Monster Pet Evolution - Chapter 723

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Chapter 723: 723

“I think a working Goldie is most beautiful,” Da Zi lay down like a salted fish .

“Don’t underestimate Goldie . He is the best duck in our village . ” Desolion commented .

In the distance, shouts of war were getting louder and louder . This place was like a paradise away from the war .

Away from all the fighting, with only one diligent duck digging away .

Goldie wiped the non-existent sweat off his forehead, “Boss, I think it’s better to summon Stripey out . Wouldn’t transporting the soil be faster with the Stripey’s earth control ability . ”

“Much faster?” Gao Peng questioned .

“Certainly,” Goldie froze for a moment then nodded firmly .

“I have my own reasons for not calling Stripey out . ” Gao Peng said softly .

“What’s the reason?”

“Ponder it for yourself,” Gao Peng turned his back after he finished speaking .

Goldie pondered while digging through the soil, constantly thinking .

Was Stripey too big, and would draw other people’s attention?

It was probably so, it must be so .

With the lengthening of the war period, the area of the battlefield was also expanding .

At first, only a sporadic number of demons harassed them, by the end of it, more and more demons appeared .

There was even a small torrent of a thousand of demons attacking .

Da Zi took a deep breath, with two feelers dangling off the top of his head, and his golden eyes quivered under the cold glint of his intense glare .

A rich golden light shot out from within Da Zi’s body .

An intricate electric arc expanded into an electric field around his body .

The electric arc exploded through the air .

The explosion sounded like firecrackers .

Da Zi raised his chubby claws .

The space in front of Da Zi, crackered endlessly with thunderbolts .

Da Zi thought of a scene in a fantasy novel he had seen before, those with strong power seemed to prefer to suppressing their enemies with a single hand, it appeared more awesome that way .

A thunderclaw coagulated in the air .

Boom .

The giant claw tore through the air, and the distance crowd of demons were engulfed by the lightning, turning the area into a thunderstorm hell .

When the lightning disappeared, where the demons once were, ashes scattered away, only a huge hole with a burning odor was left .

Da Zi stood up, placed his two claw behind him and looked full of pride, “Please address me as Emperor Zi in future . ”

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After standing for a while, he found that no one flattered him, and suddenly felt slightly embarrassed . “Expressing your horror would be acceptable . ”

After two seconds of silence, Silly raised his two hands and clapped for attention, “attention please, attention please, Da Zi said it was horrible, Da Zi said it was horrible . ”

Da Zi: ???

“Roar!” demonic flames were all around, and demonic dragon from the deep abyss sensed some movement, it glided its wings to land!

At this point of time, everyone was on a killing spree . Nobody thought too deeply . Where the enemies were, they would rush over .

Especially for the confused monsters from the abyss, their bones were filled with chaos and torture .

Dumby grabbed the White Leather-bound Book beside him and threw it at the Deep Abyss Dragon .

A strange wave flashed across the White Leather-bound Book, and the Deep Abyss Dragon suddenly felt that its internal strength was sealed by some force .

Its vision darkened, and a Book slapped it on its face .

Its nose cracked opened; he was bleeding in the nose . This Book was harder than a steel plate .

“Roar!” The Deep Dragon was immensely frightened, it realised that its strength had plunged by 50% .

Goldie’s golden iris looked over, “You, come here . ”

“What world is this, I am a dragon, a deep abyss dragon, I am not a miner,” Deep abyss dragon said with a runny nose and teary eyes .

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A golden sheen flashed .

Goldie stood on the hillside with a gold whip in his hand, lashing at the Deep Dragon’s back .

The Deep Dragon gave a cry of pain, there were a severe wound and smoke in the spot where he was whipped .

“You, you, you, and you, what are you laughing at?” Goldie slapped his whip on the face of another demon tyrant at his side . The demon tyrant howled, and a fierce light shone in his eyes . He raised his head, looked into Goldie’s eyes for a second and then drooped his head back down .

“Attention all, Goldie is very angry now, Goldie is very angry now,” Silly clapped his hands and shouted .

Tired of talking, he took out a bottle of fruit juice from his space and took two sips to moisten his throat .

Gao Peng scratched his head . Who did this fool learn this from?

At the same time, some monsters and humans who survived the battlefield gathered to talk in the residential area on the boundary of the World Vortex Battlefield; this was one of their limited entertainment after each war .

“Guess what I saw, a muscular duck with a whip on the hillside forcing the demons to work for him . ”

“Hahaha, Bullhead Chain Chief, you must be mistaken . Those demons are very foolish, and there is nothing on the ruins of the battlefield . What labour can a demon do? Dig soil?” a monster with a lizard’s head next to it laughed hysterically .

“Are you questioning me?” The Bullhead Chain Chief, who was the size of a hill, said with a glare .

“I wasn’t,” the Lizard Head Monster’s laughter stopped abruptly . The Chief was fierce . He had seen him hunting down a group of demons on the battlefield .

“You are questioning me . ” Bullhead Chef said with certainty .

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Lizard head: “I…”

“Well, you don’t have to say anything . I know, you lizard must have been looking for trouble with me for a long time, right? Let’s talk in the corner,” The Bullhead Chef grinned bitterly .

Lizard Head, “No, I believe you… ah!”

Gradually, over time, an amazing scene appeared at the corner of the World Vortex Battlefield .

At the back of a mountain, stood countless demons with varying strength, but they all had one thing in common – they were huge and they worked endlessly .

They were doing a single thing over and over again, and that was digging!

A large amount of soil was piled up on nearby mounds, but no matter how much they added onto the mounds, the size of the mounds never seemed to increase .

A huge black altar that was magnified by many times was being buried by the mounds, all the soil was placed on the altar .

The soil mounds were constantly converted to as sacrifices at a perfect rate, balancing out the efficiency of the excavation work by the demons .

“Work faster!”

“Hurry up!”

“Your efficiency is linked to your group of workers, the last person in the losing group will be eaten,” Goldie shouted out loudly, living up the role of a horrible foreman .

Finally, a demon could not withstand the abuse by this horrible foreman, and started to rebel, “There are so many of us, why do so many of us have to be abused by a duck! Come with me, kill them, tear their souls apart, and let their bones lie in regret within our bellies . ”

After roaring, he found himself to be the standing alone, while all the other demon labourers looked at it like a fool .

If we could resist, would we have to wait till now?