Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 354

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:35:08 AM

Chapter 354

Her dry lips were parted, and her eyes were completely bloodshot as she looked at the soldiers, her pupils shining bright .

It was this one photo that made Lu Jinnan’s heart shake in shock .

The person who created the post said that he had discovered the truth behind Wen Moshen, Gu Hanyan, and Lin Nuan’s relationship . He couldn’t help but feel heartache for Lin Nuan, so he decided to let everyone know about the truth that he had accidentally uncovered .

He linked the article that was posted on the U . S . Universal news webpage, where Lin Nuan’s story and actions in Iraq were explained in detail .

The webpage held even more photos, each of which shocked hearts…

Some photos showed Lin Nuan ignoring her bleeding injuries as she desperately held up Wen Moshen’s photo and asked medical personnel regarding his whereabouts .

Others photos showed her sitting silently as she let the nurses help her bandage her injuries . She sat emotionlessly, and her eyes were empty as though she was a puppet devoid of life .

More photos showed Lin Nuan noticing soldiers’ arrival, her eyes sparkling in hope once more as she tried to stand up to find them, but was pressed back down by the nurses so they could tend to her injuries .

There were photos of Lin Nuan tugging at the sleeves of some soldiers with a photo in her other hand .

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Photos of Lin Nuan sitting down with water and bread, eating her meal mechanically .

Long paragraphs were on the website describing everything the journalist had seen Lin Nuan doing, describing her story…

The journalist who took the photos was called Will Statham, a well-known journalist in the States .

The man who put up the post and linked the article had only taken out a small excerpt of what Will Statham had written on the webpage .

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“After the news of the T-324 flight died down, I couldn’t believe that someone would actually put themselves in a life-or-death situation by stepping on to this land of war to find a person . Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to talk with this courageous lady . I only overheard that she was here to find a brother that had no blood relations to her; I think this is the strength of love .

“There were so many passengers aboard the T-324 flight, and they all have so many loved ones, but I have only seen this young lady so persistent in finding someone .

Even though her life was clearly at stake, even though she was injured all over, she still refused to give up searching . How deeply must one love another to be able to disregard their own safety in exchange for the slightest sliver of hope that the other person is safe and sound!

I can’t help but wonder—the parents, wives, husbands, children of the many passengers aboard that unlucky flight… How many are as brave as this young lady to pack up and start on a long, dangerous journey to find their loved ones, instead of moping around at home all day long?

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That man aboard flight T-324 may be unfortunate, but he is also extremely fortunate at the same time to have the love of this lady!

If he’s still alive to read this article, I hope that he will treasure this lady who braved crossfire for him . When they meet again, I hope he will give her a passionate kiss, give her a large bouquet of flowers, give her a grand wedding, and take care of her for the rest of her life!

I hope that all of us will be able to find such strong love in our lives .

When we reached the safety point, we were separated from this lady . May God bless her that she may find her lover . May God bless the safety of the passengers of flight T-324 . ”

At the end of the post, there was also a photo of Lin Nuan being dragged on the ground by anti-government agents; she held an infant in her arms tightly, refusing to budge her arms and let go…

It was easy to feel as though one’s own scalp was hurting simply by looking at the photo through the screen, but the Lin Nuan in the photo looked as though she didn’t feel the pain, hugging the baby tightly with a resolute expression on her face .