Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 124

Published at 5th of April 2021 02:55:17 PM

Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Boys In The Third Class, Come With Me

Tang Xinrou glared at him with frustration as she called his name for the first time.

“Yan Ruoyang, shut up! You talk so much. In a minute, even the gods won’t be able to save you…”

“Phwoar, what a big call…”

Yan Ruoyang held his head and grinned. “I’ll be waiting.”

Just as his arrogant voice fell, a lazy, raspy, and clearly amused voice sounded from Song Yaoyao’s phone, “Hello? Big Bro, didn’t you go to the bathroom with Tang Xinrou? Did she fall into the toilet so—”

“F*ck, Shen Xun! You’re the one that fell into a toilet. Your entire family fell into a toilet!” Tang Xinrou rolled her eyes and stomped her feet in anger as she roared into the phone.

“Tch…” Shen Xun rubbed his face. “What a sarcastic tone.”

Tang Xinrou gritted her teeth. “Shen Xun, you just wait.”

“I don’t want to talk to you. I want to talk to my Big Bro. Song Yaoyao, what’s wrong?”

“Your time to be useful has finally come. Yaoyao’s being bullied. Hurry down here.”

Tang Xinrou was in a bad mood so she was not showing Yan Ruoyang any mercy.

Song Yaoyao sniffed. “I’ll give you one minute.”

After she was done talking, she immediately hung up.

Yan Ruoyang opened his mouth. He wanted to laugh, but nothing came out. “Ha…haha, was I hearing things? That voice…”

“Yan Ruoyang, that really sounded like Shen Xun…”

His iconic tone was rough and bad, without any decency. If it wasn’t Shen Xun, who else could it be?

Yan Ruoyang’s legs felt weak. If someone wasn’t holding onto him, he would have fallen on the floor.

He took a breath. So many people were watching. If he admitted that he was scared, then he would be treated as a joke. He ground his teeth and glared at the friend beside him. “Where’s the ambulance? Why isn’t it here yet?”

Also, had the teachers run off to eat sh*t? Why were they nowhere to be seen?

“Why don’t we take you to the nurse’s office to get bandaged.”

Song Yaoyao was well aware of the situation. She was not going to push him to his death. But a bit of blood on the head could not be avoided.

“Hey, you’re not scared, are you? I wonder who said our Yaoyao was acting.” Tang Xinrou crossed her arms with a smirk.

The surrounding students looked at each other. They were a little scared.

“Scared? As if!” Yan Ruoyang said stubbornly.

Upstairs, Class 3-3.

Shen Xun put down his phone and walked to the front of the room roguishly.

He still had an injury on his tough face and there was hostility in his eyes.

As he picked up the chalkboard erasers, he clapped them together twice.

“Boys in the third class, come with me. Let’s have some fun.”

Before his voice even fell, he shoved his hands in his pockets and headed outside.

“Brother Xun! Wait for me!”

Han Jun quickly followed, but he was held back by someone.

“F*ck, Han Jun, what does Brother Xun mean? Are we heading into a fight??”

“Stop wasting your breath! Why aren’t you following? It’s not easy for our class to produce a good student, yet she’s being bullied. How can we tolerate that?” He grabbed his head, brushed away the hand holding him, and headed out the door, leaving the students of Class 3-3 staring in shock.


“Who’s acting so brazenly?”

“How can someone bully Yaoyao when she’s so cute? I’m going to smash their heads in!”

“It’s not easy for our class to produce a good student. By bullying Song Yaoyao, they are bullying our entire class!”

“Let’s go! Let’s get him!”

A moment later, all the boys and girls picked up the classroom’s brooms, mops, and even the chalkboard erasers and stormed out.

Left behind were just a few students who were good friends with Xu Yue, and who didn’t like Song Yaoyao.