Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065: 1065

Chapter 1065: He Was Too Lovely!

When Tuan Tuan heard Lin Ran suppressing her voice and saying that his sister was good-looking, he nodded in agreement, feeling a little proud .

This was his younger sister, the world’s most good-looking younger sister!

Seeing Tuan Tuan grabbing onto the side of the bed, looking happily at Yuan Yuan, Lin Nuan propped up her body and asked him in a soft voice, “Does Tuan Tuan want to touch your sister’s small hand?”

Tuan Tuan’s eyes lit up, and he nodded vigorously . After, he slowly shook his head, covering his mouth and saying each word clearly to Lin Nuan, “Sister is sleeping . It’s not good, not good…”

Tuan Tuan had just said this when Yuan Yuan’s small hands moved . She stretched herself and opened her eyes .

Seeing his younger sister suddenly opening her eyes and looking at him, Tuan Tuan was shocked . He stood there, not knowing what to do . Their gazes met, and Tuan Tuan looked at his sister… then looked up toward Lin Nuan, then back to his sister’s face .

Yuan Yuan didn’t cry after opening her eyes . Her black eyes looked toward Tuan Tuan .

Lin Nuan took Tuan Tuan’s small hand and put it on Yuan Yuan’s tiny hand . Yuan Yuan grabbed onto Tuan Tuan’s finger tightly .

“Mama! Mama!” Tuan Tuan kept calling his mama’s name agitatedly .

Lin Nuan smiled . “Does Tuan Tuan like your sister?”

Tuan Tuan nodded . “I like her the most!”

A newborn baby’s hands were so soft that it felt as if they were made of water . Tuan Tuan was very nervous about having his finger grabbed by his sister . Even though his palm had broken out in a sweat, he didn’t dare to move . He just let his sister grab onto his finger .

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Ever since Lin Nuan gave birth last night, Yuan Yuan had to be fed once every two hours . It had been quite tiring .

Lin Nuan planned on breastfeeding her . It was harder in the beginning since Yuan Yuan needed to take more time to finish her food .

Since she woke up at this time, Yuan Yuan probably wanted milk . After handing the baby to Lin Nuan, Lin Ran took Tuan Tuan out of the room, leaving Fu Huai’an and Liang Mulan to stay with Lin Nuan .

Fu Huai’an was at the door . When he saw Tuan Tuan’s glimmering eyes, he squatted down and smiled, asking Tuan Tuan, “Did you see your sister?”

Tuan Tuan nodded, raising his hand happily to show it to Fu Huai’an . “Sister… grabbed my hand!”

“Is that so?” Fu Huai’an rubbed Tuan Tuan’s head . “Your sister must like Tuan Tuan a lot!”

“Tuan Tuan also likes Sister a lot!” After saying that, he added earnestly, “I like her the most!”

Tuan Tuan then jumped into Fu Huai’an’s arms, wrapping his arms around Fu Huai’an’s neck . “I also like Papa and Mama the most!”

Lin Ran, who was standing at the side, couldn’t help but smile . Although Tuan Tuan wasn’t Lin Nuan’s flesh and blood… he was no different than her own flesh and blood! He was too lovely!

The feeding time was very long, and Tuan Tuan almost fell asleep as he laid on Fu Huai’an’s shoulder . When Tuan Tuan heard Liang Mulan opening the door to say that Yuan Yuan had finished eating, he immediately squirmed out of Fu Huai’an’s arms and ran into the ward .

Tuan Tuan had wanted to play with his sister for a while, but he realized that his sister had fallen asleep .

Tuan Tuan just stood next to the cradle, holding onto the edge and looking at the deeply asleep Yuan Yuan seriously .

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Tuan Tuan stayed in the hospital until 10 pm before he left with Little Lu . Tuan Tuan felt that his sister really slept a lot . He couldn’t help but ask Uncle Little Lu why she was always sleeping…

Little Lu also had no idea why this was the case . He thought very hard before telling Tuan Tuan, “All newborn babies are like that . Their main missions are to eat and sleep and then grow up faster, getting taller and fatter . The bigger the baby grows up, the longer they’ll be awake . By that time, Tuan Tuan will be able to play with your younger sister!”

