Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 127

Published at 5th of April 2021 02:55:13 PM

Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Big Bro, Who Should We Hit?

The crowd paused. But before Gong Wei had the time to breathe a sigh of relief, a new lesson had started.




A quivering hand stretched out, asking for help. But the next second, it was dragged back again.

“Owww, mercy!”

“I won’t do it again. I wouldn’t dare! Ow, it hurts…”

Yan Ruoyang regretted not fainting. He was dizzy and he was in a bad state, but he was not at the stage of unconsciousness.


He swallowed and started crawling away weakly while no one noticed.


An amused voice sounded behind him. Yan Ruoyang’s back went stiff as someone grabbed his collar and pulled him off the ground.

“Were you the one who took the lead in bullying my Big Bro?”

“Brother Xun…”

Yan Ruoyang wanted to cry, but he had no tears as he turned around and trembled. As soon as he turned around, he saw the beautiful girl with a delicate face standing there with her hands in her pockets.

He wanted to die. If he knew Song Yaoyao was so powerful, he would have never dared to bully her.

“It wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me!” his hands trembled as he tried to throw the blame on the two boys who were still being beaten up in the crowd. “They started it…”

“Oh? Really?”

Shen Xun smirked. Suddenly, his fist flew toward the boy’s face.

Bang! One could faintly hear the crisp sound of bones.


Yan Ruoyang fell on the ground helplessly as he widened his eyes in fear. “Brother Xun…”

“My Big Bro doesn’t cause trouble for no reason. That means, she will only hit someone who’s offended her. Understood?”

He leaned over and patted Yan Ruoyang on the shoulder politely. But while Yan Ruoyang was still trembling, he punched him again.

“Another hit for lying.”

He lifted his fist high, causing Yan Ruoyang to hold his head in fear. He broke down in tears. “Huhuhu, I was wrong Brother Xun! I wouldn’t dare to do it again! I’m trash. Please spare me!”


Shen Xun let go and the corner of his lips twitched. “You’re so fragile that I’m afraid I might beat you to death.”

Yan Ruoyang: “Huhuhuhu…”

Should he be happy?

At that moment, Shen Xun gave him another kick. “Do you think an apology is enough for offending my Big Bro. Hand over some money. Quickly!”

As soon as she heard this, Song Yaoyao’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “That’s right! Money!”

She pulled out her phone naturally, brought up her QR code, and handed it to Yan Ruoyang. “Alipay or WeChat? QQ is also fine.”

Yan Ruoyang lifted his head with tears in his eye and looked into the girl’s excited gaze. “…”

“Once I receive the money, I guarantee Shen Xun won’t bother you again,” Song Yaoyao negotiated as she crouched down. “If you give me more, I can even consider protecting you.”

Yan Ruoyang: haha.

With a depressed expression, he pulled out his phone. But he was trembling so much that he struggled to unlock his phone.


Shen Xun kicked him out of frustration.


Yan Ruoyang immediately unlocked the phone and completed the transfer within a minute.


[You have received a transfer of 50,000 yuan]


Song Yaoyao blinked in surprise as she held onto her phone and ordered, “That’s enough. Tell them to stop. I forgive them.”

“Enough. Stop.”

Shen Xun yawned. “We’re all schoolmates. Let’s leave them with a bit of pride.”

The heavily breathing group of students finally stopped. Two boys who were huddled up in the corner sobbing, put down their arms, revealing their swollen faces.

Pride? What was pride?

Was there any use for pride?