Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 181

Published at 11th of September 2019 01:40:06 PM

Chapter 181: 181

“Sir, I haven’t given you your change!” the young salesgirl peeked out from behind the counter and shouted .

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Not seeing Fu Huai’an turn around, the older lady signaled to the salesgirl with a hand gesture and mouthed in the direction of the Maybach, saying, “People who can afford that kind of cars can’t be bothered to get their change back!”

The salesgirl gripped onto Fu Huai’an’s change and nodded with a sound, feeling a sense of loss somewhat, before sighing . “He’s so handsome…”

The older saleswoman rested her elbow on the top of the counter and leaned against it as she smiled and responded, “Yeah, even for me, someone who’s lived out more than half of my life, it’s rare to see men who are masculine, handsome, and wealthy . Even rarer to see is a man who will buy birth control pills for their lovers, and the moment he heard that pills are bad for the body he bought condoms immediately, tsk tsk tsk… What a good man! If only I were 20 years younger…”

Fu Huai’an pulled the car door open and sat back on the driver’s seat . He twisted the bottle cap of the mineral water open as he passed the plastic bag to Lin Nuan .

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Lin Nuan took it and asked, “What is this?”

“Weren’t you looking at emergency birth control pills earlier?” Fu Huai’an said as he shut the car door and reached over to buckle his seat belt .

Lin Nuan’s face turned red from the embarrassment of having her little secret seen through, and she didn’t know what to say, taking a moment before settling for “Thank you . ”

As the two employees chatted in the pharmacy, the Maybach that was parked by the road took a right turn and joined the lines of cars on the main road .

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Lin Nuan placed the water aside and opened the plastic bag only to see a box of condoms beside the pills . Red seeped into her skin, crawling up her neck to her face, and her heart started beating faster .

She didn’t dare to look at Fu Huai’an, instead, acting calm as she took out the box of pills . She read the instructions booklet with a worried heart and glanced at her wristwatch for the time before she took the first pill .

After she capped the bottle, Lin Nuan placed the pills into her bag and sorted through her emotions before she asked Fu Huai’an, “Where do you want me to put this?”

Fu Huai’an held the steering wheel with one hand and looked towards Lin Nuan’s direction to see the plastic bag in her hand and how she was trying to act normal despite her red face . He looked into her eyes with laughter hidden in his .

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“Place them in the storage box…” Fu Huai’an replied calmly in his deep voice .

“Ok…” Lin Nuan answered seriously and tried hard to act as though she had no other thoughts towards it as she placed the box of condoms, along with the plastic bag, into the car storage box . She then sat up straight and turned to look out the window .

The car’s window reflected Lin Nuan’s red face, and she bit her lip, frustrated at her own incompetence—she just saw a box of condoms, and Fu Huai’an never said that he was using them with her, so why was she blushing?

Remembering how she had a nosebleed in front of Fu Huai’an, Lin Nuan wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it .

The image of Fu Huai’an’s sexy body line when he exercised entered her mind once more…

Lin Nuan clenched her fist around her bag tightly and felt ashamed at herself for constantly thinking about those kinds of images .

Soon, the Maybach rolled to a stopped at the entrance of the broadcasting building .

The building’s Block A had a huge screen on the exterior, and it was currently playing the promotional clip for Lin Nuan’s new show, “A Sunday Date” .

Lin Nuan unbuckled the safety belt and thanked Fu Huai’an with a lowered head, but just as she pushed the car door open and was about to exit the car, her slender wrist was grabbed onto .

She bit her lip and with a hot face, shrank herself and tried to pull back her arm, lowering her head as she was afraid that Fu Huai’an would notice her abnormality . Her other hand grabbed onto Fu Huai’an’s wrist with his watch around it in an attempt to pull him away, saying, “This is the broadcasting station’s entrance, we’ll be seen by my colleagues . ”