Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 125

Published at 1st of April 2021 03:00:05 PM

Chapter 125: 125

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“Xu Yue, what do we do?”

“Should we help? Everyone seems to be going…”

Xu Yue stood up and sneered, “Help? She wishes! Let’s go watch the show!”

She still remembered the grudge from last time. If Song Yaoyao wasn’t so focused on studying, leaving her with no opportunity to strike, she would have already gotten her revenge.

The current situation was great. She was going to see how badly Song Yaoyao was being bullied!

As the third class rushed outside, the school bell rang. There were 4 classes on the same floor. Just as the students were about to enter their classrooms, they felt a gust of wind, and a few of them were knocked aside.

“F*ck, the third class has gone crazy.”

A boy that had been knocked against the wall, stared at them as they ran past with their brooms and chalkboard erasers. They were valiant, brave, and looked furious. It looked like they were ready to rebel!

The 20-30 students from the Third Class, rushed downstairs with the same motive. They were as shocking as an earthquake; even those sitting inside the classroom could feel the floor tremble.

Downstairs, outside the bathrooms.

When they heard the school bell, some people left reluctantly, while others bravely stayed to watch the show.

Tang Xinrou protected Song Yaoyao behind her as she watched Yan Ruoyang being carried, ready to go to the nurse’s office.

At that moment, someone suddenly screamed, “Run! The Director of Teaching is here!”

“Don’t you know it’s time for class? Why are you all standing here? I heard someone’s fighting? Who is it? Step forward!”

A serious and mean-looking woman wearing a black suit and black-framed glasses approached. Her stern eyes scanned back and forth as she strode toward them.

Yan Ruoyang happily breathed a sigh of relief.

“Miss, she hit m—”

“Miss, I hit him.”

Two voices sounded at the same time.

When he realized what had happened, Yan Ruoyang revealed a murderous gaze. “An Feiran, do you know what you’re f*cken saying?”

An Feiran’s eyes darted. He pursed his lips and clenched his fists. He was clearly weak and skinny, but he puffed up his chest and acted fearlessly.

He repeated himself, “Miss Gong, I hit him. I am willing to accept punishment.”

Yan Ruoyang almost fainted from anger.

Next to him stood two average-looking boys. One of them, a boy called Liu Peng, retorted, “Miss, don’t listen to him. Song Yaoyao was the one that hit Yan Ruoyang’s head! It was her—”

As soon as Liu Peng pointed, Song Yaoyao poked out her head from behind Tang Xinrou.

Gong Wei adjusted her glasses. She narrowed her eyes, looked at the sobbing Song Yaoyao whose eyelashes were moist, and scoffed.

“Are you trying to make excuses for bullying a girl? How could she make your head bleed? If she really managed to do that, then you should really question whether you’re too useless.”


The three boys witnessing the scene almost coughed up blood in anger.

Didn’t people believe the truth these days?

“Miss Gong, it was really her!” Yan Ruoyang didn’t bleed to death, but he was about to die from anger.

“Miss, they’re lying. I did it. It was an accident,” An Feiran said firmly as he stared straight into Gong Wei’s eyes.

He had injuries on his face, so these words sounded more convincing coming from him.

At least, it was more convincing than a petite little girl who was bawling her eyes out.

“Take him to the nurse’s office first. Everyone else, come with me,” Gong Wei said in a strict manner.


Yan Ruoyang gritted his teeth and glared at An Feiran.

An Feiran avoided his gaze but he insisted that he had done it.