Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 137

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:01 PM

Chapter 137: I Want To Take Her Away

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Chapter 137: I Want To Take Her Away

As he walked, he asked curiously, “Young lady, do you know a student called An Feiran? He’s in the first class and he has really good results.”

“I do know an An Feiran, but I’m not sure if he is the one you’re looking for,” Song Jingwan said with a smile. “In our class, he is ranked last.”

“What? That’s impossible…”

An Jun furrowed his brows. “Feiran has always had good results. When he was overseas, he used to get straight As. Has he not adjusted to the teaching methods here?”

His voice was low, so Song Jingwan did not hear him as she distanced herself farther and farther. “Huh? What did you say?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” An Jun smiled as he walked faster.

“You sure talk big for someone that’s so small. What qualification do you have to teach them? Even the best teachers can’t guarantee that they have the ability to improve the results of the third class to the point where they can be on the same level as the first class. You’re quite brave.”

A middle-aged man approached with 6 bodyguards following behind him.

He had an imoposing appearance and felt extremely intimidating.

“Only time will tell. Don’t you think?”

Song Yaoyao’s eyes curved. When everyone else saw the man, their expressions immediately changed and they fell silent.

She was the only one that looked at him soft and harmlessly.

The colder the man looked, the brighter Song Yaoyao smiled.

“Were you the one that hit my son?”

Yan Zezheng narrowed his eyes and analyzed Song Yaoyao coldly.

“Who’s your son?” Song Yaoyao questioned. She then pointed at Liu Peng who was covered in tears and snot. “Him? You don’t look anything alike…”

“Young lady, you may be smart but you’re too delicate to mess with me.”

Yan Zezheng humphed and lifted his hand slightly. “Take her away.”

If something was to happen to his son, then she was not going to live.

“How dare you!” Shen Xun said with hostility in his eyes as he shielded Song Yaoyao. “Uncle Yan, this is a school. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to take away a female student?”

“Shen Xun, don’t interrupt!” Wang Mingjiang glared at him as he approached Yan Zezheng with a smile and stretched out his hand. “Mr. Yan, why are you here? My students are too young to understand. If you have something to say, you can discuss it with me. Don’t worry, I won’t be biased! But if you want to take this child away, that’s a bit unreasonable…”

“Unreasonable?” Yan Zezheng raised his eyebrows as he looked at him with disdain. “It seems like you’re bored of your position! In this place, I am the voice of reason!”

After he was done speaking, his gaze grew sharp. “Why are you all standing around? Hurry and take her away!”

“Mr. Yan, let’s talk this through… Ow!”

Wang Mingjiang rushed forward to stop them, but a bodyguard pushed him away.

He stumbled, took a few steps back, and fell on the ground.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“If you want to take her away, then you have to step over my body!” Shen Xun said as he stood in front of Song Yaoyao.

“Yan Ruoyang was the one that asked for it. Why should you take my Yaoyao away?!”

Tang Xinrou brushed her auntie’s hand away and went to protect Song Yaoyao as well.

In the end, the entire third class formed a human barrier, stopping the bodyguards from advancing forward.

“Mr. Yan?”

One of the bodyguards hesitated as he looked at Yan Zezheng.


Yan Zezheng removed his glasses and casually wiped it. He then said in a cold voice, “Are you sure you want to oppose me? Yang is my only son. He is currently lying in the hospital and his condition is unclear. It may sound harsh, but if I want to take a person with me, do you think these kids can stop me?”