Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 35

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:25 AM

Chapter 35

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Song Yaoyao scrunched up her nose as smugness danced around in her eyes. Lifting her head proudly, she said, “You were the one that asked Huo Qi to buy me milk tea. I wasn’t the one that clung to you this time. You came looking for me first!”

She happily refuted.

Huo Yunque was amused and deliberately started teasing her, “Was I the one that asked you to run over here?”


Song Yaoyao was speechless. As she held onto her milk tea, she pouted. “What? Why are you such a party pooper?”

She humphed. “You clearly bought the milk tea for me. You didn’t buy Song Jingwan one.”

“Do you want me to buy her one too?” Huo Yunque chuckled. “In that case, Huo Qi—”

“Yes, Sir?”

“No, no, no! You’re not allowed!”

Song Yaoyao quickly held onto Huo Qi and glared at Huo Yunque fiercely. She then commanded cutely, “If you buy Song Jingwan milk tea, I will smash open your head!”

She thought she was being really fierce, but she had no idea that in the eyes of others, she was like a kitten that was baring its claws as it puffed up its fur  to protect its food.


“Miss Song, it’s a direct order from the Master…” Huo Qi said innocently.

Why are you getting angry at me?

“Ahem…” Huo Yunque held his fist to his lips and amusement appeared in his phoenix eyes.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

Song Yaoyao remained firm. “I don’t care. If you dare, then go ahead and give it a try.”

As she spoke, she shook her fist and raised an eyebrow threateningly.

Huo Qi’s eyes twitched. When he thought about the girl’s violent actions, he retreated without a word and raised his hands in defeat.

Oh, his life was so difficult.

Other bodyguards simply had to ensure their employer’s safety.

He was different. Not only was an affectionate display being shoved in his face, but he was also being forced to take the blame.

Song Jingwan was standing in the distance. From where she was standing, she could only see one side of the man’s exquisite face. When he smiled his lips curved upwards. Paired with his intimidating presence, he suddenly appeared less frightening.

She pursed her lips and looked to the side.

Huo Ningxi came out late and arrived at her side. “Ningxi, is that your Small Uncle in the car over there?” she heard herself asking.


Huo Ningxi threw his backpack over his shoulders and raised his eyebrows as he looked over. When he saw Song Yaoyao his eyebrows became tense.

“Why is it Song Yaoyao again? Why does she keep bothering my Small Uncle?”

Song Jingwan quickly hid the fact that Huo Qi had bought Song Yaoyao milk tea and said casually, “Perhaps, it’s because your Small Uncle is handsome. She can’t help it. Yaoyao’s always been attracted to good-looking people. It’s the case with celebrities, your uncle, and you…”

Huo Ningxi didn’t want to hear any more. Lifting his feet, he immediately headed toward Song Yaoyao.

He grabbed onto her wrist and asked in a deep voice, “Song Yaoyao, can’t you stay away from my Small Uncle? You’re sticking to him like plaster. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Song Yaoyao was in the middle of talking to Huo Yunque when she was rudely interrupted, so she furrowed her brows in an annoyed manner.

In all honesty, she did not have a good temper. On the occasions when she was in a good mood, it was because of the person she was talking to.

But right now, Song Yaoyao was not in a good mood. “Huo Ningxi, I suggest you let me go.”

She straightened her expression and the atmosphere became tense as they stared at each other. They were set for a showdown.

Song Jingwan smirked in secret and quickly joined them.

Retrieving her smile, she bent over and apologized to the man in the car gently.

“Small Uncle, I’m sorry that my sister bothered you. Let me apologize on her behalf.”

“Did you just call me Small Uncle?”