Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: 141

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Chapter 141: Huo Yunque May Be Your Uncle-in-law

As the saying goes, the devil will always be one step ahead.

The more arrogant Yan Zezheng was earlier, the harder the face slap now.

Yan Zezheng put on his sunglasses and looked at everyone solemnly.

“A bunch of trash!”

He yelled at the bodyguards on the ground and started walking toward the stairs.

Song Jingwan, who had been ignored, blinked her eyes. When she saw Yan Zezheng leave, she quickly turned and followed him.

“Oh, I’m sorry for scaring you all.”

Wang Mingjiang recovered and held his hip. “Miss Gong, hurry and call the ambulance. Send these people all to the hospital.”

To be honest, he was quite refreshed by what he saw.


But as a teacher, he couldn’t show it.

“Brother Xun, are you OK?” Han Jun asked worriedly.

Han Jun never imagined that the Gege that Song Yaoyao longed for was actually the mysterious Mr. Huo! The man that only appeared in legends actually made an appearance because of Song Yaoyao.

He was just like a god who had willingly stepped down from heaven.

Han Jun had a complex mix of emotions. On one side, he was shocked by the man’s presence and he worshipped him. On the other side, Mr. Huo was technically his Brother Xun’s love rival.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Shen Xun pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek and hissed in pain. He tugged his hair in frustration. “Let’s go.”‘

The star was no longer around. Why were they still here?

With Huo Yunque getting involved, the result was no longer important.

No matter what, they were not getting implicated.

“Oh, Brother Xun, if you want to cry, just cry. I know you must be feeling upset…”

Han Jun sighed and patted Shen Xun on the shoulder.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a slap on his head.


Shen Xun’s hostile eyes fell upon him and he sneered. “Jun’er, even if you don’t say anything, no one will think you’re mute. Understood?”

Han Jun said aggrievedly, “I’m simply worried about you.”

Sure, the man was his love rival. But Shen Xun wasn’t qualified to be Huo Yunque’s love rival.

Even though in Han Jun’s eyes, Shen Xun was quite handsome, the moment that Mr. Huo appeared, he finally understood what it meant to be a mature man.

He even forced Yan Zezheng to bow down with just a few words.

Most importantly, when had Song Yaoyao ever cried in his Brother Xun’s arms?!

A person that had never been the chosen one, was the most pitiful.

“Do I need you to worry about me? Get lost, stop blocking my way. I’m fine!”

He lifted his foot and threatened to kick Han Jun. As soon as the boy jumped away, his feet turned and he strode away


A woman with a fur coat and a sexy appearance rubbed her chin and sighed. “So this is Huo Yunque’s type. If I had tied pigtails and acted gently around him, Huo Yunque may be your uncle-in-law by now.”

Cough cough cough—

Tang Xinrou wiped her face and rolled her eyes. “Small Auntie, please be serious. Mr. Huo was never interested in you. Even if you had pigtails, he wouldn’t have been interested, OK?”

Xia Lao knocked Tang Xinrou on the head and crossed her arms. “Brat, are you looking down on me?”

Tang Xinrou covered her head and tears filled her eyes. “Small Auntie, if Uncle-in-law finds out about this, what will the result be?”

“Let’s see you try and tell him!”

Xia Lao’s hip hurt, and she said in an awkward manner, “I was just joking. Who hasn’t been young before. That’s all in the past now…”