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Published at 7th of September 2019 05:23:11 PM

Chapter 8

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In her childhood, TianTian remembered how she grew up in the house . Since she was a child, her Mom, Ms . Chen taught her discipline in manner and skill of martial art in hard training meanwhile her Dad, Mr . Tian taught her some medical traditional techniques .

But it was mostly her grandpa taught her knowledge of life philosophy .

As the only daughter and sister of Tian family, she could felt how she has been protected, too over actually . In the neighborhood, everyone know that any man who dared close to her, have to get a test from the three guardians of Tian . and no one could pass the test .

As TianTian grew up, she could not wait to get her own place and got out of the house . Now, because everyone grew up and started busy by themselves, TianTian felt a little bit relieved . The eldest brother, TianWang, was the one that will inherit the legacy of the house, which also a martial art school . He was busy working with her Mom while he also studied medical traditional techniques from her Dad . Her second brother was Tian Kang, whom TianTian just figured out later that he worked for Uncle Sam, had moved out from the house and lived alone in an apartment .

Meanwhile her little brother, Tian Lang, still in college, busy with his youth time .

TianTian really enjoyed her freedom but now she was standing in front of the house . It had been a while, she didn't come home, maybe around 2 years . . . Usually, she went home only during Chinese new year event but she didn't make it last year .

'What should I explain to them, the reason I come? Ugh, I really hope they are not hearing about me yet' . TianTian knew how seldom her family to pay attention to the news of show biz .

As soon as TianTian opened the heavy wooden door of the house, she heard a loud voice from inside, together with a loud beating table sound,

'Brakkkk . . . . . '

"Gettttt outtttt . . . "

'It's Mom's voice, what happens . . . ?' TianTian rushed to the source . It sounded from the guest house, the disciples gathered and tried to eavesdrop at the front of the room . They immediately disbanded when they saw TianTian .

"I will go . . . but TianTian must go with me . . . so where is she?"

'Degg . . . '

'It's that beast!!! How come he is here?!'

TianTian entered the room . Her Mom, Mrs . Tian was standing in front of the table, she just hit the table . And LiMingHu was sitting arrogantly in front of her in his luxury white shirt .

Mr . Tian stared sharply to Him behind his glasses with terrifying aura . The eldest son, TianWang looked backing his Mom, ready to attack . TianTian's presence gave a silent for a moment .

Mrs . Tian walked toward her,

"It's good you're here now, TianTian . Tell us what's actually your relationship with this impolite man?"

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"I . . . He . . . "

'Oh God, what can I say? Mom, I make a deal with this guy, to be his girl?? Mom and Dad will kill me right away'

"She is my woman, what else to explain . . . "

"Aaaakhh, . . . I can explain this . . . . " TianTian sudden raised her tone loud, tried to cover LiMingHu's voice .

'Really, I need to cast this beast away from here immediately'

"Then explain to us . . . What exactly happened between YOU and 'HIM'?" TianTian could hear her Dad also raised his tone upset . It reminded her the same tone when she was little and did wrong and punishment after that . . . it made her froze . Her Dad wasn't easy to angry, and that what makes TianTian more scared of him .

Brother Wang was also upset but it's already his habit to protect her beloved sister instantly from their parent's scold . So he also asked TianTian but in a kinder tone .

"TianTian, in the morning this arrogant man suddenly came in without permission and asked us to hand you over . He accused us of hiding you from him . Did what he said true? That you are his woman and you run away from him?"


"I don't have time for this, TianTian, let's go . . . " ignoring what happened, LiMingHu raised from the seat and coming forward TianTian, but as their instinct, Mrs . Tian and Mr . Tian blocked his way and put their defense pose . While TianWang pulled TianTian's shoulder backward .

"TianTian, come here!" he commanded again .

"I am . . . *Brother Wang, its okay *, Mr . Li . . . . please, I am not trying to run away . Give me time to explain this matter to my family . I promise I'll return to you soon . "

"No need to return . TianTian, you stay here! No matter what was your relationship with him but it ends here, RIGHT NOW!!!" it was a bold declaration from Mrs . Tian .

"No, Mom . . . . please . . "

"You, young lady . . . shut your mouth! I will deal with you later . . . "

"I give you last chance to come here, TianTian!!"

"If you dare, I'll cut your legs!!!" Of course, Mrs . Tian didn't serious with her words but TianTian froze after hearing it .

'Aahh, what should I do?? . . . '

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Seeing that TianTian hesitated to come over, LiMingHu got terribly upset . He felt that TianTian chose her parents over him and he was not okay with it but . . .

'Is she really afraid to her Mom or she just trying to run away from me? Well, she can try it but I won't let her go from me . . . '

LiMingHu didn't give any warning, as he tried to grab TianTian away from her keeper . But Mrs TianTian didn't give him any chance, she didn't hold her power, trying to hit LiMingHu's hands with her knife stick . LiMingHu quickly avoided it . But then TianWang also attacked LiMingHu with his swords . In a next minute, TianTian and Mr Tian suddenly became the audience of a martial art competition between LiMingHu, the king of beast who looked like a furious lion vs the duo of Tian who moves like the furious rabbits . At first, LiMingHu seemed superior in the fighting but as strong he could be, still couldn't compete with 2 expert martial art teachers .

After taking 2 slashes of their weapon at his hand and back, LiMingHu didn't show any sign of surrender ,he even looked more fierce than before . He also managed to steal TianWang's sword and just leave a light cut on Mrs Tian's right upper arm cloth .

