Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: 130

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It took Wang Mingjiang a lot of effort to accept this unbelievable truth.

Little Song Yaoyao was Shen Xun’s Big Bro?


He was certainly getting old and falling behind with the trends.

Why was this little miss a Big Bro?

Gong Wei could tell that the principal was getting distracted, so she reminded him, “Principal, you haven’t told me what to do yet.”

“Oh, yes, what do you think?”

Wang Mingjiang knocked on his head and snapped out of his daze.

“I think we should call their parents in for a chat,” Gong Wei replied. “There’s also a student that isn’t here. He is getting bandaged at the nurse’s office. I reckon he will have to get an x-ray at the hospital later.”

“OK, let’s just call their parents… Wait! What did you say?! X-ray?!”

Wang Mingjiang suddenly exploded, “Isn’t the most seriously injured already here? Why do we need an x-ray?”

These students appeared seriously injured, but they were just surface injuries. It didn’t look like any muscles or bones were damaged.

Gong Wei looked at him sympathetically. All this anger was probably giving the principal dementia.

“No, there’s one more student who received a head injury…”

Wang Mingjiang stumbled and trembled as he pulled out some medicine for his rapid heartbeat.

With the pill in his mouth, he roared, “Who did it?!”

Rather than studying, they were injuring their schoolmates!

In front of him, a gentle little hand lifted.

The girl blinked her eyes innocently. “Principal, that was also me…”


Shen Xun turned his head and pretended to look outside as he lifted his fist to his lips to hide his smile.

“Why is it you again…?” Wang Mingjiang gritted his teeth as he tried to sound friendly, warm, and not so frightening. He smiled slightly and looked at Song Yaoyao. “Little miss, have you been threatened? If Shen Xun forced you to take the blame, you can tell me. Don’t be scared. I will help you.”

Song Yaoyao scratched her head, “Oh?”

What was wrong with these people?

Why didn’t they believe her? She did all the bad things~ She was the instigator.

The entire third class fell silent.

Tang Xinrou lowered her head and her shoulders shook as she tried to hold back her laughter.

Han Jun patted Shen Xun on the back sympathetically.

Shen Xun smirked. “…”

“Principal, that’s right, I did it. I hit him.”

Wang Mingjiang breathed a sigh of relief. “I knew it! How could someone with good results lead a fight? You guys…”—he raised his hand and yelled—”Call your parents!!”

The group quietly contacted their parents. There were so many of them that the office couldn’t possibly hold all of them.

Thus, the teachers were treated to an amusing scene.

A bunch of students kneeled in the corridor like a row of winter radish. It was a shocking scene.

Song Yaoyao slowly pulled out her phone and looked at Wang Mingjiang. “Principal, should I call my parents too?”

Wang Mingjiang was silent for a moment. “Yes, call them…”


Song Yaoyao ran to the corner to make a call.

But she ended up calling the Huo Manor.

She wanted to call Huo Yunque, but she realized she didn’t have her Gege’s phone number.

Hmph, how annoying!

“Hello, Huo Manor. May I ask who’s speaking?”

“It’s Song Yaoyao, is Gege at home? I want…”

“Sorry, the person you’re looking for is not here. You may have called the wrong number.”

The woman quickly hung up after she was done speaking.

Song Yaoyao gripped her phone and narrowed her eyes as a threatening look appeared in her gaze.

How dare she deliberately hang up on her?