Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 148

Published at 13th of April 2021 04:05:12 PM

Chapter 148

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Song Yaoyao scratched her head and said sweetly, “Gege brought me here~”

“Wow, he’s been visiting quite often recently.”

Elder Huo was amused. But as he played mahjong, he noticed Song Yaoyao’s red eyes and suddenly paused. He immediately furrowed his brows and frowned. “Yaoyao, did Huo Yunque bully you?”


Song Yaoyao was stunned for a moment before she waved her hands, afraid that her Gege would be misunderstood. “No, no, Gege didn’t bully me!”

However, as soon as she raised her hands, Elder Huo was shocked. Apart from a layer of ointment on the back of her hand, it was swollen like a bun.

Elder Huo stood up in anger. He grabbed Song Yaoyao and asked, “What’s that punk doing? Why is your hand swollen? He’s already in his twenties, yet he can’t even take care of a young woman?”

Outside, in the resting area, the man was calmly flipping through a magazine. His eyes were lowered and he had a noble and restrained temperament.

All of a sudden, there was a loud roar, “Huo Yunque!!”

The man did not lift his head. Instead, he furrowed his brows. “What happened this time?”

There was a sense of helplessness in his voice.

“How dare you ask!”

Elder Huo pointed at Song Yaoyao. “What happened to her? Huh? You can’t even take care of her properly even though she calls you Gege!”

Huo Yunque was confused. Only when his eyes fell upon Song Yaoyao did he realize what was happening.

He laughed. “Song Yaoyao, tell him where your injury came from.”


Song Yaoyao lowered her head in embarrassment as her cheeks turned red. She clasped her hands together and mumbled, “Grandfather, my hand… It’s swollen because I hit someone…”

It really had nothing to do with her Gege!

Elder Huo and his mahjong friends, who had come out to watch the show, immediately burst into laughter.

“Young lady, if you want to find an excuse, you should come up with something more believable. This doesn’t sound convincing at all!”

“Hahahaha~ Old Huo, where did your son find this girl. She is a treasure!”

“She’s even quite protective of him.”

Song Yaoyao blushed as she stared at them with her almond eyes. She lifted her chest and said proudly, “Of course I should protect my Gege!”


Huo Yunque held back a laugh as he placed his fist to his lips and cleared his throat.

Elder Huo didn’t believe Song Yaoyao’s explanation to begin with, so when he saw his son laugh, he was immediately furious.

He really like Song Yaoyao. She had a good personality and she was very likable.

As he looked at his son at that moment, he found him particularly unpleasant to look at.

“How do you have the audacity to laugh?”

Elder Huo glared at him. “I want to hear the truth! Don’t treat me like your subordinates. Don’t forget that I’m your father!”

Even if you’re lawless and domineering on the outside, in front of me, you are still my son! 


Song Yaoyao tugged on Elder Huo’s shirt. “It really has nothing to do with Gege. I had a fight with some schoolmates today. Gege even stuck up for me. Gege’s actually really nice! Don’t blame him!”

“Stuck up for you?”

Elder Huo glanced at Huo Yunque who was sitting calmly on the sofa and felt frustrated. Where did he inherit that infuriating expression from?

“He didn’t kill them?”

Song Yaoyao: “…”


…wasn’t something he should do, right?

Elder Huo seemed a little ruthless and cruel…

“He should have at least broken an arm or a leg. Tell me, what did you do?” Elder Huo pointed at Song Yaoyao’s hand. “Yaoyao’s hand is swollen. We need to get revenge for her!”