Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 128

Published at 5th of April 2021 02:55:11 PM

Chapter 128

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Gong Wei lifted her hand and held down her twitching lips. She took a deep breath but couldn’t hold back in the end.

“Are you treating me like I’m dead? Come with me to the disciplinary office!” she roared at Shen Xun and the others.

They were all so arrogant; she had to control them before it got too late.

Song Yaoyao was satisfied. She patted Yan Ruoyang on the shoulder. “Fate brought us together, so we are friends from now on.”

Every time she patted him, Yan Ruoyang trembled.

“N-no need! As long as you’re happy. We don’t have to be friends…”

“Huh? What did you say?” Shen Xun narrowed his eyes and his throat twitched. “It is your honor that my Big Bro is willing to be your friend. How dare you reject her?”

“Shen Xun!”

Song Yaoyao glared at him. “Don’t be so fierce. You’ll scare people!”

She crouched on the ground, resting her head on her hands with an innocent expression as she smiled sweetly. “Don’t be scared. I won’t let him bully you.”

Yan Ruoyang wanted to run away. In fact, he wanted to just change schools.

Did she have selective memory loss? Did she forget that she was the one that called Shen Xun downstairs?! Did she forget who had smashed his head?!


“Stop! You…” Gong Wei pointed at Yan Ruoyang. She really thought he was quite pitiful. “Take him to the nurse’s office first. Everyone else, follow me! Don’t try to run away. The school has surveillance cameras. Your family didn’t send you here to fight! You guys went too far!”

They even ignored her completely.

Did they forget who she was? She was the Director of Teaching! Yet they fought in front of her. No, to be exact, they teamed up and beat their own schoolmates.

Were they rebelling?

“Miss, calm down, this wasn’t what I wanted either.”

Song Yaoyao blinked. She had already calmed down but her eyes and nose were still a little red. On the surface, she looked well-behaved and pitiful.

“It was bad enough that he bumped into me, but he didn’t apologize and he spoke rudely to me. That’s why I couldn’t resist…” She stuck out her tongue aggrievedly.

Gong Wei finally understood what it meant to not judge a book by its cover. The more well-behaved this girl looked, the fiercer she was when she lost her temper.

She shook her head, but when she looked at Song Yaoyao, she couldn’t seem to be angry.

How annoying!

“Even if that was the case, you didn’t have to be so ruthless. That’s enough, come with me to the disciplinary office. Call your parents and we will discuss what to do next!”

As a prestigious private high school, Liyang had never been as strict as other schools. Not only did they not have evening self-study sessions, but their students were also allowed to bring mobile phones.

Apart from the top class being a little stricter, they had practically given up on the other classes.

Especially Class 3-3, which was famously composed of children from influential families. Amongst these students, one of the leading characters was Shen Xun.

But now…

As Gong Wei walked, she couldn’t help but glance at Song Yaoyao.

The girl was gentle. She had her hands in her pockets as she followed behind without causing any trouble. In fact, she was extremely well-behaved.

But this well-behaved girl wasn’t just fierce when she hit people, she was also good at convincing people.

Even the school bully, Shen Xun, obeyed her and led the entire class to avenge her.

At that very moment, the other students were being dragged back by their teachers, while the teachers without any classes were watching from the sides.

They had wanted to stop the fight too, but these students were too fierce. If they approached, they would have been hit as well.

The students from the third class who had been involved in the fight followed behind Gong Wei. At that moment, Gong Wei approached three girls and stopped in front of them curiously, “Which class are you girls from?”