Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 44

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:13 AM

Chapter 44: Be Gentle. I'm Scared Of Pain~

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Chapter 44: Be Gentle. I’m Scared Of Pain~

Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows and looked at Song Yaoyao quietly. He didn’t understand why her gaze had suddenly changed.

Sensing the man’s curiosity, Song Yaoyao turned her head with a swish, looked down, and sat upright.

She then pretended as though nothing happened.

I can’t, I can’t let Gege discover that he’s being treated like a dog.

Huo Yunque furrowed his brows and his presence became imposing.

Song Yaoyao secretly covered her phone and replied to Tang Xinrou.

OneYaoyao: @Rourou He’s a Gege!

Rourou: @OneYaoyao Biological?

OneYaoyao: @Rourou No, [Shy], a lover.

Rourou: @OneYaoyao !!! What did you say? A lover? F*ck!! You’re amazing!

Her cute friend was so bad*ss!

After replying, Song Yaoyao rubbed her arms and finally sensed the coldness in the car.

She blinked suspiciously and asked, “Huo Qi, is the air conditioner on? It’s really cold.”

Huo Qi quietly pressed a button to raise the divider between the front and back seats.

Miss Song, can you be any more oblivious?

Any longer and we could cosplay Frozen; you can be an ice sculpture!

Song Yaoyao shook her head. “Gege…”

Before she managed to say what she wanted to say, she saw the man narrowing his eyes in the darkness with a cold aura on his face.

She carefully tugged on his sleeve. “Gege, are you unhappy?”


Song Yaoyao: “Gege? What’s wrong? Did I upset you?”

As soon as her voice fell, the man’s eyes darkened and he glanced at her.

Song Yaoyao’s hairs stood on end. She pouted her lips innocently in confusion. “If I upset you, just tell me. If you don’t tell me, how would I know?” she mumbled quietly. “Moreover, if your health suffers because of anger, it will break my heart.”

Her eyes twinkled as her cheeks bulged.

Huo Yunque pursed his lips. Before Song Yaoyao realized what was happening, he suddenly stretched out his hand and squeezed her cheeks.


Song Yaoyao’s cheeks hurt and her tears immediately fell.

“Huhu, that hurt!”

She grabbed onto the man with her small hands, but she did not try to fight back. Big teardrops fell on the back of his hands; they were frighteningly hot.

Huo Yunque pulled his hands away. The back of his hands burned as though he had been scalded by hot oil.

As he watched the girl cry, he furrowed his brows and suddenly looked a little troubled. Did he really squeeze her that hard? He was actually quite surprised that he had acted in that way.

He just went ahead and did what he wanted.

But, the young woman was much too delicate.

“Stop crying,” he said with a straight face as he knitted his brows.

He had no experience comforting people, especially not women. After a moment of silence, he only managed to say these two words.


Song Yaoyao covered her mouth and tears trickled from her eyes. Her voice was soft as she sobbed, “Gege, if you’re unhappy, I can let you squeeze my cheeks again. Please don’t be angry.”

After saying this, she leaned forward and shut her almond eyes. Her moist eyelashes trembled as she allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Huo Yunque didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He rubbed his fingertips quietly; the delicate feeling of the woman’s skin remained.

“I’ll really squeeze it then,” he said as he raised his eyebrows.

Song Yaoyao’s eyes twitched a little and she grunted dully, “En, be gentle. I’m scared of pain~”

Her pinky hooked onto his sleeve. She was clearly delicate and terrified of pain, yet she still chose to make him happy.