Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 26

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:37 AM

Chapter 26

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Just as everyone was deep in discussion, Song Yaoyao appeared out of nowhere.

It’s Yaoyao: Let me make it clear, my husband is the most handsome. [noobjections.jpg]


It’s Yaoyao: @Meng Qiqi I’ve sent you the photos. Remember to transfer me my money. From now on, look for me if you have any work; otherwise, don’t bother me.

The next day, Song Yaoyao was awoken by the sound of knocking on her door.

Outside her door, Song Jingwan was already changed and full of energy.

When she saw Song Yaoyao walk out, she crossed her arms and laughed, “Have you forgotten about class today?”

Song Yaoyao couldn’t be bothered dealing with her. She scratched her head, slowly grabbed her backpack, and walked downstairs. She had a leisurely expression on her face, but she did not pay any attention to Song Jingwan at all.

“What’s the time? Are you only waking up now? Don’t you know how to work harder when your results aren’t as good as your sister’s? You both came out of my stomach, but I don’t understand why you are so different!”

Song Yaoyao walked over to the table, grabbed a sandwich, and looked at Zhou Manli with a mysterious smile, “Maybe I’m not your biological child.”

Otherwise, why would she treat the two of them so differently?

Song Yaoyao’s words made Zhou Manli choke in anger. But before she regained her composure, Song Yaoyao carried her bag and walked out the door. Zhou Manli pointed at Song Yaoyao’s back and gritted her teeth. Her hand trembled for a while before she finally managed to speak, “What’s gotten into her?!”


Song Wenchuan calmly took a sip of milk. “But what she said could be right. Mom, why don’t you do a DNA test? Perhaps, Yaoyao really isn’t your biological child.”


Zhou Manli glared at the young man, “What did you say?”

“I’m done. I shall go work first.” Song Wenchuan stood up and calmly bid farewell to Zhou Manli.

After the brother and sister left, Zhou Manli slammed her hands on the table in anger.

In a shrill voice, she screamed, “What was the meaning of that? Was I wrong to give birth to them? Now that they have some capabilities, are they all acting strange and turning on me?”


When Song Jingwan heard this, she immediately approached her mother and patted her on the back. In a soft voice, she comforted, “Calm down, Mom, Chuan doesn’t mean anything by that. Yaoyao’s probably upset that you normally dote on me more so she complained to him last night. Hence—”

“How dare she feel upset! Why doesn’t she think about what redeeming qualities she has? Why should I dote on her?” Zhou Manli scoffed. When she saw Song Jingwan patiently comforting her, she felt a little better. “My Wanwan is still the best. You’re the most caring!”


“Of course! I love you the most, Mom~”

“OK, you can’t be late for class today. You better get going.” Zhou Manli walked her to the door. When she saw the car waiting outside, she scoffed and opened the door to let Zhou Manli inside.

She then warned Song Yaoyao, “Song Yaoyao, behave at school. If you bully your sister, watch how I deal with you!”

Song Yaoyao ignored her as she took a bite of her sandwich and lowered her eyes to play with her phone.

The atmosphere was tense so the driver did not dare to make a sound. He started the car and quietly drove towards the school.

Song Jingwan’s lips curved upwards as she glanced at Song Yaoyao’s phone, “Yaoyao, are you looking at Luo Xinguang again? I saw him at Chuan’s workplace last time. Why don’t I help you ask him for an autograph next time?”

Upholding the rule of not talking with her mouth full, Song Yaoyao quietly swallowed the last bite of her sandwich.

She then looked at Song Jingwan and revealed a huge grin. “OK, make sure you ask for a few more, I have a lot of friends who are fans of Luo Xinguang. Hmm…there’s about 50 or so of them; not that much. Since you’re so capable, Sis, it must be no problem for you, right?”