Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 133

Published at 5th of April 2021 02:55:05 PM

Chapter 133: 133

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“Who did it?! Who did this to my son?!”

Liu Peng’s mother held onto her son and broke down in tears. She was furious.

Her son was swollen like a pig, and she almost couldn’t recognize him.

“Huhuhuhu!” Liu Peng buried himself in his mother’s embrace and cried. “You need to get justice for me! They hit me so badly, huhuhu…”

“Don’t worry, baby, I will definitely get justice for you!” Mother Liu took a deep breath and looked at Wang Mingjiang with displeasure. “Principal Wang, you need to give me an explanation for this. I didn’t leave my son with you so he could be used as a human punching bag! I’m not going to let go of this matter easily!”

“Oh, Mrs. Liu, no need to get so worked up!”

Wang Mingjiang held onto his teacup and said, “Who hit him? Step forward.”

Rustle rustle rustle— 

Mother Liu was shocked. Father Deng was shocked.

All the parents who had arrived were also shocked.

Apart from Xu Yue and her friends, 30 out of 36 students from Class 3-3 stepped forward.

But they didn’t look like they were admitting to their faults. They looked more like they were ready to pull up their sleeves and beat up Mother Liu and Father Deng.


“Cough, cough, cough…”

“What’s this all about?! Did you all hit him? Why?”

The parents were all successful in their own right, and they were relatively cultured, so they couldn’t just scold the kids without clarifying the situation.

They had to ask the cause.

Everyone looked at each other.

They looked as calm as calm could be. “Don’t blame us. They were the ones that hit us first!”

“Exactly! Did they think we were easy to bully?”

“Does the first class think they’re all that just because they have good results? Our class also has a top student! If you bully her, then you are bullying all of us!”

Oh gosh. As the parents listened to them argue, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

They didn’t send their kids here, expecting them to necessarily achieve anything. They were quite easy-going. After all, if they wanted to be serious, they would have already sent them overseas or to the first class.

As they observed how united the third class was, someone actually burst into laughter.

“That’s great, unity is strength!”


Gong Wei was speechless. What was wrong with these parents? The victims were still crying. How could they laugh? Wasn’t it inappropriate?

“I hope you can all be more serious. This is an important matter that has a huge impact on Liyang. Apart from these two students, there is also one more student who is seriously injured. He was hit in the head until he started bleeding and he has been sent to the hospital for a checkup.”

After he said this, everyone fell silent.

“What was the reason? There must be a reason for this.”

“This…” Wang Mingjiang’s head was a mess. “You, Miss Song, you explain it.”

Tang Xinrou protected Song Yaoyao, unhappy with what she heard. “Our Yaoyao is timid! There are so many of you. What if you scare her?” she pouted. “Besides, what is there to explain. We fought because we wanted to~”


Shen Xun accidentally let out a laugh.

He nodded, lazily closed his eyelids, and sleepily leaned back.

“Yes, I didn’t like them so I hit them.”

The students were full of vigor. Since their boss had spoken, they naturally had nothing to fear.

“I can’t stand how the first class acts like they’re all that!”

“Do I need a reason to hit someone?”

Gong Wei: “Don’t you??”

What kind of strange logic was this?