Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 143

Published at 10th of April 2021 02:50:06 PM

Chapter 143: 143

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An Jun: “…”

Haha, amazing.

Frighteningly amazing.

At that moment, someone finally decided to test him out and start a conversation. “Hi, may I ask if you’re Mr. An Jun?”

“Huh?” An Jun asked in surprise as he wrapped his arm around his son and turned his head. As he stared into the unfamiliar face, he nodded his head. “Hi, you are…?”

It was really him!!

After their initial shock, everyone clicked their tongues. What day was it today? A Big Boss get-together?

“Oh, President An, how are you. My name is Li Qian. I am the boss of Green Star Renovations. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with An Corporation on several occasions.” The man quickly pulled out his business card and offered it with both hands.

“I see.”

An Jun’s smile deepened in a friendly manner as he accepted the card with both hands, gesturing respect. “I’m sorry, I rushed here from the construction site, so I didn’t bring my business card.”

“That’s fine! We’ve all heard of you before!”

“President An, hello, my surname is Han, I am…”

“Hello, President An, I am…”

A bunch of people fought to greet him. In the end, An Feiran and An Jun were swallowed by the crowd.

Deng Qi’s father and Liu Peng’s mother looked at each other in fear.

They fell silent and gestured for their sons to leave while no one was looking.

As soon as they reached downstairs, Liu Peng yelled, “Mom! What does An Feiran’s father do? Isn’t he just a poor construction worker who moves bricks? Why is everyone trying to suck up to him?”

As soon as his voice fell, Mother Liu couldn’t help but grit her teeth and throw a slap across his face.

“Move bricks?! If one could end up like him by moving bricks, I would go do it too! Little brat, you’ve thrown your father and I into the firing line! If I knew this would happen, I should have just strangled you to death when you were first born! All you do is bully people. Worst of all, you sure know who to pick on!”

He bullied Song Yaoyao and attracted Mr. Huo.

He bullied An Feiran and attracted President An.

The former’s power could not be underestimated, and the latter was also a famous name on the country’s rich list!

If they decided to work together, the Lius’ small company would not stand a chance! !

“Huhuhu! Mom, why did you slap me? I didn’t say anything wrong!” Liu Peng covered his face and cried. In his eyes, the man that had attended the parent meeting was dressed just like a beggar.

“Cry, cry, cry! You actually have the audacity to cry! I should just beat you to death today!”

Liu Peng had just walked out of a group beating, and now, he was being chased around the school by his mother.

As he looked at the mother and son, Deng Qi covered his face and quietly glanced at his father who did not have a pleasant expression.

His knees weakened and he kneeled on the ground with a thump.

“Huhu, father! I was wrong!”

At least, he knew he was wrong.


Huo Yunque carried the crying Song Yaoyao out of the school gates. The girl had her arms hooked around his neck and her head was buried into his neck as she sobbed.

Her voice was soft. “Gege, you were so cool back there~”

Huo Yunque paused and amusement appeared in his eyes.

It must have been difficult for her to cry and suck up to him at the same time.

“Song Yaoyao, do you know what I want? An explanation.”

If he hadn’t done his research on the way there, he would have never imagined that the little girl that acted cute in front of him, was actually so tough at school.

She had led her entire class to beat up someone! She had actually done that…

“Eh? Second Master Huo? Is the sun rising from the west today? You’re actually here?”