Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 38

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:20 AM

Chapter 38

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Violent tendencies? That sounded about right.

Seeing that Huo Ningxi still looked displeased, Song Jingwan began to panic. She grabbed onto his wrist and said in an aggrieved manner, “I’m simply worried that she will commit a crime if I keep spoiling her like this. Ningxi, others may not understand me, but you do, don’t you? I’m simply worried about you!”

Her eyes were watery and she looked like she had been wronged.

Huo Ningxi was frustrated but he couldn’t get mad at her when she was looking like this, so he suppressed his anger and said in a deep voice, “Forget it. Go home first. It’s getting dark. I need to visit my grandfather so I’ll leave first.”

After saying this, he stretched out his hand and flagged down a taxi. He then left without turning back.

Song Jingwan was left all on her own standing in place, almost biting her lip until it began to bleed.

Inside the car, Song Yaoyao bit her straw and snuck a glance at the man beside her.

He seemed really busy. From the moment she sat in the car, he had been looking through different documents and reports. The car window blocked out most of the light from outside, but the street lights were on and the dim light fell upon one side of his handsome face. His eyelashes were long and sparse, casting a shadow on his lower eyelid.

Today, he was dressed in a collared shirt and trousers. Apart from the prayer beads around his wrist, it was almost impossible to connect him with the man that she met at the mountain resort.

His classy and refined temperament was so attractive that it was impossible to draw one’s eyes away from him.

Song Yaoyao pursed her lips happily. Seeing that Huo Yunque wasn’t paying attention to her, she grew more courageous.

She shuffled a little closer, and a little more…

Huo Yunque removed his glasses and said calmly, “Sit back in your seat.”

The girl was taking advantage of the situation and practically leaning against his arm.

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips unhappily, “Awww…”

He tensed his brows and instructed, “Take her home first and we will go to the hospital after.”

Sitting in the front, Huo Qi nodded his head slightly. “Okay, sir.” He then looked at Song Yaoyao through the rearview mirror and asked, “Miss Song, where do you live? Let us take you home first.”

Song Yaoyao suddenly humphed, pretending not to hear Huo Qi as she leaned toward Huo Yunque.

“Gege, my head hurts~


She thought she would lean into Huo Yunque’s arms, but to her surprise, the man lifted his hand and blocked her head.

At the same time, he also blocked her sneaky intentions.

Song Yaoyao bumped against him a couple of times and unhappily tore away his hand. “Gege! My head hurts!”

Song Yaoyao grabbed onto his hand and repeated herself with a louder voice.

“Oh? Really?”

The man’s eyelids lowered and looked at the kitten-like girl by his side. She was particularly petite. He remained calm — it was impossible to see his expression in the dark — but he still produced a suppressive vibe.

Song Yaoyao shrunk back her neck and slowly lowered her voice.

“Uh huh, it hurts a little,” her delicate voice was soft like cotton. “Don’t you know how to worry about me? All you know how to do is scare little kids!”

“Ha…” Huo Yunque wanted to laugh but he didn’t. “Other kids aren’t as clingy as you.”

Nor were they as violent.

Rather than putting on an act, this girl’s face-changing performance was at an expert level.

Moreover, she was sticky like toffee. Without saying much, she managed to shamelessly lean against him again.

“Well…other kids aren’t as pretty as me!” Song Yaoyao humphed. She had just finished drinking her milk tea and she was exuding sweetness.

Huo Yunque furrowed his brows. “Song Yaoyao.”

“Yes, I’m here~”

Peering through his glasses, his gaze returned to the girl’s little face. She was dazzling in the dim light.

“You’re quite thick-skinned.”