Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066: 1066

Chapter 1066: A Perfect Match

There was a hint of a smile in Fu Huai’an’s pitch-black and deep gaze . He put out his hands and lifted Lin Nuan from the bed…

“Hey!” Lin Nuan turned and looked at the two children on the bed, only feeling at ease after seeing that they were sleeping peacefully .

The two nannies at the door got a shock when they saw Fu Huai’an carrying Lin Nuan out of the room . However, after seeing how loving the two of them were, they couldn’t help but cover their mouths and smile .

Leaving the children to the two nannies, Fu Huai’an carried Lin Nuan to the renovated private theater in the Fu residence .

This was a private theater, and it was a surprise that Fu Huai’an had prepared for Lin Nuan . It had been progressively prepared during the times that Lin Nuan hadn’t been at home so that she wouldn’t feel bored during her confinement . She would be able to come and watch movies .

Fu Huai’an arranged for the movie “Eagles on the Sea” to be played…

When Lin Nuan saw the intense scenes, she felt sweet inside for some reason, recalling they were all shots that Fu Huai’an had filmed with her .

Lin Nuan was already very surprised to see the private theater . Fu Huai’an had put in so much effort and displayed so much consideration for her…

She hadn’t thought that Fu Huai’an would still remember what she said when she was pregnant, that she was a little regretful at being unable to watch “Eagles on the Sea” at the cinema .

Lin Nuan felt that her life was blissful . It was because she had Fu Huai’an…

All the things she had encountered before meeting Fu Huai’an now seemed as if they had been prepared so that she could meet him . Therefore, she was undoubtedly blissful .

Now, she had a son and a daughter with Fu Huai’an, and their life was quite complete .

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“For Yuan Yuan’s one-month celebration, we’ll just invite family… and good friends to come over for a meal!” Lin Nuan preferred things to be simple .

“Anything you say!” Fu Huai’an’s alluring and deep voice was filled with adoration .

From Yuan Yuan’s birth until her one-month celebration, Lin Nuan inevitably encountered the problem of chapped breasts . This was despite Song Yao sharing her experience with her . However, her condition was a lot better than Song Yao’s back then .

On the day of Yuan Yuan’s one-month celebration, she was very lovely and was awake for a longer period of time, neither crying nor kicking up a fuss . She just opened her big eyes and looked around curiously .

Yuan Yuan could be said to have taken all of Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an’s good points . She was as fair as Lin Nuan, and the shape of her face also resembled Lin Nuan more .

Her lashes were long and curly, and her features were like those of Fu Huai’an . However, the young lady looked very elegant, not having the strong vigor that her father’s deep features exuded . She looked like a very well-behaved young lady .

Tang Zheng and the others gathered around Yuan Yuan, and she blew a bubble at them .

While Little Candy and You Nainai were both not around, Tang Zheng couldn’t help but say to Fu Huai’an, “Old Fu, you must bring up your little darling well . Don’t be like me, with the little darling becoming a little porcupine!”

Tang Zheng’s eyes were filled with tears at the mention of this .

When Cen Mo met Tang Zheng and heard that he had a daughter, he exclaimed in jealousy . His envy really pricked Tang Zheng’s heart…

Tang Zheng didn’t even know how he should explain things to Cen Mo . His daughter was nothing like a girl . She was more like a rough boy .

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Fu Huai’an looked at Yuan Yuan, who was staring at him with her dark eyes from the cradle . He smiled . “Both Xiao Nuan and I think that Little Candy is very lively and energetic . Tuan Tuan is more of an introvert . If his sister could be more lively, Tuan Tuan would be able to become more cheerful . ”

This… made some sense . Tang Zheng nodded . Although his daughter was a boss at her kindergarten… it was true that she was lively and energetic . Sometimes, this was also very assuring .

Little Candy no longer called Tang Zheng “Uncle . ” She would generally call him “Old Tang,” only calling him “Papa” if she needed to ask him for something!

Uncle Blessing and Aunt Blessing rushed over all the way from Jincheng, and they couldn’t help but love Yuan Yuan . Not only did they give her a big red packet, but they also gave her a golden bangle and necklace set .

Yuan Yuan received quite a few gifts that day, but she didn’t know about any of that, only knowing how to blow bubbles .

Song Yao’s child, Lun Lun, was carried by his mother to take a look at Yuan Yuan . He leaned on his mother’s shoulder and blew bubbles at Yuan Yuan .

The two babies blew bubbles and stared at each other . It was a fascinating sight .

Gu Qingcheng also rushed over at noon, bringing along a gift for Yuan Yuan .

Not seeing Xiao Liuli, Lin Nuan couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Xiao Liuli? Didn’t she come back together with you…”

Lin Nuan had given Xiao Liuli a call . The latter had promised that she’d come, and Lin Nuan thought that the two of them would come over together .

Before Gu Qingcheng could reply, they heard Yun Liuli calling out to Lin Nuan…

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“Sister Xiao Nuan!”

Gu Qingcheng turned .

Lin Nuan was a little surprised . Yun Liuli had brought along a male classmate .

The two of them didn’t hold hands . It was just that others could feel the sweet atmosphere between them when they were standing next to each other .

The boy didn’t have strong masculine features like Gu Qingcheng . He seemed like one of those high quality beautiful young men in the comics . His features exuded warmth and brightness, and his eyes were clean and beautiful .

With a height of 183 centimeters, the two of them had a great height difference when he stood next to Yun Liuli, who had a height of 165 centimeters .

The boy was handsome, and the girl was beautiful . They were a perfect match .

Gu Qingcheng’s pitch-black eyes under his deep and arching brows were deep and unfathomable . His eyes reflected Yun Liuli, who was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and white shoes and had her hair tied up into a ponytail .

They hadn’t met for a very long time, and Yun Liuli had gotten slimmer, much more than she was before . The bit of chubbiness on her small face had disappeared as well . She was no longer sealed up and cold like she was before . Right now, Yun Liuli held onto a shoulder bag and was greeting everyone she knew in turns, appearing polite and cheerful…

Gu Qingcheng could no longer find the traces of the old Yun Liuli from the past .

Even Tang Zheng was surprised by Yun Liuli’s changes .

“Sister Xiao Nuan!” When Yun Liuli saw Lin Nuan, she took the boy’s hand and ran over toward her .

She didn’t neglect Gu Qingcheng, who was next to Lin Nuan . She beamed and called out, “Uncle Qingcheng!”

Gu Qingcheng suppressed his stunned expression and was a little slow to react before he nodded .

The boy also greeted them the same way Yun Liuli had . “Sister Xiao Nuan, Uncle Qingcheng…”

It was as if Gu Qingcheng was just a senior, an uncle who had taken care of her . Yun Liuli had her head lowered and her attention on Yuan Yuan, who was in Lin Nuan’s arms . She let go of the sunshine boy’s hand, and her glistening eyes were filled with smiles . “Our Yuan Yuan is so cute! Sister Xiao Nuan, can I carry her?”

Yun Liuli put out her fair and clean hands to show Lin Nuan . “I already cleaned my hands with hand sanitizer when I came in just now!”

Lin Nuan smiled and handed Yuan Yuan to Yun Liuli . Yun Liuli was a little nervous and carried Yuan Yuan carefully . Yuan Yuan looked at her with her black and bright eyes, causing Yun Liuli’s heart to feel like it was going to melt . She carried Yuan Yuan and showed her to her companion . “Look, she’s so cute! I feel that she resembles Sister Xiao Nuan more… she’s very beautiful!”

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