Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 111

Published at 25th of March 2021 03:05:07 PM

Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Good Mother

“This child sure knows how to speak nonsense, haha…”

Song Rui rubbed his hands and smiled in an awkward yet polite manner. “Mr. Huo, please don’t lower yourself to the level of a child. Yaoyao is—”

“I wasn’t talking nonsense!”

“It’s fine.”

Two voices sounded at the same time.

As soon as they spoke, Song Rui’s lips twitched. It took a lot of control to prevent himself from laughing out loud.

From the looks of it, Mr. Huo cares about Yaoyao a lot.

“Gege~ I don’t want to leave~ Can you bear to see me leave?”

Song Yaoyao gently tugged on the corner of his shirt, her lips so pouted that she could hang something from it. Grunting like a little creature, she added, “Also, if I go home, I’m going to be bullied. Mrs. Song dislikes me so much that it’s unclear whether she may get physical and hit me.”

“Huhuhu…” Her cheeks were puffed and her eyes were teary. “Look at how skinny I am. I will definitely be no match for her. Will she beat me to death?”

Cough cough cough—

Huo Ningxi was speechless. He held onto his chin which was about to drop in surprise and rolled his eyes.

Listen to that, the brat’s not acting like a human again.

This time, she even set up her own mother!

“What did you say? When have I ever hit you?” Zhou Manli glared at her. This time, she had really lost her mind.

If Song Yaoyao accused her of emotional abuse, that may be true. But getting physically violent and actually hitting her? She hadn’t laid her hand on even a single finger of hers.

However, she had no idea that emotional abuse was sometimes harder to accept than violence.

One was physical, the other was mental.

“Mr. Huo, don’t listen to her nonsense. I really didn’t do anything…”

Zhou Manli glared at Song Yaoyao secretly and warned her that enough was enough.

Song Yaoyao cried even louder when she heard these words, “Huhuhu, Gege! Look, she’s still glaring at me!”

She buried her head into Huo Yunque’s arms, tightly holding his waist with her small hands, and refused to let go, secretly copping a feel while she cried.

Huo Yunque’s face remained calm. His palm slowly fell on the back of her neck, and he squeezed it in warning.

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips, received the signal, and didn’t dare to move.

She obediently lay in his arms and touched him again rebelliously.

Wow, Gege is in really good shape. Even through his shirt, I can feel the contours of his muscles…

Hm, I wonder when I’ll get the chance to see them with my own eyes.

In Huo Ningxi’s eyes, she looked completely shameless.

“Song Yaoyao! What girl is like that? Don’t you know that men and women should maintain a respectable distance? Hurry and stand properly!” Zhou Manli couldn’t resist anymore and stretched out her hand to pull Song Yaoyao away.

Song Rui frowned and took a glance at the abnormal Zhou Manli.

To be honest, he didn’t want to force Song Yaoyao to go home with him. In fact, even if she and Huo Yunque took things to the next step and slept with each other, he would actually be happy.

But what did Zhou Manli have planned?

“Mrs. Song…”

Before Zhou Manli’s hand reached Song Yaoyao, a big hand blocked her.

The man leaned against the sofa casually. Even though the girl had wrinkled up his shirt, it did not take away from his restrained and proud temperament.

“As an outsider, I have no right to evaluate whether you are a good mother. But I must say, a child would not dislike their mother to this point if she was actually good to her, right?”

The man smirked as he glanced at her.

In an instant, overwhelming pressure crushed down on her. Zhou Manli’s knees felt weak and the hairs on her back stood on end.