Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 41

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:17 AM

Chapter 41: Plane Wars

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Chapter 41: Plane Wars

Huo Yunque furrowed his brows, walked inside, and replied casually, “I picked her up off the streets.”

As soon as he stepped aside, Song Yaoyao was exposed and had nowhere to hide.

Compared to Huo Yunque, Elder Huo was clearly much friendlier. With a smile, he looked at Song Yaoyao and waved his hand. “Come, young lady. What’s your name?” he asked kindly.

As he questioned her curiously, he glanced at his cold son and held back a smile.

Elder Huo didn’t believe that his son was such a warm-hearted person. Even if someone died in front of him, he wouldn’t take a second glance, let alone pick a girl up off the streets.

“Grandfather, my name is Song Yaoyao!

“Yao as in the Chinese word for gentle and graceful~”

Song Yaoyao grabbed onto the straps of her backpack and approached. She then kneeled beside him and smiled.

“Song Yaoyao?

“A gentle and slender young woman?

“What a great name!” Elder Huo laughed out loud. But as he laughed, he suddenly froze. He thought for a moment and asked, “Wait a minute… Song?

“Are you from Song Rui’s family?”

Song Yaoyao curved her eyes and nodded her head. “Yes, I am.”

She didn’t acknowledge the man as her father, but Elder Huo did not sense her dislike toward the couple either.

However, he did furrow his brows for a brief moment before he smiled as though nothing happened.

“I remember the Songs have a pair of twin sisters. Are you the older sister or the younger sister?” Elder Huo asked as he analyzed the young lady. Her eyebrows were dense, her eyes were big, and her skin was fair and clear. She was extremely lovable.

“The younger sister, Grandfather.”

Song Yaoyao replied obediently.

Elder Huo noticed that she looked attentively at the person she spoke to and she listened with seriousness. Her dark eyes were pure and clear, and even as he stared at her, she did not avoid his gaze for a second.

“Oh, so lovable!”

Elder Huo grinned as his affection grew.

He practically forgot about Huo Yunque’s presence as he picked up his gaming console and asked Song Yaoyao, “Young lady, have you played this before?

“There are a lot of games inside. Ningxi brought it for me last time. It’s a lot of fun.”

“I’ve never played it before. I’ve only seen my brother play it.”

Song Yaoyao’s interest was piqued. She barely played games, and every time she did, she got picked on, so after a while, it made her upset and she stopped playing.

As such, the old man and the young woman found something in common. As they stared at the red gaming console, they leaned their heads together.

The console contained some old games; both international and domestic ones.

At that moment, they were playing a plane war game. They had to fly a plane through a formation and see who could get the furthest.

“Ohhh! Shoot!

“The plane is about to crash!”

[Level Failed]


Song Yaoyao pouted. As she held onto the gaming console, she glared at the screen vengefully. Her plane had been shot down.

“Why did I fail again? This game is too difficult!”

The game appeared simple, but it was very addictive, especially for someone like Song Yaoyao who barely played games.

She grunted and looked unhappily at Huo Yunque who was sitting quietly beside the window reading some documents.

They seemed to be in two different worlds.


“Now you know how good I am, right?” Elder Huo said proudly as he grabbed the console and pointed to the points. “My points are hard to beat!”

As she listened to the old man show off, Song Yaoyao grew even sadder.

She pouted her lips and turned her head, “Gege, do you know how to play Plane Wars?”