Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 24

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:40 AM

Chapter 24

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Song Yaoyao patted her face, slowly walked over to the computer table, and sat down.

Her computer was already on, and her screen was opened up to the main interface of Penguin Chat. On her screen, little penguin notifications were jumping excitedly. Song Yaoyao clicked into them.

The liveliest ones belonged to two chat groups: ‘Earth’s Ideal, Luo Xinguang 2’ and ‘Mrs. Luos’.

The only person that private messaged her was Meng Qiqi who had sent her several dozen messages.

Reading a novel and actually becoming a character in a novel was different in nature. The images from the thin pages of a book were beginning to develop fuller personalities.

Song Yaoyao clicked into the private message. The entire chat contained messages from the other party.

Meng Qiqi: Ohhh babe! I’m going to hyperventilate!

Meng Qiqi: He’s so handsome! I’m about to faint!

Meng Qiqi: [twistingexcitedly.jpg] Babe, are you there?

Meng Qiqi: I went to the airport and took a whole heap of high res photos, when do you have time to PS them?

Meng Qiqi: Hello? Babe, you there?

Meng Qiqi: Babe! If you don’t respond I’m going to call the police!

Meng Qiqi: [Photos attached] Kangkang Gege is handsome from all angles! I’m going to die!

Meng Qiqi: [almostdead.jpg] Everyone is waiting for your edits. Babe, what are you doing?

All the messages were either praising Luo Xinguang for being handsome or asking her when she was going to retouch his photos.

Song Yaoyao rubbed her chin. Who knew the original owner of this body was a fangirl! Based on her weak and useless personality, this was completely unexpected.

Her eyes drooped and she started typing unenthusiastically.

It’s Yaoyao: I’m back.

The other party immediately responded.

Meng Qiqi: !!!

Meng Qiqi: [Zip folder attached]

Meng Qiqi: Quick, quick, quick! Everyone’s waiting for you! I almost paid someone else to do it! I’ve sent you the zip folder. Take a look at the photos and retouch a few!

Song Yaoyao did not respond right away. Instead, she opened up the folder to have a look first. Attached were a selection of photos. Even without PS, they were already good-looking. The young man in the photos was wearing black clothes, his hair was silver-white and curled, a pair of sunglasses rested on his tall nose, and he had a proud look in his eyes.

“Not bad,” Song Yaoyao licked her lips, “but he’s still not as good-looking as my Gege.”

With disinterest, she sent her reply.

It’s Yaoyao: I don’t want to do it. Find someone else.

Meng Qiqi: ?? What’s wrong, Babe? Snap out of it! This is our husband!

It’s Yaoyao: Sorry, I have another husband. I’m no longer a fan.

The other end remained quiet for an entire minute…

Meng Qiqi: Babe, did you experience some kind of trauma? Or is it because you saw our husband’s scandal? It’s all fake! Our hearts must remain firm. We can’t be swayed! Calm down!

It’s Yaoyao: My heart is firm. Babe, have you heard of loving someone for 10,000 years after just one glance?

Meng Qiqi: ?

It’s Yaoyao: [serious.jpg] I really love him!

Meng Qiqi: No way… Are you serious? Although I’ve always understood that we would eventually have our own lives, I could imagine anyone leaving the fan club first except for you.

Meng Qiqi: Either way, I still wish you happiness. We’re still friends, right? By the way, where did you find this new wall? How does he look? Let’s climb him together!

Song Yaoyao was confused for a moment. Wall?

But she quickly understood the underlying meaning. She looked at Meng Qiqi’s message again and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

Did she want to steal her Gege? She must be dreaming!

Meng Qiqi: Babe, why aren’t you saying anything? [Helloyouthere.jpg]

(The other party has turned on friend verification. You are not his/her friend.)