it on . He lifted the curtain and walked in front of Zhou Tieshan .