If this is a real competition ,then the result was high tie between them, but no one gave up from any sides .

TianTian moved forward between them and shouted to avoid the fighting kept continuing .

"Stopppp, Mom ,brotherWang, please stop it . Mr Li, stop fighting . "

Before they could respond to TianTian . A phone call from LiMingHu's smartphone interrupted them . After seeing the call id, he answered it,

"Hmm . . . ok, i know it . . I'll be there!"

"Sh*t, it seemed I must go right now " He looked to TianTian, then to her family and felt be fooled and anger .

"Very well . . . TianTian, I had made myself came to pick you up, it supposed be a privilege for you . . . but since you and your people here didn't appreciate it . I decided I won't pick you up again in the future . . . unless you beg me, do you understand?"

He came closer to TianTian, and whispered to her, "Remember, you have . a promise to kept so please beg to me soon"

'Is it true, did he just let me go? Just like that? Obviously i won't beg to go back to him . . . . ever . . . but actually i had promised . . . ' TianTian looked to his wound, some blood leaked out ,caused his left arm shirt became red . Somehow she felt a little pity on him .

"No need to talk furthermore . . . . LEAVE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW, WE WILL NOT SHOW ANY MERCY NEXT TIME!!!" Mrs Tian grabbed TianTian away from LiMingHu and gave a gesture to force him walked out from the room .

LiMinghu couldn't hid his annoying face and started to walk out to the room,

"Before you go, can you answer my question . . . "

LiMingHu stopped, he wondered what question Mr . Tian asked about . . . he looked at him and Mr . Tian looked back to him . They stared sharply and giving a battle vibrate .

"There is thousand more delicious prey outside . . . Why must the king of the jungle insist to get a small one ?"

LiMingHu sudden smiled, he liked the way Mr . Tian interpreted the situation,

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and of course he understood very well the meaning behind the question but the others just confused to hear it .

"Because the small one is special for the king, Mr . Tian and as the king, he will and always get what he wants . Maybe not in present but . . . . eventually . "

Then LiMingHu left the room .

TianTian saw the left of the beast and felt relieved .

'Well, at least he has gone . . . for now . . . '

"KNEEL!!!" spontaneously TianTian acted as she heard the command came out from her Mom .

"Mom, I'm sorry . . . but let me explain . . . "

"Then go ahead . We are listening . . . how can you involved with that terrible man? Entire my life, I never met an arrogant and impolite man like him!" Mrs . Tian sat on the chair and used her hand massaging her forehead .

"Mom's right, you're supposed avoiding a man like him, couldn't have any good relationship with that kind of man . " TianWang shook his head .

TianTian surely knew that she had to tell the truth, so she started from how she met LiMingHu and how she helped WenWen till ended with this weird relationship, but what she told just a big line of the story, not including that she already lived together with the beast . After hearing the story, Mrs . Tian whammed the table beside her,

"Ridiculous!!! and you too, so clumsy . . . even though you want to help your friend, how could you agreed with such thing!!"

"I thought . . . if he got bored, he would release me soon or later . . . beside it just a game for that man, Mom . . . nothing serious . . . you see what just happened, he finally let me go right?"

Brother Wang once again shook his head,

" . . . I'm afraid it's not that simple . You are playing with fire, TianTian . . . That man . . . he looks not give you up yet, i'm afraid he would do anything to get you . . . "

"TianTian, be honest and tell us did you already give . . . . to him?"

Everyone stared curiously odd to TianTian after listening to Mom's question . No need to mention the word, they already know what Mrs Tian means about . Suddenly TianTian's face became red as an apple,

"Oh God, No . . . . NO, Mom, Dad I didn't AT ALL . I still have my dignity as your daughter . . . "



Mrs . Tian sighed deeply,

"Well . It's good . . . then we're really no need to have any connection with him furthermore . . . . ah it's too much for today, look at the time! Because of that impolite man, I even late to prepare our dinner . . I'll starting it now . . . " Mrs Tian went out, leaving her husband to give a moment to deal with TianTian alone .

"I also need to go back to my class . catch you later, little sister"

TianWang patted TianTian's head like they were little, then he also went ahead out of the room . And after he was outside, he immediately took his smartphone and sent a quick message, which was written: 'CODE RED: HOME ASAP' .

Meanwhile in the room,

"TianTian . . . you may stand up now . "

"Thank you Dad . . . auch ,my legs"

"It's been a while . . . you didn't come home last year"

"Yeah" Last year actually she hesitated to come home, and since that she kept herself busy . . . so hearing her Dad mentioned it, she felt guilty right away .

"And now you came home with unexpected guest and stormed this house . . . what a mischievous daughter you are . . . "

Now she felt double guilty .

"I know I am really sorry to bring this trouble to our house . . I promise I will settle it right away . . . "

But Mr Tian just smiled gently to TianTian . . . when TianTian saw it, she felt being tricked .

"Dad! You're teasing me!"

"Alright, we can talk about it later . Now you just arrived . Why don't you take a rest in your room and then join the dinner . I believe your Mom is preparing your favorite dish right now . . . ah . . . I almost forget to say . . . welcome home, TianTian"

"Dad . . . " TianTian couldn't holding her tear, oh how she loves her family . . . 'I'm home' .

She felt silly to avoid her family this entire year just because she didn't want to hear any nagging from her parents about when she should getting married . . .

Everything so peace when she was back home . . . but unfortunately TianTian remembered it ended in a day . As she woke up the next day, a big surprise had waited for her .

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