Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 25

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:38 AM

Chapter 25

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Meng Qiqi was dumbfounded for a little while. Snapping out of her daze, she looked at the chat window in the middle of her screen. The bright red notification was an eyesore!

It seemed to be ridiculing her and drawing her attention to the fact that she had been unfriended.

“WTF…so heartless?”

She twisted her lips and stared at the computer sadly as she sent another friend request.

Attached to it was an explanation: Babe! I was just joking. The wall is yours. The husband is yours. I won’t compete with you! By the way, are you sure you can’t reconsider editing the photos?

(The other party has rejected your friend request.)

Meng Qiqi wanted to cry. She had shown off to her girlfriends and told them that she knew a big boss retoucher. “Others have to pay to get it done, but I can get it for free! That’s right, that’s how talented our Mrs. Luos are!”

But now…

Meng Qiqi was distraught as she sent another friend request.

Meng Qiqi: Additional condition — I’ll pay!

(The other party has accepted your friend request. Start chatting.)

Meng Qiqi: WTF!

How heartless!

It’s Yaoyao: How much per photo?

Meng Qiqi: 80?

It’s Yaoyao: [Picture attached]

Attached was a photo that Song Yaoyao had casually retouched on PS. The young man in the photo was dressed in black, he appeared to be walking quickly with his head down, and he was adjusting his sunglasses with his index finger. The unedited photo was relatively dark and did not look much different after Song Yaoyao retouched it, but the man’s delicate skin and his chic and unrestrained vibe were immediately amplified from 3 points to 10.

Meng Qiqi exclaimed on the inside and secretly saved the photo for her screensaver and desktop wallpaper.

Meng Qiqi: [Bow] Babe, it’s only been a few days, but your skills have become even more impressive!

Meng Qiqi: [Respecttobigboss.jpg] Edit, edit, edit, edit what you want. I’ll take as many as I can get! I’ll pay 200 per photo. What do you say?!

This was the skill of an expert retoucher! Meng Qiqi was shocked.

It’s Yaoyao: [Shake hands]

It’s Yaoyao: I’ll send them to you after I’m done. Give me half an hour.

After speaking, Song Yaoya logged out of Penguin, dragged her mouse across the screen, selected a few photos with relatively better compositions, and dragged them into PS.

Inside the softly lit room, the girl sat in front of her computer like a petite little ball as her long hair draped down her back. She held onto the mouse in one hand and tapped quickly on the keyboard with the other.

Her hands moved so quickly, it was just a blur. As for the software on the screen, it was even more of a blur. Before one could even see what she was doing, she already finished retouching the first image and moved onto the next one.

Meng Qiqi did not take her too seriously. Although Song Yaoyao said half an hour was enough, who could actually work that fast? Some people took an entire hour just to retouch one photo.

So, she first sent Song Yaoyao a red pocket worth 300 yuan and attached the freshly edited photo to their group chat.

The initially quiet chat group with only a dozen or so members immediately lit up.

Xingxing In My Arms: Woah!!

Escape The Pit Of Love: F*ck!

Escape The Pit Of Love: Oh my God, my husband is so handsome! I’m in love again!

Daily Xing: Before I say anything, let me lick it first. By the way, the style of this retoucher is unfamiliar. Which boss edited it?

Meng Qiqi: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Yaoyao edited it.

Daily Xing: ?

Meng Qiqi: Let me tell you another piece of unbelievable news — Yaoyao’s no longer a fan! I bought this photo for 300 yuan!

Xingxing In My Arms: ?

Back To The Pit And Lying Down: ?

Meng Qiqi: She has a new husband.

Meng Qiqi: Apparently, she took one glance, and now she’s in love with him for the next 10,000 years. Moreover, in terms of looks, he doesn’t lose to our Xingxing.