Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 33

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:27 AM

Chapter 33

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As soon as his document closed, Huo Yunque’s voice sounded, “Huo Qi…”

“Yes! Do you have any instructions, Sir?”

“Go…”  — the man paused for a moment, looked to the right, and his eyes fell on a bourgeois style drink store — “buy her a drink.”

“Huh? Buy what for who?” Huo Qi asked blankly, not realizing who he was referring to.

As soon as he spoke, he found himself staring into the man’s cold, narrow eyes. Huo Qi shivered and suddenly understood.

“Are you referring to Miss Song?” he asked as he immediately threw open the door and stepped out. But just as he jogged a few steps, he turned back around and asked, “Sir, what flavor?”


Huo Yunque squeezed the prayer beads around his wrist. His hair was swept across the top of his eyes, casting a shadow on his nose bridge.

After some time, he finally replied, “Sweet.”

Huo Qi stumbled. Sensing that Huo Yunque was growing colder and colder, he immediately turned around and started running.

It was stupid of him to ask. Huo Yunque never bought drinks, how would he know all the different milk tea flavors?

Huo Qi went to the store obediently. As he entered, he brushed shoulders with a male student.

Naturally, he did not notice that the boy was holding a cup of milk tea and looking toward the school gates. As soon as the boy spotted a beautiful figure that he had been looking for, his eyes lit up and he immediately ran toward her.

“Song Jingwan!”

Song Yaoyao heard this, but her eyes did not shift even the slightest.

She stared at the ground and spotted an ant weaving its way through the crowd.

Song Jingwan neatened her windswept hair and smiled at the person that called her name. When she noticed it was someone from her class, her smile increased. “What’s the matter, classmate?”

Meng Hang was mesmerized as he looked at her smiling face and he blushed. Holding onto the milk tea, he offered it to Song Jingwan, “Let me treat you to milk tea.”


Song Jingwan blinked in surprise. “Did you buy this for me?”

She accepted the milk tea with a smile. She clearly knew the boy’s intentions, but she pretended not to know. “Thank you. I’ll treat you next time.”

“N-No need! As long as you like it. Anyway…see you tomorrow!” the boy blushed as he quickly finished what he had to say and ran off.


As soon as the boy left, Song Jingwan scoffed as she looked at the milk tea in disgust.

“Hey, you can drink it,” she said as she handed the milk tea to Song Yaoyao as though she pitied her.

Song Yaoyao lifted her head and stared into Song Jingwan’s eyes. “Someone gave that as a gift to you.”

“I know. So what? Must I drink every single milk tea that’s gifted to me? I would get fat if that’s the case,” Song Jingwan smiled fakely with a trace of arrogance in her eyes. “Besides, didn’t I always give you the milk tea that others gave me?”

Song Yaoyao held onto her backpack. She did not understand Song Jingwan’s actions.

“Karma will get you for dismissing the kindness of others.”

After saying this, she turned her head back to look at the ground. However, the ant was now gone.

Song Jingwan was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her parents had always doted on her, so she always got what she wanted. But Song Yaoyao did not see anything positive about her sister. Instead, she noticed her fake and cruel personality.

Her values had long gone bad.

“Karma? Okay, I’ll wait for it! If he wants to win my heart with a cup of milk tea, then he’s being too naive,” Song Jingwan said with disdain. She then glanced at Song Yaoyao and said, “Are you drinking the milk tea or not? If not I will—”

“Miss Song!”

At that moment, a familiar voice immediately made Song Yaoyao’s tensed expression soften. Her eyes lit up and she looked over to find Huo Qi walking toward her with a cup of milk tea and a box of dessert.