Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 138

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:23:00 PM

Chapter 138: : Just Don’t Kill Him

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Chapter 138: Just Don’t Kill Him

The parents and guardians hesitated.

If high society was split into classes, the Yans were undoubtedly in the top class.

For those present, the power that the Yans held was incomparable. Moreover, they had a dark family history. Apparently, their ancestors were bandits, and even to this day, they still acted like bandits. When they wanted something, they would do all they could to get it.

Before all this happened, they had no idea that Song Yaoyao had hit Yan Zezheng’s only son!

As he took in all their gazes, Yan Zezheng couldn’t hide his feelings of contempt. “If you know what’s good for you, then you better move out of the way. Otherwise, if you get hit or knocked, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go get her!”

He pointed to the front in a domineering manner.

When the bodyguards received their order, they pushed An Feiran, who was standing in the front, onto the ground. The other parents panicked and rushed forward to protect their kids.

“Mom, let me go!”

“I don’t want to leave! What right does he have to take Song Yaoyao away? That b*st*rd!”

“Do you want to watch him torture Song Yaoyao? Dad, let me go!”

They were just kids, how could they stand up against trained bodyguards?

Shen Xun’s gaze turned cold as he initiated a battle with one of the bodyguards

Yan Zezheng laughed. “Have some fun with him. Just don’t kill him. It will be hard to explain it to his grandfather.”

Since he was bringing trouble upon himself, he didn’t mind teaching him a lesson.

Shen Xun was the school bully, but he was just 18. If he was up against one, then perhaps, he would be able to handle it. However, he was up against a group; it was too exhausting.

He looked at Tang Xinrou who was frozen in fear and yelled, “Song Yaoyao, why aren’t you f*cken running away?!”

“Oh yes, Yaoyao, let’s go!”

Tang Xinrou grabbed Song Yaoyao and got ready to run. Meanwhile, her auntie crossed her arms and leaned back against a wall as she observed the scene.

“Yaoyao, where are you going?”

Song Yaoyao broke free easily and grabbed the hair tie from Tang Xinrou’s hair. “Let me borrow this for a bit.”

She held her hair and retreated.

At the same time, she quickly tied it up.

As she got closer to the parents, they also stepped back.

All of a sudden—

The girl bounced on the spot and twisted her neck. The next second, she charged toward the men like a cannonball.



The sound of shattering bones and a body falling to the ground caused one to have goosebumps. Someone covered their eyes and slowly peeked between their fingers.

They were shocked.


Were they seeing things?

Out of 6 bodyguards, 5 were knocked down, and the remaining one gave up on fighting Shen Xun. Instead, he aimed for Song Yaoyao.

“Shen Xun, move!”

Song Yaoyao said fiercely in a nasally voice. If someone didn’t know, they would think she was crying in fear.

But Shen Xun crawled up off the ground, wiped the blood from his lips, and obediently moved out of the way with a slightly amused smile.

What kind of creature was Song Yaoyao?

The last bodyguard was clearly stronger than the rest. When he punched the ground, even the walls cracked apart. It made people tremble to watch him. If he hit this girl, wouldn’t it be a bloody scene?

Song Yaoyao got impatient after dodging a few moves, so she decided to face him head-on.

When the man’s fist came flying toward her, she clenched her own fist and met his without fear.

“Yaoyao, no!!” Tang Xinrou released tears of horror as she rushed toward her, but her auntie pulled her back.

Shen Xun’s smile froze.

For a moment, everyone felt as though their breaths had been stolen away. The scene in front of them was like a slow-motion sequence in a movie…