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Chapter 387

"So, is she really related to Major Xi? What kind of relationship do they have?"

The room's interest was piqued .

Shu Mei chuckled and threw the room a question, "Everyone knows the relationship between Major Xi and Xi Empire, right?"

"Of course, they are from the same family . The CEO, Xi Mubai, is Major Xi's cousin . "

"This Xia Xinghe used to be Xi Mubai's wife, but they're divorced now . "

When Shu Mei said the last phrase of her sentence, her mouth curved involuntarily up in disdain .

A b*tch like this Xia Xinghe deserves to be divorced .

The people who heard the news were shocked . "So, she had such a relationship to the Xi family . I know Major Xi himself has a young cousin, so that must be her son . "

"It must be, no wonder Major Xi looks out for her so much . "

"I knew she got in here through connections . She has no right to lead us," someone said with condescension .

"Well, she does have a strong background . The Xi family is like a gold mine, get in their good graces and you'll be rich . "

"I must say the Xi family is quite generous to allow her to continue feeding off them considering she is a divorcee . "

"You're right," Shu Mei said pointedly . "Alas, this is the military we're talking about, not someplace where you can survive with only connections . Just wait and see, her comeuppance will arrive soon enough . "

Everyone nodded in agreement, because they wouldn't be able to finish the orders Xinghe gave them . If they had no results to show at the end of the day, then the fault would lie completely with Xinghe .

Of course, most of them wouldn't do that on purpose, but the fact of the matter was, it couldn't be done .

In fact, it was in their advantage to give it their all because when it came tumbling down, Xinghe would have nothing but her own irresponsible orders to blame .

Gu Li nodded satisfactorily at everyone's improved performance .

He walked into the main control room and asked Xinghe, "Do you really think they can finish their tasks on time?"

To be honest, he was skeptical as well . After all, he was the leader for this group of people, he knew where their limit was . Xinghe's orders were a bit demanding .

Xinghe who stood in front of the giant super computer shook her head and said, "I have no clue . "

Gu Li was slightly shocked . "You have no clue either?"

"I'm just pushing them . "

Gu Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry . "Then, is it possible that the order is a bit too rash?"

"This is the only way to win against our opponent . There will be no improvement if we don't force the people to work harder . "

"I know," Gu Li nodded . "But, I'm afraid they will snap or fight back from too much pressure . "

"They won't," Xinghe answered confidently, "I have a plan to win them all over . "

A shine entered Gu Li's eyes . "Miss Xia, what's the plan?"

Xinghe smiled and said, "You'll see . "

Her answer only heightened his interest, but no matter how hard Gu Li thought about it, he couldn't figure out a surefire plan that would win over the whole group of people at once .

He even wondered if his team could even fulfill her tall order .

After two consecutive days of non-stop slavery, Xinghe's deadline finally arrived!

When the clock struck twelve, someone immediately complained out of sheer frustration .

"Ah, I can't stand this anymore! This is crazy, we can't possibly finish all this!"

"That's right, my eyes are popping out of their sockets and I'm nowhere near the end . "

"Did anyone of you finished your task?"

The task group that did was pitiably small, and about 80 percent had incomplete work .

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