Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 3

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:02:14 AM

Chapter 3

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“Mm…cough cough…cough…”

Song Jingwan’s heart filled with hatred as her eyes unconsciously teared up and her nose became runny. It took a lot of effort, but she finally turned her watery gaze and looked into the girl’s beaming eyes.

“Song Yao—”

“Isn’t this fun, Sis?”

Song Yaoyao applied force, grabbed onto Song Jingwan’s scalp, and pulled it back, forcing her to lift her head.

Practically cheek to cheek with Song Jingwan, Song Yaoyao said affectionately, “Sis, why aren’t you saying anything? I still remember the joke you played beside the pool earlier,” Song Yaoyao said softly. “As the water covered my head, it entered my nose and mouth, and my breathing slowly stopped. That feeling — I will never forget it!”

Song Jingwan was in a vulnerable state and she felt a moment of panic, but she stared straight into Song Yaoyao’s eyes, refusing to admit that she had done anything wrong. It was just a joke. Besides, wasn’t she alive and well?


“Song Yaoyao, you’ve lost your mind!” Refusing to admit defeat, Song Jingwan fought back and tried to claw Song Yaoyao’s face.

But one loud slap caused the world to fall silent.

Song Yaoyao brushed off her hands and looked at the scum that was Song Jingwan. She leaned over and patted her on the cheek, “Think of this as a return gift. Remember, you owe me a life.”


The life that was quietly lost in the water because of a joke… She was going to make her pay for it on behalf of the original owner of this body.


Song Jingwan’s fiery eyes stared at Song Yaoyao, wishing she could burn a hole through her back. Her chest heaved up and down as the scene ended with a stubborn expression remaining on her face.

She did nothing wrong. She was never admitting that she was wrong! Song Yaoyao, this isn’t over!

Song Yaoyao walked arrogantly out of the bathroom and her expression suddenly changed.

Owwww! The slap that she gave Song Jingwan was so intense that her hand was hurting!


She tried to endure it by opening her eyes wide and holding back her tears.


But her palm was burning like it was on fire.

She couldn’t endure it anymore! F*ck, I can’t take it! Huhuhu, it hurts like hell!


Song Yaoyao was born with an abnormal sense of pain. For her, just a little bit of pain was magnified infinitely.


She blew on her hand. She couldn’t stay in this room, so she sniffed back her tears and went to look for food.

The original Song Yaoyao was a nobody at the party; Song Jingwan was the one that enthusiastically brought her along. Song Yaoyao had never been a valued member of the Song Family and she suffered all kinds of ridicule from the outside world. Thus, her contrasting life meant that the more famous Song Jingwan got, the more inferior she felt.

In fact, even when she was hungry, she was too afraid to grab food from the dessert table.

If it was the current Song Yaoyao, she would have protested long ago if she was hungry.

After a simple change of clothes, Song Yaoyao left the room.

From memory, they were inside Feng City’s top mountain resort. Combining food, drinks, and entertainment facilities in one place, this resort was considered as heaven on earth.

The moon hung in the night sky with a dim glow as Song Yaoyao followed the corridor to the outside. The resort was shockingly huge! Outside, the gravel path lined with green bushes was dotted with dreamy night lights.

Not realizing that she was drifting farther and farther away from the restaurant, Song Yaoyao noticed that the lights around her had gotten dim. Compared to the brightly lit area that she came from, this part of the resort was filled with precious plants, the architectural style was slightly different, and it was oddly quiet.

While she was looking around, she didn’t pay attention and accidentally plunged her head into a wall of flesh. The hard muscles on the man’s body hurt her head. Stumbling backward, she lost her balance and fell on the ground with a plonk.


It hurts!!

Unable to control herself, Song Yaoyao burst into tears, “Waaa!”