Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 22

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:42 AM

Chapter 22

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“Aren’t you inviting me inside?”

Song Jingwan raised the platter in her hands, “I brought you food. I also have something to say to you.”

Song Yaoyao looked at her sister quietly and slightly turned her body.

Song Jingwan pouted, brushed past Song Yaoyao, and casually placed the platter on the computer table.

Compared to her exquisitely decorated bedroom that was fit for a princess, Song Yaoyao’s room was like a hotel room that was meant for temporary accommodation. A white wardrobe and light blue bedsheets. When one scanned their eyes across the room, there were no big items apart from the computer table.

Just like Song Yaoyao, this room was plain and boring.


Song Yaoyao casually covered her head with a towel as water dripped from the ends of her hair onto her collarbone.

Her nose was tall, her lips were small and red, and her pupils were black.  Her expression was serious as she listened with respect.

Song Jingwan retrieved her gaze and looked at Song Yaoyao. She finally regained her confidence as the Big Miss of the Song Family. With a gentle smile, she said, “Yaoyao, I don’t mean to target you. Weren’t we getting along before?

“If you behave, stay quiet, and be yourself, everything will be good. You should listen to me. That way, you may still have a place in this family.”

“Listen to you?”

The girl lifted her moist eyelashes and asked with curiosity, “What do you mean by listening to you…?”

Seeing that she was pretending not to understand, Song Jingwan let out a laugh. “Let me make it clear for you. What I mean is for you to be yourself and go back to how you used to be. If you can be invisible, that would be even better!”


Song Yaoyao clicked her tongue, grabbed her hair, and started walking toward Song Jingwan.

Song Jingwan furrowed her brows. She couldn’t help thinking about the incident at the mountain resort, so she took a step back. Her hip hit the edge of the computer table as she looked at Song Yaoyao threateningly. “Song Yaoyao, we are currently at home. If you dare to do anything to me, you won’t be any better off either!”


Song Yaoyao blinked her eyes, lifted one leg, and placed it on the computer chair, trapping Song Jingwan in a small space. Still looking pure and innocent, she tilted her head and said, “But I am being myself right now.

“People change. I hate mediocrity.

“So, I’m sorry Sis, but I can’t be invisible…”

Her face was exquisite as her lips parted and she smiled sweetly at Song Jingwan.

The words on her lips were apologetic, but the arrogance in her eyes could not be contained.

“You!” Song Jingwan was embarrassed and angry. Song Yaoyao had actually put her at a loss for words. She lifted her hand to push Song Yaoyao and laughed in anger, “Great! Impressive!

“Since you’re not mediocre, then let’s just wait and see.

“Let’s see who Mom and Dad value more!”

She was the most impressive daughter in her parents’ eyes; forever and always!

If anyone tried to steal her position, she would not hold back against them!

As she watched Song Jingwan storm off angrily, Song Yaoyao waved her hand happily and said in a voice as sweet as honey, “Thank you, Sis. Watch your step~”

She then turned to the pastries and casually placed one in her mouth.

“Mm, so sweet!”

Her eyes curved and they looked watery as she smiled happily.

Zhou Manli glanced at the stairs multiple times and finally saw Song Jingwan walk down.

Her eyes immediately lit up, “Wanwan, come sit.”

Song Wenchuan looked behind Song Jingwan; there was no one behind her. Song Yaoyao did not come downstairs with her.

“Ningxi, there will be a small exam at the end of the month. Your results have always been good. Please take good care of our Wanwan,” Zhou Manli said softly.