Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 136

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:02 PM

Chapter 136: No Bet? No Problem. We Will Beat You Until You Change Schools.

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As the teenagers spoke, their eyes sparkled. Different from their depressed state earlier, they were now passionate and energetic.

The parents looked at each other, their eyes flashed with pride.

Wang Mingjiang was stunned. He didn’t expect this result.

“So? Are you brave enough to make a bet?”

Song Yaoyao raised her eyes and looked directly at Mother Liu, “Or, are you afraid…?”

Her dimples sunk deep into her cheeks as she tilted her head. “If you’re afraid, you can apologize to me right now. Otherwise, you may have to help this student organize his transfer papers; he’s going to be beaten until he becomes a hermit.”


It wasn’t clear which parent, but one of them couldn’t hold back their laughter.

The girl looked well-behaved and gentle, yet she spoke so arrogantly.

Wang Mingjiang’s eyelids twitched. He began to believe that she may actually be the instigator.

When she spoke, those devilish troublemakers stood behind her obediently without saying anything.

“This is a threat!”

“So what if it’s a threat?” Song Yaoyao pouted as she blinked innocently. “Who told us to be young and reckless? When faced with someone we don’t like, what else are we supposed to do apart from hitting them?”

“We could always keep him around until the new year and hang him up as decoration,” Shen Xun smirked with disdain.


In this short hour, Liu Peng felt like he had experienced a nightmare.

He buried himself in Mother Liu’s arms and cried, “Mom! Hurry and organize my transfer papers! I don’t want to stay in this school!”

“You can’t!”

Mother Liu gritted her teeth, unable to accept this. “Let’s make the bet then! I doubt that a bunch of lazy students would be able to improve their results so much in just a month!”


Song Yaoyao responded quickly, “It’s a deal. Oh, by the way…”

She pointed her finger across Xu Yue and her friends. “Those few aren’t participating. I don’t like them so I’m not going to teach them…”


A voice sounded from behind in ridicule, “You sure know how to talk big! Are you saying that you’re teaching these students?”

Without turning around, Song Yaoyao said confidently, “Yes, I’ll teach them.”

Song Jingwan stepped out of the academic building and headed for the disciplinary office.

All of a sudden, she was stopped in her tracks.

“Miss, hello, may I ask where the disciplinary office is?”

The man removed his hat and wiped the sweat on his forehead as he looked at her and smiled.

He was tall, he had sturdy muscles, and he was wearing a shirt and trousers. His appearance was poor and even the shoes on his feet had holes in them.

Song Jingwan was slightly disgusted. She took a couple of steps back, but her voice remained as gentle as ever, “Over there. I happen to be going there too. Let’s go together.”

An Jun noticed the girl’s disgust, but he didn’t mind as he smiled. He understood that he looked quite dirty and disheveled. After all, he hurried out of the construction site without getting changed. It was normal for a girl of her age to be disgusted.

“I’ll have to trouble you then. Thank you, young miss,” he said politely.

His Mandarin was accurate and his voice was pleasant. If he dressed up a little, he could be considered a handsome middle-aged man.

Unfortunately, he was too poor.

“No trouble at all.”

Song Jingwan led the way coldly as she replied in a casual manner.

Is this my son’s new school? It looks decent.