Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 121

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:19 PM

Chapter 121: Don’t Make Things Difficult For Me

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Chapter 121: Don’t Make Things Difficult For Me

He smashed his fist against the other party’s face, again and again, until they realized what was happening and pushed him away with ease.

Numerous fists and feet fell upon his body. An Feiran curled into a ball in pain.

He looked through the gaps in the crowd and saw the beautiful and graceful girl giving him a benevolent look.

She then said in a chilling voice, “That’s about enough. Fighting is not allowed in Class 3-1. Don’t make things difficult for me.”

She was half whining and half annoyed.


That’s right, she was the class president.

An Feiran was surprised. Don’t make things difficult for her?

Those words were so ironic.

“Hey, Brother Xun, have you heard?”

“Get lost…”

Shen Xun lay on his desk, trying to catch up on sleep. His voice was raspy, and he was in a bad mood.

Han Jun was used to this. “The boys in the first class are fighting!” he said excitedly. “Don’t they always claim to be the pride of Liyang, and aren’t they supposed to be good students? Tsk, tsk, tsk, they’re actually fighting.”

He was eloquent and exhilarated.

Meanwhile, Song Yaoyao was leaning forward on her desk, answering some questions while Tang Xinrou sat beside her scratching her head. She had been held back by a question for half an hour.

No one responded to Han Jun, but he didn’t mind.

“From the looks of it, I think our class is more harmonious.”

Han Jun sighed as he rubbed his chin.

Tang Xinrou rolled her eyes. She couldn’t continue listening to this. “Do you really think our class is that harmonious? They’re simply afraid.”

Ever since a few days ago, the annoying guy in the back had been attending class on time.

With him around, no one dared to disturb his sleep. It wasn’t like they had a death wish.

Of course, the big boss beside her was an exception.

“Ahem…” Han Jun thought carefully. “That’s true.”

Tang Xinrou shook her head. This guy was beyond saving.

“Sigh, aren’t you guys curious why they’re fighting?” Han Jun scratched his head in confusion.

Song Yaoyao couldn’t help but turn around. “Classmate, is your paper too easy?” she asked curiously.

Was that why he had the time to gossip?


Shen Xun rubbed his numb face and patted Han Jun on the cheek. In a gentle voice, he asked, “Do you know what you resemble right now?”

“Huh? What?”

Shen Xun sneered and squeezed three words out of his lips, “A nosy housewife…”

“Woah, Brother Xun, that’s too much. I simply wanted to share my happiness with you. Don’t you guys feel happy hearing this?”

Tang Xinrou: “Sorry, no.”

Shen Xun: “Ha.”

Song Yaoyao didn’t think it was nice to completely dismiss him. Holding onto her pen, she turned her head and gave a perfunctory laugh.


Han Jun’s goosebumps faded away. He was speechless. “Forget it. Stop laughing.”

It was too fake.


Just as he finished speaking, there was a slap on the back of his head.

“Ow! Brother Xun! Why did you hit me?”

Shen Xun smiled slightly. “Is that how you talk to my Big Bro?”

Han Jun’s face met the desk and he pouted his lips. “…”

He must have had a death wish again. Great.

Meanwhile, Wang Zhongyun’s mood improved a lot recently because the learning environment inside the third class had changed.

These days, everyone was quiet during class and they no longer chatted and made a commotion.

He was proud of them.

“Okay, class dismissed.”

He looked at the students in the classroom in a fatherly manner. “The mid-semester exams are next week. I hope you will all try your best to escape the fate of last place.”