Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 47

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:09 AM

Chapter 47: You're Not From The Same World

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Chapter 47: You’re Not From The Same World

Song Yaoyao trembled in fear as though she had been discovered.

She didn’t understand why. She clearly didn’t treat Song Wenchuan as her real brother, but when she heard his voice, she immediately panicked.


The young woman tugged on Huo Yunque’s shirt pleadingly. Her cheeks were red like blood and her eyes were gleaming as she pitifully begged for mercy.

Huo Yunque curled his lips and asked in a loud voice, “Will you act recklessly from now on?”

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and said sullenly, “I wouldn’t dare.”

The pitiful Song Yaoyao had never been held in anyone’s arms except for her father’s.

This time, she was taught a good life lesson.

“Okay, go then.”

Huo Yunque finally showed mercy and let her go.

Song Yaoyao breathed a sigh of relief as she finally gained control over her body again. Like a little loach, she quickly pushed open the car door and slid out.

Song Wenchuan was walking towards them at that moment. When he saw Huo Qi’s face, his eyes turned cold.


Huo Qi smiled slightly and stretched out his hand, “Huo Family’s Upper Twelve Guards, Number 7 (Qi). Sorry for arriving without notice.”

Song Wenchuan’s gaze fell upon Song Yaoyao who had just stepped out of the car and furrowed his brows. Stretching out his hand as well, he replied, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The Upper Twelve Guards of the Huo Family were historically the personal guards of the master of the Huo household. They spent their lives devoted to their master and were usually orphans nurtured from a young age.

Since Huo Qi had appeared, then the person in the car…

His guess was right. A moment later, the man opened the door and stepped out.

His clothes were simple and his appearance was surprisingly young. But, of course, the moment that he appeared, the powerful presence that could only be accumulated through years of authority and the man’s classy and refined aura, clearly highlighted the reality for Song Wenchuan.

The person that brought his sister home was Feng City’s reclusive Mr. Huo!

“Yaoyao, you—” His gaze was complicated. As he looked into Song Yaoyao’s slightly red eyes, he furrowed his brows. “Did someone bully you?”

Without a care, he straightforwardly asked this question in front of the man.

If upper society was split into classes, the Huos had long surpassed them and reached unreachable heights. So, if Huo Yunque wanted to, he could even make a century-old socialite family disappear from Feng City forever.

The Songs were no exception.


Song Yaoyao held onto her cake, walked around the car, and approached. She didn’t expect Song Wenchuan to ask such a question.

She took a glance at Huo Yunque and replied, “No one bullied me.”

Seeing that the girl was lying, Song Wenchuan clenched the fists by his side. Suddenly, he walked up to the man and looked into his calm eyes. “Mr. Huo, my sister is still young. If she has offended you, I shall apologize on her behalf. Can you please show mercy and let her go?”

The night was quiet and the estate rarely had any passersby.

Huo Yunque rotated the prayer beads in his hands and smiled. “Oh? Why would you say that?”

His voice was calm, without any trace of forcefulness. Compared to the rumors, he was actually quite gentle.

But Song Wenchuan’s back stiffened as the man’s eyes fell upon him. He wasn’t angry but his authority could be felt. In fact, his powerful presence made one too afraid to even lift their head in front of him.

Song Wenchuan gritted his teeth and endured. “My sister is timid. Although I don’t know how you met, the two of you are not from the same world.”

No matter the reason, Song Wenchuan did not want to see Huo Yunque appear in front of Song Yaoyao again.