Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 134

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:07 PM

Chapter 134: The Third Class Are All Useless Trash!

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Before she finished speaking, Mother Liu’s sharp voice sounded. She held onto her son and said in a threatening yet cowardly manner, “Just because my son’s results are good, you envied him and hit him? I don’t care if you want to be useless trash! But why must you bully others? Do you think the Liu Family are pushovers?!”

Because she was upset about her son, she did not think before she spoke.

After she spoke, even Father Deng whose son was also beaten didn’t have any helpful words to add.

Shen Xun pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek, grinning with disdain. “Auntie, you can eat sh*t, but don’t talk sh*t. Understood? Who are you calling trash? Huh?”

He cupped his ears, and his bloodshot eyes made him look fierce.

“Oh, you… You hit someone yet you dare to glare at me?” Mother Liu was shocked by this unexpected gaze. Coldness spread upward from her feet as she pointed at Shen Xun. “So what if I called you trash? Isn’t that the truth? You’re hanging to last place every year! Am I wrong?”

“Wow, okay…”

Tang Xinrou sneered as she clapped in amusement. “You’re brave, Auntie. Even if someone like your son offers to sweep our floors, we wouldn’t hire him. Look at him, does he want to drink milk at his age? Otherwise, why is he burying himself into his mother’s embrace like that?”

“You… As a girl, don’t you think your words are too repulsive? Do you have any manners?”

“It’s none of your concern whether my niece has any manners. You should worry about yourself first. If you are lacking in money, just let me know, I don’t mind signing your son up to an adult etiquette class. I’ll think of it as charity…”

“Small Auntie!!” Tang Xinrou’s eyes lit up.

In the cold weather, the woman slowly approached from the stairs, swaying as she walked charmingly.

She had a pure white mink coat on her shoulders and her tight dress outlined her curvaceous figure. She had a pair of 7cm high heels, and her legs crossed as she walked like she was on a runway. Her presence was demanding.

Mother Liu was rendered speechless.

Song Yaoyao stood behind Tang Xinrou and looked at the students of Class 3-3. They had lowered their heads when Mother Liu called them trash, and they were in a depressed mood.

As students, how could they possibly not care about their results?

However, some of them had limited talent, and some found it was too late to catch up.

It was like walking into a dead end and going around in circles. Besides, their parents spoiled them and the teachers didn’t question them. So they simply enjoyed their days and lived each day in a carefree manner.

The truth was, they also wanted to do well and have their parents feel proud of them!

Regardless, any parent that heard their child being humiliated like this would feel angry.

Even Wang Mingjiang furrowed his brows and felt that Mother Liu had gone too far.

“What do you mean, Liu Chunhua? How can new money act so arrogant? So what if my son’s results aren’t good? I have money! Even if he takes our money to play around every day, we can afford it! What right do you have to call my son trash?”

“Well said! If your son is so impressive, can I ask what rank he got in the exams?”

“If he didn’t rank first, what right do you have to ridicule my son?”

“Based on this fact, I think the kids fought well today! If they go to the hospital, we will pay. If you want to sue us, we are ready to take you on!”

“I agree!”