Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 355

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:35:06 AM

Chapter 355: 355

Chu Xun recognized that photo!

It was taken by her past assistant using a micro-camera! The photo had even been in her possession before…

But she had never thought that the woman photographed was Lin Nuan!

The person who posted everything typed in large red font in an agitated manner, calling Gu Hanyan a shameless b*tch! She cheated Miss Lin Nuan, telling her that she, Gu Hanyan, was the woman Wen Moshen loved the most! This paragraph was followed by a voice recording .

Coincidentally, it was a recording of the words Gu Hanyan had said to Lin Nuan that day in the cafe .

At the end of the post, the person wrote…

“In my personal opinion, Miss Lin Nuan is really suffering from injustice! She was clearly the one who went to Iraq, but Gu Hanyan shamelessly claimed her experiences as her own!

Gu Hanyan obviously knew that the one Wen Moshen truly loved was Miss Lin Nuan, yet she still shamelessly told Miss Lin Nuan that Wen Moshen loved her the most!

Everyone can see how deep Miss Lin Nuan’s love for Wen Moshen is from how she stepped into Iraq for him!

Gu Hanyan is so disgusting! On the show, she said that before Wen Moshen boarded the plane, their relationship was on a hiatus, and Miss Lin Nuan couldn’t expose her in case she broke Wen Moshen’s heart; how sad must Miss Lin Nuan have felt!

I admit that previously, I’ve scolded Miss Lin Nuan, and I apologize to her now . I’m sorry, Miss Lin Nuan!

All of you keyboard warriors who have scolded Miss Lin Nuan before, you all owe Miss Lin Nuan an apology!”

After the post got reblogged countless times, it was flooded with comments apologizing to Lin Nuan .

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Lin Nuan read through the content and looked at the photos of herself in Iraq . The rims of her eyes reddened as the sealed-away memories came flooding back, bringing out a nauseating churn of negative emotions in Lin Nuan .

“Sorry, I need to use the washroom!”

Lin Nuan placed her napkin down before standing up to leave the room .

Fu Huai’an didn’t follow her .

The entire room was filled with silence .

No one could expect that Lin Nuan, who looked so gentle and fragile, had done something so amazing .

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Tears formed in Xu Wanwan’s eyes as she read through the post, before turning to Bai Jinyu and asking, “Teacher Bai, if I go missing, will you go searching for me like Sis-in-law?”

The one Lin Nuan went searching for was Wen Moshen and not Fu Huai’an⁠—Bai Jinyu was worried that Fu Huai’an would feel upset, so he gestured for Xu Wanwan to keep quiet with furrowed brows .

Lin Nuan walked out of the room with her head hung down . Her body was feeling terrible from her flu and fever, and her heart was feeling terrible from the emotions she was feeling .

She didn’t want Fu Huai’an’s friends to see her crying .

Lin Nuan had buried it all in her heart for so long . Now that someone suddenly exposed it all, she felt as though all the injustice in her heart found an exit and she was overwhelmed .

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Inside the washroom, Lin Nuan leaned against the sink and grabbed two pieces of tissue to wipe her nose .

After a few deep breaths, she finally calmed her heart .

It was all in the past . Her past love, as well as her once fearless actions, were all in the past and gone now .

So when Fu Huai’an asked her if she would love him as much as she loved Wen Moshen, she was unable to answer .

Now that she thought about it, Lin Nuan felt that she was truly foolish…

It had been almost five years, and Lin Nuan had grown up and matured . After such a long journey in society, she had been tainted worldly-wise and became cautious… and selfish! She started to love herself more than she loved others .

That was why she anticipated a sweet, ordinary life instead of something grand .