Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 140

Published at 9th of April 2021 11:22:55 PM

Chapter 140: : So What If I Bully You?

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Yan Zezheng was surprised, but he didn’t say anything as his eyes alternated between Song Yaoyao and Huo Yunque.

He tried to force a smile, but instead, he simply looked stiff and scared.

“I wonder what business you wanted to discuss.”

“It’s nothing much.”

Huo Yunque laughed with a lazy expression. “I just wanted to know how much one of your son’s arms and legs costs? And what about his life? How much does that cost?”

From beginning to end, his tone was casual like he was joking.

But his words caused one’s hairs to stand on end.

Yan Zezheng’s throat moved and anger appeared in his eyes. “Mr. Huo, what is the meaning of this? Even if you want to protect her, this isn’t the way! My son is the victim. I know the Huos are powerful and domineering, but my son is still lying in the hospital!”

Not only did he not provide an explanation, he even said such unbelievable words.

Could Huo Yunque act like a human?


Huo Yunque raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Yan, are you criticizing me?”

Yan Zezheng’s expression changed and he reluctantly lowered his head. “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh? You wouldn’t?” With the crying girl in his arms, the man’s gaze turned cold. “My child was wrong, but that doesn’t mean an outsider is allowed to teach her on my behalf. Mr. Yan, I shall remember what you did here today.”

He hugged Song Yaoyao and smiled slightly.

“By the way, the business we just discussed, if you change your mind in the future, you are always welcome to discuss it with me.”

Yan Zezheng’s temples twitched as his gaze turned dark.

As he looked at the back of Huo Yunque, he said in a deep voice, “Mr. Huo, don’t go too far! The Huos aren’t ones to offend, but if you force me into a corner, the results may not be pleasant!”

“Huh?” Huo Yunque smirked and turned his gaze slightly. “So what if I force you?”

From beginning to end, his tone was calm without any trace of anger.

But the more he was like this, the more intimidating he felt.

It was as though nothing in this world could make his emotions fluctuate. To him, Yan Zezheng was just a drop in the ocean that was not worth mentioning.

“Huo Yunque!!” Yan Zezheng roared.

How dare he?

How dare he act so arrogantly?

“This child has suffered a fright, so I will take her home. If this has caused any inconvenience, I will make it up to you all another day.”

After he was done talking, he nodded his head slightly and left with Song Yaoyao.

As soon as he left, the pressure looming above everyone’s heads immediately faded.

One person’s knees felt weak and they quickly grabbed onto the railings.

“My God, who would dare to ask Mr. Huo for an apology?”

Were they tired of living?

At that moment, everyone looked at the mess on the ground. The bodyguards were lying on the ground like mud. Before their fight started, no one expected this result.

They then looked at the lonely and pale-faced Yan Zezheng and felt slightly sympathetic of him.

The Yans were bad people. From their children’s mouths, they had heard how arrogant Yan Ruoyang usually was.

He took advantage of his family’s background and often bullied his classmates. So this time, it was good that he had met an obstacle.

But did this mean it was over for the Yans?

According to Mr. Huo’s words, it clearly sounded like he was protecting Song Yaoyao to the end, regardless of whether she was right or wrong.

Most importantly…

…the Huos remembered the Yans now.

Those that had business dealings with the Yans immediately decided to cancel all agreements once they got home.