Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 142

Published at 13th of April 2021 04:05:19 PM

Chapter 142

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“Small Auntie, let me repeat myself.”

Tang Xinrou waved her finger. “It’s not in the past because it never happened.”

She had briefly heard that when her auntie was young (around 18-19), she had a serious crush on someone that she had only met once.

If she remembered correctly, his surname was Huo.

Now that she thought about it, it was most likely Song Yaoyao’s Gege.

“Little brat!”

Xia Lao clicked her tongue. “I’ve doted on you for nothing.” She adjusted her coat. “Your uncle is waiting outside. I’m leaving. Bye…”

After speaking, she sauntered out in her high-heeled shoes.

Tang Xinrou chuckled and cupped her mouth. “Watch your step, Small Auntie! Say hi to Uncle for me!”

Xia Lao ignored her. With her back facing Tang Xinrou, she casually waved her hand.

After the excitement ended, the atmosphere felt a little empty.

Tang Xinrou looked around and scratched her head, “Eh? When did Shen Xun leave?” He didn’t even tell her.

How rude!!

“Feiran, what’s wrong with your face?”

An Jun furrowed his brows as he looked worriedly at his son.

This son had been living overseas with his mother since a young age and An Jun never felt the temptation to find another wife. So, An Feiran was his only son and only pride.

“Dad, I’m fine!”

An Feiran scratched his head and smiled. His eyes twinkled. “Those that hit me have already been punished. Look…” They were much worse off.

An Jun looked in the direction that his son was pointing and coughed as he held back a laugh.

The kids…were hit quite pitifully.

Moreover, they were covered in tears and snot, and they looked dazed.

Compared to them, his son was in a much better state.

However, any type of injury — even a small scratch — was a big deal for An Jun!

“Feiran, who helped you? We should thank them! By the way, do you know what they like? I’ll prepare a thank you gift.”

“Huh? Thank you gift?”

An Feiran blushed and thought carefully. Finally, he replied with one word: “Money.”

“Huh? What did you say?” An Jun thought he was hearing things.

“Money!” An Feiran increased his volume. “She likes money!”

Thinking about the passion on her face when she asked Yan Ruoyang for money, he assumed she must like money.

“Oh, I like that!” An Jun laughed. “By the way, is she here? I want to thank her in person.”

Everyone liked money, but to be so straightforward about it was refreshing for An Jun.

“She just left.”

An Feiran blinked. “Didn’t you see her, Dad?”

“Huh? Which one?”

“The one that was carried away by Mr. Huo.”

After the exchange of questions and answers, the father and son fell silent.

Meanwhile, the remaining people secretly analyzed An Jun and began to feel scared.

Wait, why did this man look a bit familiar?

Although he appeared poor, he looked a bit like the CEO of An International Corporation…

An Jun didn’t know what these other people were thinking, nor did he think that his appearance was embarrassing at all.

But he was surprised. “Are you talking about that girl?” He didn’t look at her face; he simply heard the sound of her sobbing.

As it turned out, she hadn’t been bullied. In fact, she had helped his son.

An Feiran nodded and his eyes curved as he pointed at the bodyguards lying on the ground. “Uh huh~ She also hit these guys. Isn’t she amazing?!” he said in admiration.