Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 149

Published at 13th of April 2021 04:05:06 PM

Chapter 149: 149

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Chapter 149: Counting Tiles

“Grandfather…we already got revenge…”

Song Yaoyao explained carefully.

In fact, the guy was destroyed. But she did not dare to tell him that.

Huo Yunque held back a smile as he stood up and threw the magazine onto the coffee table.

“Now that you’ve seen him, Song Yaoyao, let’s go home.”

“You haven’t been here for long,” Elder Huo said as he glared at him. “If you want to leave, you can leave on your own. I want Yaoyao to keep me company! It’s good that you got revenge. If you couldn’t even protect this young woman, I would have told you to change your surname!”

Song Yaoyao felt guilty when she heard the old man siding with her.

She did not dare to tell him that she was on the serving end of the punches the entire time.

Although she wasn’t the one who started the fight, the person that provoked her was hit quite pitifully.

“Grandfather! Forget about it, I didn’t suffer at all. Not even a bit!”

She grabbed onto the old man’s shirt. “By the way, weren’t you playing mahjong a moment ago? Do you want to continue? It looked like a lot of fun~”

Elder Huo’s mood immediately changed. His eyes curved happily. “Are you interested in mahjong? Let’s go, I’ll teach you!”

Song Yaoyao breathed a sigh of relief and stuck out her tongue as she followed him.

His old friends didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as they watched the way that he protected the girl who was actually in the wrong.

When he was young, people would be frightened by a stomp of his foot. Now that he was old, why did he act like such a child? He even spoiled someone who was at fault!

“Gege~ I’ll come out and look for you later! Wait for me!”

Song Yaoyao turned around slightly and waved at Huo Yunque.

A moment later, the leisure room became lively again.

Song Yaoyao immediately became addicted to the game. She had never encountered something like this in the past, and she couldn’t help that her memory was so good that she could count tiles.

With one glance, she could roughly guess where the tiles were situated and she remembered them well.

As a result, the following scene occurred…

Four old men played passionately around the table as the girl’s cheeks turned red from excitement. She poked her head out as she sat next to Elder Huo and called out to him every now and then, “Grandfather! Throw this one! The next tile will definitely be the one that you’re after!”

“Grandfather! Don’t throw that one!”

“Yay! You won again~”

All the way until noon, the other three men did not win once after Song Yaoyao joined.

Elder Huo couldn’t stop grinning. Next to the mahjong table sat a pile of 5 and 10 cent coins, which meant nothing to these rich old bosses, but the simplest happiness could not be bought with money.

“I’m not playing anymore! I’m furious!” Elder Shen puffed and glared at his tiles as he knocked them over. “Where did this girl come from? She knows how to count tiles! Isn’t this cheating?”

“Hey…it’s just a game. Why so serious?” Elder Huo raised his eyebrows smugly. “My Yaoyao is smart. If you’re that good, you could get your son…wait, no…you could get your grandson to find a smart girl like this!”

“Hmph! Fine, I’m not afraid!”

As the two men argued, the other two old men looked at each other, smiled, and shook their heads.

But as they looked at the girl, their gazes weren’t just filled with fondness, they also contained admiration and curiosity.

At their age, they could see things clearly. In this world, there were too many fake people. It was rare to find a pure-hearted person like this girl. She also had a vibrant personality, she was well-behaved, and she was smart.

As they looked at her, they grew in interest.