Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 154

Published at 16th of April 2021 03:00:05 AM

Chapter 154: 154

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Chapter 154: Doing Something Bad

“What? You’re not listening to my orders anymore?” Elder Shen wiped some blood from the corner of his lips. His eyes were sharp like an eagle’s. “How much have I invested in this hospital? What do I get in return? You’re just making me wait for my death while forcing me to do that darned dialysis! You might as well kill me with a knife!”

He lost his temper, frightening the nurse until she didn’t dare to argue back.

“Elder Shen, don’t be upset. I will go contact them right now!”

A bunch of nurses and doctors rushed over and took Elder Shen away.

The remaining old men also left.

After the door closed, only Elder Huo, Huo Yunque, and Song Yaoyao remained.

For some reason, the atmosphere was a little strange. Song Yaoyao shrunk back her neck.

“Song Yaoyao!”

“Yes, Gege!”

Song Yaoyao instinctively stood upright with her hands behind her back as guilt appeared in her eyes.

Huo Yunque pointed at her. In the end, he turned and left without saying anything.

“Errr, Gege? Where are you going…?”

She looked at Elder Huo. “Grandfather, is Gege angry?”

“How could he be?” Elder Huo grinned happily. “You’re so cute. Who could bear to be angry at you? He may look cold, but he actually cares about you a lot!”

“Really?” !”

Song Yaoyao was immediately happy. “Gege’s always cared about me. Don’t scold him from now on. He is a good person! And he particularly dotes on me!”

Looking at her proud expression, Elder Huo couldn’t help but laugh.

He waved his hand. “You young people can resolve your own matters. I’m getting old. I can’t be bothered dealing with it!” he sighed. “You should go. I want to sit here for a little longer. It’s time you go look for him.”

“You’re not old. I bet you can live to 100!”

She stuck out her tongue and quickly ran outside. “I shall go comfort Gege~ See you later!”


Elder Huo burst into laughter as he sat at the mahjong table and started stacking the messy tiles.

Because of Huo Yunque’s personality, Elder Huo had worried multiple times that he would grow old and lonely.

Now, he didn’t have to worry anymore.

In fact, he felt his son was quite lucky to encounter someone at his age who was willing to give him all her affection. A girl who was willing to protect him and take care of his feelings.

However, there were many forms of ‘protecting’.

Elder Huo had never asked Huo Yunque about his love life. Ever since he handed the Huo Family over to him, all of this was no longer his business. He didn’t care who he ended up with — boy or girl, poor or on the same level — he could do whatever he wanted.

But in Elder Huo’s eyes, if he couldn’t protect the girl that he liked, then he would be considered trash.

Song Yaoyao jogged over to the resting area. Huo Yunque was seated on the sofa with his back facing her. She carefully snuck over and stretched out her hands.

“Guess who—”

Before she finished speaking, someone tugged on her wrist, and her world flipped upside down until she went from standing to sitting.

But what was she sitting on…?

Song Yaoyao blushed as her eyes sparkled like stars. “Gege…”

Huo Yunque leaned back calmly and raised his eyebrows. “Are you trying to do something bad?”

“N-no!” Song Yaoyao stuttered. She had no intention of doing anything bad. But why did she feel guilty? “I simply wanted to joke around with you!”