Little Lu didn’t hear Tuan Tuan’s voice after he gave his explanation and thus took a look through the rearview mirror . Tuan Tuan had already fallen asleep in the booster seat . His lips were curled up slightly, and he looked happy and satisfied .

When Tuan Tuan went to kindergarten the next day, he had just put down his bag and sat down when Little Happy and Little Candy dragged their seats over and sat around his desk . They asked Tuan Tuan if he had seen his younger sister .

Tuan Tuan nodded while wearing a blissful expression . “My sister is super cute…”

“Do you have a photo of her?” Little Happy looked at Tuan Tuan, feeling very envious . He also wanted to have an adorable younger sister . “I want to see!”

Tuan Tuan shook his head seriously and said, “I’ll show it to you another day!”

“I’ve seen Yuan Yuan’s photo!” Little Candy said proudly . “My mama has a photo of her on her phone! I saw it!”

Little Happy looked very envious . “I also want to see!”

“Why don’t we go and visit Tuan Tuan’s mama and sister after his mama has gone home?” Little Candy suggested .

“Alright, alright!” Little Happy looked toward Tuan Tuan . “Tuan Tuan, can we do that?”

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Tuan Tuan thought about it before saying, “I’ll go back and ask Mama . ”

“I want a younger sister…” Little Happy looked at Tuan Tuan enviously . Then, an idea suddenly struck him, and he asked, “Tuan Tuan, can I be your sister’s elder brother as well?”

It was rare that Tuan Tuan shook his head firmly . “My sister!”

“Little Happy, if you want a younger sister, then get your mama to give birth to one!” Little Candy said .

“But Tuan Tuan said that babies could only be born if the papa and mama are alone together . My mama isn’t even willing to see Papa, so how can she give birth to one?” Little Happy started fretting .

“I know! I saw it on the television with Grandma! They acted this out on the television…”

Therefore, the three children got together to discuss how they could get Little Happy’s papa and mama to give him a younger sister .

Little Candy and Little Happy were the ones to do most of the talking, while Tuan Tuan looked at the two of them in a daze .

Lin Nuan returned to the Fu residence on the third day after she gave birth .

Nannies, as well as a nutritionist and confinement lady whose job would be to take care of Lin Nuan, had long been arranged in the Fu residence .

Tang Zheng and the others had long wanted to visit Lin Nuan and Yuan Yuan . It was just that they felt that it wasn’t that convenient for them to visit them in the hospital since Lin Nuan had just given birth . Now that Lin Nuan was back, Tang Zheng and the others came to visit Yuan Yuan and Lin Nuan .

After sending Tang Zheng and the others off, Lin Nuan leaned against the bed’s headboard, feeling tired . She gently patted Yuan Yuan, whose fingers had suddenly curled up while she was dreaming . The baby went back to sleep under Lin Nuan’s gentle patting .

Tuan Tuan also laid down on his stomach next to Yuan Yuan, sleeping very well .

Fu Huai’an came in . Lin Nuan looked up, tucked her stray hair behind her ears, and asked, “Have they all left?”

Fu Huai’an nodded . He walked over to sit on the side of the bed, kissing Lin Nuan’s forehead . “They’ve all left . You must have been tired today, right?”

“No . They are all our friends who came to visit the child . I just sat here, not doing anything… How could I feel tired?” Lin Nuan straightened up and leaned on Fu Huai’an’s chest . “It’s been hard on you!”

Fu Huai’an looked at the two children on the bed who were deep asleep, then asked Lin Nuan in a soft voice, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Lin Nuan hadn’t been to a cinema since before she got pregnant . Before Yuan Yuan was born, she was even telling Fu Huai’an that she hadn’t been able to go to the cinema to watch “Eagles on the Sea . ”

“I’m not out of confinement yet . Can I go?” Lin Nuan straightened up and looked at Fu Huai’an, wearing an expression with a hint of anticipation .

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