Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 135

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:04 PM

Chapter 135: Are You Brave Enough To Make A Bet?

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Chapter 135: Are You Brave Enough To Make A Bet?


The parents were fierce as they stared at Mother Liu in an unfriendly manner, almost spluttering all over her face.

“Great…like parent, like child. No wonder your kids are like that!” Mother Liu swallowed and pulled Wang Mingjiang to the front. “Principal Wang, what do you think? Don’t you think the victim and the perpetrator have swapped positions?”

“Oh, everyone calm down.”

Wang Mingjiang waved his hands downward to ease the situation. “The kids are still young and impulsive. As parents, we should provide them with guidance. But Mrs. Liu, your words were honestly too harsh. This was a disagreement among the kids. As an adult, you shouldn’t humiliate a child and hurt their self-esteem with words like that!”

Mother Liu actually felt a little frightened. She had spoken out of impulse and immediately felt regretful.

But she was too prideful to apologize in front of everyone.

In the end, she decided to suffer for the sake of pride. “I didn’t say anything wrong,” she said quietly.

Besides, it was true that they were trash that ranked first from the back every single year. In the future, they would only be scourge on society. Couldn’t everyone see how they had beaten up her son?

“How dare you! Do you want me to slap you dead?!” A woman couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled up her sleeves to hit her. But she was quickly held back.

The atmosphere was tense as they both held on, refusing to buckle. At that moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

“I would like to ask this Auntie what kind of result is not considered as trash.”

As soon as she appeared, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

As countless eyes scanned the girl up and down, her small body stood upright, without showing any timidity. Her eyes curved, and when she spoke, she had the perfect amount of sweetness. She was extremely adorable.

Mother Liu thought for a moment. “A result that’s, at least, better than my son’s.”


Everyone’s gaze immediately turned back to her, causing her to shrink back in fear.

Song Yaoyao nodded. “That easy?”

She placed her hands in her pockets. “Are you brave enough to make a bet with me?”

Mother Liu was surprised. “What do you want to bet?”

Song Yaoyao parted her lips. “In the upcoming end-of-semester exam, if the entire third class ranks higher than your son, you will have to admit in front of all the parents that your son is trash, and that your whole family is trash. What do you say?”


Tang Xinrou was gobsmacked. Precious Yaoyao, you’re too brave!

Mother Liu didn’t know what to say.

“What? Are you afraid?” Song Yaoyao laughed as a trace of smugness appeared on her beautiful face. “I admit that the third class ranks first from the back, but you don’t even have the guts to bet with us. From what I see, you guys are…”

She paused, lifted her thumb, and faced it to the ground.

Her face was adorable, but her words were ruthless.


The entire area fell so silent that one could hear a pin drop. At that moment, a gust of wind blew past.

The students from the third class looked at Song Yaoyao who was standing in the crowd. In her, they could see the arrogance, the recklessness, and the youthful vigor that belonged to them.

It made one’s heart pause and fill with impulse.

Shen Xun tilted his head and laughed with disdain. “Let’s make a bet. I’m not afraid.”

“That’s right! If you’re brave enough, let’s make a bet! The third class is ready to accept it!”

“If our results are bad, I’ll admit to being trash! But if we succeed, we will hit your son every time we see him! The reason being that we can’t stand looking at trash!”