Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 123

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:14 PM

Chapter 123: You’re Not Worthy Of Making My Hand Hurt

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Song Yaoyao smashed a stone ruthlessly on the boy’s hand as her dark and moist eyelashes curled upwards slightly.

“You better not let me get away.”

A pitiful cry filled the air.

Students in the vicinity covered their mouths. This scene made them speechless.

Song Yaoyao looked like such a delicate girl, yet she was so fierce!

An Feiran opened his mouth and his eyes lit up.

Was this for real?

Tang Xinrou shook her hands dry as she walked out of the bathroom. When she saw the scene in front of her, she was shocked. With a scream, she rushed over to Song Yaoyao and hugged her. “What’s wrong, Precious? Who bullied you? F*ck, who bullied my Precious? Step forward now!” she said as she wiped Song Yaoyao’s wet cheeks.

The boy’s accomplices were busy calling the ambulance. When they heard Tang Xinrou’s voice, they immediately dropped their phone on the ground.

“Are you blind? Can’t you see who’s lying on the floor? I wonder who’s the bully!”

Tang Xinrou blinked casually. When she saw the red on the boy’s head, she pouted her lips. “My Yaoyao would never bully someone first.”

Song Yaoyao sniffed as she leaned into Tang Xinrou’s arms and pointed in an aggrieved manner.

“He ran into me, yet he scolded me!”

“F*ck! That’s too much!”

This could not be tolerated!

Her Yaoyao was such a good person. How could she bully someone?

“You deserved it! Precious, does your hand hurt? Let’s visit the nurse’s office and see if you have any injuries from the fall.” Tang Xinrou’s heart ached as she rubbed Song Yaoyao’s hand.

“It doesn’t hurt”— Song Yaoyao pouted—”I hit him with a stone. He wasn’t worthy of hurting my hand.”

My good girl has smartened up.

Tang Xinrou’s eyes sparkled. “Well done! Don’t be scared. I’ll protect you. You aren’t wrong so you have no reason to be scared!”

Everyone was shocked by these words. Could they do this?

Wasn’t she exaggerating? The person lying on the floor wasn’t even crying, yet Song Yaoyao was bawling her eyes out.

“Song Yaoyao, this isn’t over!”

“You crazy b*tch!”

The boy held onto his head as his friends helped him up.

One of his hands was drooping and his fingertips were trembling; it was either fractured or sprained.

Song Yaoyao couldn’t help throwing a kick at the boy.

“Okay! I don’t want it to be over either!” Song Yaoyao glared at him with her teary eyes. How dare this guy not apologize to her.

It was clear to see how badly Song Yaoyao had been bullied in the past.

“Precious, it’s okay now, let’s calm down.” Tang Xinrou hugged Song Yaoyao and tried to calm her down.

She was a little regretful. If she had known earlier, she would have held back her need to use the toilet.

Song Yaoyao humphed and pulled out her phone.

Tang Xinrou was surprised. “Yaoyao, what are you doing?”

“Telling Shen Xun to come down.”

Song Yaoyao’s voice was nasally. Filled with anger, she said fiercely, “This isn’t over!”

This was the moment she had been waiting for.

It was fine that she was afraid of hurting her hand, she still had her little underling!


Tang Xinrou looked down and almost fainted. Lowering her voice, she said, “Precious, why don’t we just leave it. If you call Shen Xun here, he’s going to kill them!”

Although the punk had settled down a little in recent days, he was famous for fighting without holding back. He was completely ruthless.

If he came down, these idiots would probably lose their lives.

“Hahaha, are you calling Shen Xun?”

“It wouldn’t be the Shen Xun that we know, right? You can call him? Stop acting, Song Yaoyao,” the boy said fiercely as he held his head. “I will remember this grudge. You just wait!”