Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 42

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:15 AM

Chapter 42: What Are You Thinking?

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Chapter 42: What Are You Thinking?

Huo Yunque closed his documents with a clap. He dusted his sleeves and stood up calmly without answering.

“Song Yaoyao, it’s time to go home.”

Song Yaoyao was so focused on playing with Elder Huo that she had lost track of time. As soon as Huo Yunque said this, Song Yaoyao subconsciously held her stomach and realized she was hungry.

She pouted her lips, “Okay, then.”

Standing up, she obediently waved farewell to Elder Huo. “Grandfather, I shall leave first. Next time, I will visit you again with Gege~”

“Oh? You’re leaving?”

Elder Huo put down his gaming console, unwillingly. “Then…when will you visit again?”

“Hmmm…” Song Yaoyao tapped the corner of her lips and suddenly snapped her fingers. “How about this, Grandfather, let’s exchange contact details! If you miss me, you can send me a message and I will visit you when I have time!”

“Okay! That’s a great idea!” Elder Huo said as he pulled out his phone from underneath his pillow and exchanged contact details with the girl. As he looked at Song Yaoyao happily, he suddenly shoved his red gaming console into her hands. “Little brat, I am currently staying at the hospital so I don’t have anything valuable on me. Let me gift this to you so you can play with it. When I get discharged, I will buy you something good!”

“Huh? Grandfather, this is for you to play. I—”

“There are plenty of games on my phone. I’ll just tell Ningxi to buy me another one later! Take it!”

Huo Yunque held his head and looked at the two indifferently. One was an old child, and one was a young lady.

Both of them were equally difficult to deal with.

After adding Elder Huo to her WeChat and gaining a gaming console, Song Yaoyao was pleased, and her smile grew sweeter.

See you later, Grandfather~” she said as she waved her hand.

“Yes, see you later,” Elder Huo grinned like a blooming flower. As he watched her petite figure disappear out the door, he glanced at Huo Yunque and his gaze darkened. “Yunque, stay for a moment, I have something to ask you.”

The hospital room door shut tight.

Elder Huo sat on the edge of the bed and narrowed his eyes as he analyzed Huo Yunque. This son was born late in his life, but he was his most beloved son.

He looked at the animated avatar of the tender young girl on his phone and his eyes glowed with authority. “Is this the brat that your older brother chose for Ningxi?

The light in the room shone down from above, casting a shadow on the man’s nose and masking his expression.

“Father, if you have something to say, then say it.”

“You little punk!”

Elder Huo scoffed. “What can I say? Aren’t you thinking what I think you’re thinking? That girl was selected by your older brother. Everyone knows that she will eventually marry Huo Ningxi. Although I like her, how can you steal your nephew’s wife?”

Earlier on, he couldn’t say these words in front of the young lady in case it hurt her.

But now, in front of his own son, he didn’t have to hold back. As he pointed at him, he got ready to scold him.

But before he said anything, he suddenly heard a chuckle.

Huo Yunque slowly lifted his eyes; his deep eyes were calm. “Are they engaged?” he asked as he curled his lips, “From what I know, she doesn’t like Ningxi.”

If the girl didn’t want to marry Huo Ningxi, the Huo Family couldn’t force her.


Elder Huo slammed his hands on the table and glared at him. “Then what are you thinking? I heard her calling you Gege earlier! Aren’t you embarrassed to allow that?”

Huo Yunque raised an eyebrow. “I’m leaving,” he said before he turned around, as calm as ever, and left the old man fuming in anger. “I’ll visit you again another day.”