Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 144

Published at 13th of April 2021 04:05:17 PM

Chapter 144

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Song Yaoyao buried her head into the man’s neck and rubbed against it. Clearly, she did not want to explain.

Just as she was sticking to him, she heard a roguish voice.

Second Master Huo?

“Gege, is he calling you?”


Huo Yunque carried the girl over. On this cold day, the man was dressed flamboyantly in a pink shirt as he leaned against his red sports car, allowing the wind to blow in his hair.


Mu Jing raised an eyebrow as his gaze fell straight upon the girl in Huo Yunque’s arms. The girl was petite and delicate as she buried herself in the man’s embrace. When she didn’t speak and didn’t move, she was like a huge human-sized doll.

“Second Master Huo, has this century-old sago palm finally bloomed1? But isn’t this girl too young? Tch…you monster!”

“Do you have a lot of free time?” Huo Yunque said in a dull manner.

“No,” Mu Jing said as he waved his hand toward something in the distance. “I specifically came to accompany my wife at the parent meeting. Oh, but why should I be telling you this? You singles would never understand my happiness,” he said proudly.

“Wifey! Over here!”

“Oh? Really?”

Huo Yunque’s lips curved upward; his smile was filled with meaning.

Xia Lao approached the two and raised her eyebrows. As she leaned against Mu Jing, she lifted her gaze. “Huo Yunque, your tastes aren’t bad.”

“The girl is still young. Don’t speak recklessly,” Huo Yunque warned.

Xia Lao clicked her tongue.

You sly fox. Why are you trying to act innocent?

If you don’t like her, why are you hugging her so tightly? If you don’t like her, why did you rush here as soon as you heard she was being bullied?

This isn’t like you, Huo Yunque.

The couple teased Huo Yunque, but his expression did not change.

His gaze swept across Mu Jing and he suddenly thought of something. “Mu Jing, you’re married now. It’s about time you end all your messy relationships from the past.”

Mu Jing was dismayed. “I ended them a long time ago. F*ck, Second Master Huo, don’t try to frame me!!”

“What did you say?” Xia Lao narrowed her eyes spitefully.

“Oh,” Huo Yunque nodded with a meaningful smile. “I may have heard wrong. When a person grows old, they begin to hear things. I thought I heard someone calling a woman, ‘Honey’.”

As soon as he spoke, Xia Lao jumped up in anger.

There was a fire in her eyes as she gritted her teeth. “Mu! Jing! You b*st*rd!”

She grabbed onto Mu Jing’s ear and tugged on it. “Did you find another woman behind my back? Do you have a death wish?!”


Mu Jing glared at Huo Yunque as he said in a submissive tone, “Wifey, listen to me, I really didn’t! Second Master Huo is framing me!”

“Ha…then why isn’t he framing someone else? Does he have that much free time?”

Mu Jing’s ear felt as though it was about to fall off. He bent his hip, wanting to struggle free, but he was too scared to. As he watched Huo Yunque leave, he ground his teeth in anger.

Yes! He does have that much free time!

Please, ladies, wake up! Don’t be fooled by his pure image! Huo Yunque is actually a swindler who is roguish and black-bellied!

He watched aggrievedly as Song Yaoyao poked her head out from Huo Yunque’s embrace. All of a sudden, he pointed at her and said, “Wifey, if you don’t believe me, you can ask that girl! She was around earlier. She can prove my innocence!”

Xia Lao glanced over; half believing his claim.

Song Yaoyao lay in Huo Yunque’s arms and waved her hand innocently. In a soft voice, she said, “I think I also heard—”