Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 27

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:35 AM

Chapter 27

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Song Jingwan’s lips twitched a little, “Song Yaoyao, you’re certainly greedy”

Her original intention was to show off that she knew Luo Xinguang. Who knew Song Yaoyao would trick her and actually ask for 50 autographs!


Song Yaoyao looked at her sadly, “So you can’t do it?”

Song Yaoyao was born with a delicate and beautiful face. As she lowered her head to laugh, her face was so beautiful, she could make a person suffocate.

It was clearly a trap.

Song Jingwan clenched her hands that were hanging down her sides and her eyes darkened.

“It’s just a few autographs. Do you think I view celebrities like unattainable targets like you?”

The car stopped and Song Jingwan stepped out. “I’ll get those autographs to you in a few days,” she said casually.

Song Yaoyao sat in the car and chuckled as the dim light in the car fell on her eyes; her gaze was completely calm.

Linan Experimental High School, Senior Class 3-3.

The daily flag-raising ceremony ended and the students returned to their classrooms.

Xu Yue was applying some lipstick when Meng Shuang poked her and asked, “Xu Yue, were you telling the truth when you said Song Yaoyao had gone crazy last time?”

Her voice was loud and she had a strong curiosity.

Xu Yue rolled her eyes and glanced at the seat in the back row beside the window. It was empty. Curling her lips, she said, “Of course, can’t you see that she didn’t come to class? Since she’s stupid, she would only drag our class down if she comes. It’s better that she’s not here!”

“In that case, was it also true that she tried to kill her sister?”

“If that’s true, then her condition is quite serious. Shouldn’t she be sent to the mental hospital? Now that you mention it…I’ve always felt a gloomy and creepy vibe from her. It’s no surprise that she would do something like that,” the girl beside her said as she rubbed her arms and shivered.

“Yes, she should be sent there. Compared to Jingwan, she’s a nobody. How dare she covet—” At that moment, she was interrupted by a push and she glanced up to see who it was. “What the hell? I haven’t finished!”


A brisk and lively voice sounded above her head, “Keep going. I want to hear it too. Who am I coveting?”

Xu Yue lifted her head in fright and looked into a pair of curved twinkling eyes.

“Song Yaoyao! Have you lost your mind? How could you listen secretly behind me? Are you obsessed with eavesdropping?!”

Slam! Song Yaoyao slammed her hands on the desk and said intimidatingly, “Has it become a trend to hide one’s guilt by blaming others?”

Everyone looked over as Xu Yue’s eyes darted. “Was I wrong? You’re clearly a nobody! Compared to Jingwan, you’re not even worthy of carrying her shoes. How dare you cling to Huo Ningxi? Do you think you’re worthy of him?”

“If I’m not, then are you?”

Song Yaoyao spread her palms innocently and stopped arguing with her.

She stood in place, her long black hair draping down her back. The black suit jacket and pleated skirt on her body made her waist look particularly slim and her legs particularly long. She turned around and headed toward her seat. As her knee-length skirt swayed, Song Yaoyao suddenly remembered something and turned around. “By the way, I remember your mother started off as a mistress, didn’t she?”

“Song Yaoyao!”

Xu Yue slammed her hands on her desk and stood up to glare at Song Yaoyao.

Song Yaoyao’s misty eyes curved.

“I guess, the values taught by a mistress are beyond what us common folk can apprehend. I’m afraid that even a horse can’t catch up to your open-minded beliefs. It’s certainly worthy of praise!”


Song Yaoyao spoke gently and her voice was slow and soft, but every single word struck Xu Yue accurately in the heart.