Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 10

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:02:04 AM

Chapter 10

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Song Yaoyao couldn’t be judged by her usually smiling face. When she screwed up it up and did not say a word, no one dared to look her in the eye.

The driver felt the pressure in the car. He thought for a bit and said, “Something happened up ahead; the road seems to be blocked. We are trapped here.”

Hearing this, Song Yaoyao raised her eyelids and looked forward. It appeared as though the car that had left her behind earlier was blocking the road.

She humphed, closed her eyes, and did not say a word.

Meanwhile, Huo Qi was the only one that took particular notice of Song Yaoyao. He turned around and reported to Huo Yunque, “Sir, Miss Song’s car is behind!”

Huo Yunque’s expression did not change. He simply remained quiet as though he didn’t hear a thing.

Seeing this, Huo Qi did not dare to make another sound.

Song Yaoyao’s driver ran up front to check on the situation and returned to explain that there had been a landslide. Judging by the situation, they wouldn’t be able to leave anytime soon.

Song Yaoyao didn’t mind. She stepped out of her car and shook her legs which were numb from sitting and jumped a few times.

But while she was moving around, she suddenly heard a commotion in the crowd not far away.

“Old Li! Old Li, what’s wrong?

“Where’s your medicine?

“Oh my God! Doctor! Is there a doctor?!”

Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows and slowly walked over.

She stood behind the crowd and watched leisurely. She had clearly experienced the process of death, so she did not fear it.

At that very moment, there was an old white-haired man convulsing on the ground with purplish-blue lips, breathing rapidly. Song Yaoyao could tell without checking the man’s pulse that he was having a heart attack. She had experienced it before.

In her previous life, her grandfather’s family had been masters in Chinese medicine for over a century. Back then, due to her bad health, she couldn’t run around too much. Thus, she sat quietly and learned all her grandfather’s skills.


However, she had no intention of doing anything until a man in his thirties suddenly ran toward the old man crying sadly. Song Yaoyao thought about the moment that she stopped breathing in her previous life; her father, mother, and brother must have been devastated.

She furrowed her brows in annoyance and said in a dull tone, “If you keep surrounding him like this, he will only die faster.”

Hearing this, the crowd immediately retaliated. “Oh, young lady, what are you saying?”

“I know, right? How could you curse him like that?”

The middle-aged man had no time to care about the commotion. All he knew was, there was a landslide and no ambulance could get through. Even if a helicopter came, it wouldn’t make it in time.

His face was covered in tears as he asked in a pleasantly surprised manner, “Do you know CPR?!”

He was so desperate for help that he didn’t even notice Song Yaoyao’s appearance and age.

“Oh, what would a child know?”

“Be careful she doesn’t kill him instead!”

“I don’t think she can do it. Young people these days love to show off!”

One word here, one sentence there. The crowd became so noisy that they sounded like a market.


The middle-aged man couldn’t stand it and yelled, “Shut the f*ck up! If you can cure my father, I can bow to you if you want, but if you can’t, then zip it!”


Huo Qi was shocked. He watched as Song Yaoyao crouched down beside the old man and he turned his head around. “Sir, Miss Song is certainly brave!”

The old man clearly looked like he was done for. By stepping forward, wasn’t she attracting trouble for herself?


Huo Ningxi also took notice. He shook his head and said, “Song Yaoyao shouldn’t be nosy.”

He recognized the middle-aged man. If she didn’t cure his father, this matter would not end well.